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Leverage Unlocks Potential

Leverage Unlocks Potential Some of Your Prospects

Are Some of Your Prospects Low on Time?

Have you ever spoken to prospects, showing them your business opportunity and they have responded that they like the concept but they do not have the time. For some time while I was still in full time employment at the beginning of my network marketing career I used to buy that excuse.

Today’s video will teach you how to overcome that objection firstly for yourself and then for your prospects.

Why I Used To Buy The Time Excuse From Prospects

I would have been in the office 8am to 5pm, dashed off to pick up the kids from school, supervised homework. Only after that I’d start working on my network marketing business. On some days when I put in extra hours in the office, I did not have the time to do my business at all.

So when they said they had no time, I agreed with them because I too had no time. I empathized thinking that they were justified in their position. What I had not realized was the power of leverage that was at my disposal.

I was working by myself to bring in personal new members and customers. I did not tap into my sponsor who was now in the same city as I was to help me with exposures. Had I asked her to help me carry the load I would have not felt the burden of working alone. Just having someone else to do the presenting on a 2 on 1 exposure takes away so much pressure.

Show Prospects How Leverage Works

What I do now is to make myself available to those new team members who want to learn from observation for their first couple of weeks as reps. They make appointments with their prospects and we go together to present.

We have also worked out a system of communicating with prospects that allows me to meet with and present to them in the team member’s absence. The system opens opportunities for me to come into contact with local prospects on behalf of team members who are not in my local area.

There are people looking for an opportunity to use your product or to make money from your opportunity. The only way to get to those who are looking is to present to them. Your busy new team member could have such people in their network.

My advice is that if time is one of their limitations, ask them if they will ever be able to release time if they do not start working with you to build a side income. You see most people who do not have time, it is because they are working extra hours in an effort to make extra money. Sadly most of the income generating activities consuming their time are not generating a residual income for them.

Let them know that it is not about them having tonnes time. It is about them carving out just enough time for the  two of you to meet the people in their network together at a pace that they can handle. You would do the presentation while their role would be to schedule appointments and watch you present. Also by using an effective communication system, you could even meet a few of the prospects in the member’s absence (I mainly use this approach for out of town members).

Even if you show 2-3 people a week, based on your new rep’s schedule, it is possible for them to start growing a team. Organizing a business launch meeting at the new rep’s house as soon as possible will also allow exposure to several prospects in one sitting. Once they enroll their first personal business partner, you repeat the process with that new member as well. This is called duplication.

Systematically demonstrate to a prospect who wants to get started but says they have no time. Help them to understand the possibility that exists for them to leverage your support as their sponsor. Unlike the formal employment sector, growing a successful network marketing business depends on team work, not individual effort.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


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HAPPY FATHERS DAYToday is Fathers Day and I wish my dad was still alive for me to show him my love and respect.

In today’s post I share with you a very personal part of my life. I am sharing this to impress upon you the importance of forgiveness. I also share with you the importance of coming clean with the people you love through open and honest communication in their living years.

Happiness Turned to Sadness

I have both fond and not so happy memories of my relationship with my dad. As a young girl up to my early teen years, my father was my hero. He was the first model of manhood that I knew. He was funny and made me laugh so often. I felt safe in his presence because he provided for us as his children.

I have fond memories of sitting on his lap and playing drums on his tummy while he played his fingers as a flute. He sang funny songs to me that made me ball over with laughter every time. Those were the good old days. Days filled with innocence and undiluted unconditional love.

Things took a dark turn when another woman showed up in the picture. Eventually my parents divorced just before I turned twelve years old. Life took a terrible turn. Our quality of life nose dived as my mom struggled to take me and my brothers through school alone.

Sadness Turned To Anger and Rebellion

Later on we moved in with my dad and stepmom and life was real hell on earth. I was confused. My emotions oscillated between hatred and anger at my dad and at God. I felt that my dad had seriously let me down by not ensuring that we kept the safety and comfort of having both him and my mom in our lives at the same time. I felt let down by him not shielding us from the cruelty that was taking place right under his nose.

I was angry with God for letting the authority figures in my life get away with making decisions that hurt me and my siblings so much. If He was a powerful and all-knowing God, why could He not defend us from our parents poor decisions? If He could not discipline them, why would he expect me to obey Him? I rebelled against the God that I had known through my defective father and I left the church.

So Hard To Forgive

After thirteen years of divorce, my parents remarried. A lot had already gone wrong. I felt that he came back into my life too late. I no longer needed him and I intentionally kept my distance from him. Deep inside though, the little girl in me yearned for a relationship with the man who had been my first love.

I carried that chip on my shoulder into my marriage and needless to say a lot of things did not work out well. I was fighting my mother’s battles that  were never resolved in my head. I was fighting for that little girl who had missed her dad so much. The men in my life became the victims of those unofficially declared wars.

My emotions were a roller coaster of love and hate of the two most important men in my life. Having been blessed with sons, I gave a laser focus effort to loving them. Their love was pure, clean, untainted and unconditional. Is it possible I spoilt them? Maybe, and we need to clean that up too.

A Journey of Healing

Fast forward to about six years back. God has been taking me on a journey of healing through searching His Word, prayer and meditation. I have been learning to understand myself and the way that I am. I now understand where I went wrong on my life’s journey in allowing my circumstances to dictate to me how I behaved.

Some mistakes I still have the opportunity to change for real. Other mistakes may not be fully corrected as they require not only my decisions but those of the other players too. Yet one thing that I am grateful for is that I now have learned the strength that lies in forgiveness. Forgiveness of others (with or without an apology from them) and forgiveness of myself.

The Empty Fathers Day Syndrome

Two years into my journey of healing, my dad passed away. We had made some inroads into the restoration of our relationship. There were still some issues that we were both trying to work out together. From a traditional point of view, he was still refusing to talk about certain issues. I was still angry and emotional about stuff. While we were treading on the eggshells and minefield of how to sort everything out, death struck. The empty Fathers Day Syndrome struck.

My moaning for my dad was chequered with frustration, confusion and a rekindled delusion in my Christian walk. How was I to resolve issues with a dead person? Why had God robbed me of a chance to make things right with my dad and subsequently with Him? Little did I know that my dad’s parting was to show me how to really trust Him and to truly forgive myself. As the dead know nothing and cannot hear our confessions, I only had God to confess what I should have confessed to my dad. In the process, God taught me how to let go of the past and accept forgiveness of myself from myself.

God’s Word – A Healing Balm

I thank God for His Word that renews and revives. As I cried myself to sleep on so many nights trying to figure out how to move on, God’s Word came alive for me in text and song. As I threw my tantrums by myself, I felt His presence by claiming the promises in His Word that He would never leave me nor forsake me.

My message today is especially for daughters and sons who on this Fathers Day do not know what to say to their dads because of the hurt that they feel. You feel your dad has not made the best decisions for your welfare. It looks like they have valued their personal happiness over your safety and welfare. You are angry and bitter towards him for making that choice.

Seek For Healing

I have been down that road and trust me anger and bitterness will only mess you up. Find a trusted God fearing adult/friend for you to talk to and ask them to help you deal with your emotions. Your church pastor or his wife are a good suggestion. If you are male, talk to a man, if you are female, talk to a woman. You do not want to create unnecessary complications from male/female dynamics.

If you cannot find someone you can talk to right away, pray. Talk to God openly and honestly and tell Him you want to start your journey of healing and forgiveness. He will show you what to do and He will bring the right people into your life to guide you at the right time. This advice is for both young and old who are hurting from their relationships or lack thereof with their fathers.

Today as a starting point, even if you may not have felt like extending the message, pick up the phone and just wish your dad a happy Fathers Day. You will deal with the deeper things later.

Obey God – Both Father and Child Admonished

No matter what your age, remember this commandment: “Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord Your God is giving you” – Exodus 20: 12. Your father does not have to deserve your honour. Your noble and godly response towards him with all his faults is honour. God will keep his side of the deal and give you a long and joyful life.

To the fathers, listen to this caution from God: And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord”Ephesians 6:4. These are powerful words to keep in mind in your dealings with your children. Be mindful of the impact of your choices and decisions on them. Do not give them cause to be wrath towards you and possibly turning their backs on God too.

Your choices and decisions have an eternal influence on your offspring. If you have messed up and your relationship with any of your children is not at its best, take the initiative to make things right. Ask for God to guide as to how you and your child can walk towards reconciliation. Both of you will benefit from it in your relationship and your relationships with other important people in your lives. Fathers Day is a good time to get that ball rolling.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads and all the children in the world.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


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My Fixed Line Office Phones

Income producing is the best upfront indicator of whether or not you are successful in any business.

Training from your company and other network marketing coaches you may be following have given you loads of information I am sure. All this was in a bid to help you succeed as a network marketer. Much as money is not the ONLY positive outcome for network marketers, income producing was the primary reason why you got started in this business I am sure.

So sifting through all the knowledge that you have acquired, I conclude that there is one KEY activity and skill that you must master in order to make money in your network marketing business.

Connect With People To Be Income Producing

My Fixed Line Office Phones

My Fixed Line Office Phones

For some decent or even phenomenal income producing, you must focus 80% or more of your effort in connecting with people. There are many ways of connecting with people. Blogging and emailing are one of them. These two are great for generating leads but they are passive ways of connecting.

Actively connect with people by using your voice. You heard me right! Talk to people either on the phone or directly. I know the majority of network marketers have a phobia for the phone for growing their businesses. For some reason the phone becomes a hot flaming object or a twenty pound extension to the arm if they are calling to talk about their business.

Overcome Your Fear Of Talking To People

I still get the occasional panic attacks as well when I am calling prospects. But you know what, I have realized that I can let myself be a prisoner of my fear and produce mediocrity. The better alternative is to face my fear, make the calls anyway and be income producing. It’s really a matter of choice for you and for me.

Actually what I do now is that I make sure on my target number of people that I talk to daily, at least three of those I talk to face to face or over the phone. This ensures that I do not fall back into the “no voice calls” trap again. It can silently creep back in if you are not diligent about it. Phone these days of course includes online technologies such as whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger etc.

Set A Daily Minimum Quota Of Direct/Voice Contacts

All the people that I connect with long distance that I cannot talk to face to face have at least one of these technology talk methods. So as fast as our online chats will permit, I take our communication to a voice call as soon as possible. Video calling on Skype, facebook Messenger and IMO to mention  few can actually make your call as close to face to face as it can get.

For your call to be of value and get your prospect prequalified before they see the presentation, talk less and listen more. To not be “salesy”. Ask questions and listen for their pain areas and offer your product or opportunity to address a need that they have told you about. It’s not an interrogation!! Smartly weave the questions into your conversation.

Talking to people with your own voice is the most powerful skill for your business to be income producing. So do not hide in your house or office. Make appointments and go talk to people face to face. Do not hide behind your computer endlessly blogging and commenting or liking Facebook posts. Chat to your social media contacts directly and take it to a voice or video call as soon as possible.

Watch the video below. It will reinforce what I have just shared with you.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


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Salvation_May-June_2016_ Issue_CoverYesterday I received news that I have waited for and anticipated for quite some time. A devotional article that I wrote some time back had been published in a Christian magazine titled Salvation.

I have published a thesis for my masters degree as well as academic papers. All fade in significance compared to the publication of this article. It is a culmination and a continuation of a work that has been nearly a decade in the making.

The Manifestation of a Decade Old Dream

In one of my journal entries in 2006, I wrote down that I wanted to one day be able to share the spiritual insights that God gave me during my devotions in a printed publication. From that day I started a compilation of those spiritual insights in my hard copy journals. I have kept the journals over the years. Later on the writings were done on my laptop. Today one of them is a published work. This goes to show the power of writing down one’s dreams.

Some of my literary works in 2010 were published in a blog that I started and abandoned. I was still figuring out what the thrust of my online presence was to be. It was in 2012 that I finally purchased a domain that would become this blog/website that I still have today.

Content emphasis has varied. I have been invited by several individuals to contribute to their blogs with a thrust towards purely business coaching. I did that for a while but fell of the bandwagon along the way. Somehow deep inside me, I knew that my calling was in the area of Christ centered writing. I shared my thoughts and insights on various subjects, business included. My objective has been to mold thinking that infuses Christ into all areas of life for my readers and subscribers on this blog.

How A Way To be Print Published was Opened

This caught the attention of a certain young man called Victor Nkomo who was following my Facebook posts. He also happened to be the founding publisher of the magazine Salvation. He asked me to contribute an article on the story of my life. The article that I had earmarked was part of a work that is in the pipeline for publication during the course of this year. My editor objected to me sharing that before being published.

We then agreed for me to contribute a regular devotional article in the magazine instead. Today I share with you the first of those devotional articles extracted from my prayer journals that I have been writing over the years. It is an honor and a privilege for me to be a part of this noble publication. I believe it is inspired by the Holy Spirit for the winning of souls into God’s Kingdom.

How It All Ties In

Being a home business owner, I use the internet to grow my business. I have always wanted to be a visible and audible advocate for a rounded approach to business. I do not want to teach business principles in isolation from my Christian beliefs. I want to infuse the two in a bid to showcase and inspire a rounded and spiritually focused business person. I envision a business owner who exercises Godly principles at home, at church and in the market place.

Once the printed version of this issue is out, I will let you all know. I will offer a limited number of  autographed printed copies to some of my subscribers here. Look out for that announcement over the next couple of days. In the meantime, you can access the online PDF version of the May/June 2016 issue of Salvation Magazine. You can then read my article from “The Heart Intelligence Corner” on Page 9.

You may also connect with the man behind this noble publication, Victor Nkomo on facebook .

Do you know anyone in your social media circles who would love to get hold of this information, please share this post with them.


Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


My Skype: madlala2010



Overcome Fear, Forge To SuccessFear2

Fear can rule you. Fear is powerful and fear is real. To achieve your goals you must overcome fear.

I define fear as the gap between what you know you must do and the action of actually doing it. You know what you want out of life. You have had opportunity to learn what you must do for you to get what you want. BUT…. (play some spooky music in your head hahaha!)….. you are afraid to step out and do what needs to be done. Fear is the opposite of courage!

To show you why you must face up to and deal with your fears, let me show you what fear does:

  • It stifles your thinking. Your mind just shuts off and sees no possibilities around any situation.
  • Fear paralyzes you. You end up doing nothing.
  • Fear leads to lost opportunities due to procrastination. It takes you too long to make decisions to act on opportunities.
  • It causes you to do nothing for fear of failing.
  • You end up losing confidence in yourself and eventually can self destruct.

There are two positive outcomes that result once you teach yourself to overcome fear.

  1. When You Overcome Fear You Get Your Power Back

As long as you let fear rule you, you become a victim in your head. The victim mentality emanates from being afraid to take the bull by the horns for your own rescue. Always when you face a challenge, acknowledge that danger is real, but fear is a choice. YOU choose to be brave, stand and take action or walk away with your tail between your legs.

What are the dangers of taking action? Possible failure and the consequent loss of respect from friends and family. But you know what? That boils down to you worrying about what people will think should you fail as opposed to you being driven by the possibility of your success. Get back your power. Be driven by your vision to take action instead of cowering to the fear of being laughed at should you fail. “What if it works” must be the fuel in your mental engine.

Conquering your fears is the most powerful thing that you can do.

“The fear of becoming a ‘has-been’ keeps some people from becoming anything.” – Eric Hoffer

  1.   To Overcome Fear Empowers Others To Conquer Their Own Fears

Always remember that when you take action, people watch what you do. Now that should not scare you. It should inspire you to be your best. When you relentlessly pursue your dreams/goals and overcome fear until you succeed, it inspires the spectators in your life to follow in your footsteps. You show them what is possible and they get the oomph to take action themselves. Guess what? That makes you a leader. Leadership is not ordered or commanded. It is earned. You earn leadership if you conquer your fears.

If the general world populace does not inspire you to overcome fear and become a leader, if you are a parent, remember your children are watching you. Their first and strongest lessons at how to deal with adversity come from you. I rest my case!

“One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.” – Albert Schweitzer

So what is it that you want to do deep down in your heart? Is it to:

  • Fire your boss and live life on your terms?
  • Be a stay-at-home mom and raise your own children?
  • Be financially free to pursue your passion and fund the causes that matter to you?
  • ……………………………………………? Fill the gap.

There is action that you need to take for that dream to become a reality. What is stopping you from doing it? Are you letting fear make the decision for you?

Do what you fear the most and the death of fear will be certain.

I will leave you with quotes from three notable individuals who overcame fear and made a difference not only in their own lives but touched many other lives too.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela
“I know fear is an obstacle for some people, but it is an illusion to me. Failure always made me try harder next time.” – Michael Jordan

“He who overcomes fear will truly be free.” – Aristotle


Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


My Skype: madlala2010