3 Ways How to Create a Team That Gels Like a Family

3 Ways How to Create a Team That Gels Like a Family

Image courtesy of www.familyfoundationsltd.wordpress.com

Image courtesy of www.familyfoundationsltd.wordpress.com

Once you sign up your first person into your network marketing company, you need to show them the kind of team culture that you would like your team to have. My advice is for the team culture to be one in which people feel like family. Functional family members usually have no hang ups about each other. They know and understand each other’s differences and will grow into each other despite them. Today I will share the three ways in which you can make your team feel like family to each other.

  1. Create an Organism, Not an Organization

Organisms are alive and vibrant. All the parts of an organism grow together and serve each other. None is more superior than the rest. Organizations love the emphasis of rank and file, while on the other hand organisms thrive on equity for the different parts. Create for your team an environment in which members move together, do things together and grow together. There is no need to move into a commune for that to happen. It is the nature of interactions that you as the team leader encourages that will create the environment.

  1. Eliminate Egos

Be careful about the way recognition for achievement is done within the team. Much as recognition is important to keep the team motivated, it should be done in a manner that does not demean those who are still coming up and are yet to score significant results. Even those who have not yet hit milestones have something to be commended about them. Recognize them for that skill or trait while they are growing businesswise. Organize team activities to do together such as family outings, movie nights etc that promote camaraderie. Celebrate, or at least recognize each other’s birthdays and noteworthy anniversaries. When going to company events, coordinate together and do not be in isolation. Assign the team members who love to organize events to coordinate group transport and a common htel where the team will stay. They will blossom in the team as a result.

  1. Put The Team First

As a team leader create an atmosphere in which the team, not you comes first. Inspire your team and keep each other connected by creating group chat forums where new members are welcomed, successes are celebrated and inspirational quotes are shared. Facebook is a good tool for doing that. Create a team page on which such activities can take place. whatsappWhatsap is another great way of allowing the emerging leaders in your team to create their own platforms with which to pass on the team culture and add their own flavour to it. I recommend whattsap for that because of the 50 people/group limit. Once a group fills up, by then emerging leaders will be evident and they can be set free to take their team members with them to create new groups. The whole team can then continue to interact on the facebook group.

In Conclusion: Lock arms with your team by creating a support system that every new member plugs into as soon as they join the team. Have fun together. Instead of feeling threatened when new members become confident enough to form their own support groups, celebrate because that means the income you earn from that stream in your team no longer depends on you. That is true duplication and passive residual income for your business.

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