We Enjoyed the Time Share Accommodations at Troutbeck Resort, Nyanga in Zimbabwe

The Reception Fire

This past week end we took our four sons and went on a getaway to the beautiful Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. We stayed at the Troutbeck Resort just outside Nyanga town.

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The resort has two types of accommodations, the hotel rooms and the Time Shares. The hotel rooms are what we are familiar with where all the services are crammed next to each other (room, toilet, shower etc). Travelling as a family can be torture if staying in a hotel room.

The Time Share accommodations at Troutbeck Resort are ideal for a family. We had a three bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, a kitchen-cum-dining-room and lounge with a cosy fireplace and sun-facing balcony. We had the choice to eat at the Beck Restaurant at the hotel or to self cater. We chose a combination of both. We really had a lovely time and reconnected with each other in a special way.

Bongani at the Beck Restaurant.

Every family needs that time away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday schedules to come apart and just refresh. Afterwards we all agreed that the two week end days were not enough for us to participate in all the fun activities available there, so we are planning to go back there for a week in the summer. I am in full time employment at the moment, and hopefully I will be able to get time off to do that.

Our eldest son who is twenty-one is also planning a road trip culminating at the Troutbeck Resort with his friends sometime during the course of the year before he leaves for university.

This is one thing that as a family we have decided to do more of. We plan to travel more and have more relaxed moments to savor the beautiful things about life. Our lives are quite busy and for many, travelling is a luxury they can ill-afford. Well, we all have 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. It is really up to us what we choose to do with our time.

The family at Troutbeck

In the midst of all the business of making a living and solving the crises of planet earth, we must find the time to relax. The other day on my facebook page I posted a question asking how people spent their annual vacation days. Not a single person of the people who have liked the page answered that question even though many saw the post. Facebook does tell who has seen a post, so I know who could not coment after seeing the question (Hahahahaha!).

That told me something though; and relating that to the responses that I got when I asked some friends directly, you get the picture that people either never think about taking a vacation or they feel they cannot afford it time and money-wise.

By this article I hope I have aroused in you the desire to open up the world for yourself and your loved ones to travel more and relax. You hold the key to your leisure life. Make a conscious effort to plan and create the time for real vacations. As someone once said “The world is a book and he who has not traveled has only read one page.”


I would really love to hear from you what your take is on prioritizing travel as a pass time. Please leave your comment.