Get More Productivity In Your Home Business Part 1

Schedule ClockWhen you become a home business owner managing your time becomes that much more important as you now are your own boss and the boundaries between work and personal life can be blurred.

Mastering the art of working faster to produce desired results will introduce efficiency into your home business routine and release more time for you to engage in leisure activities such as reading a favourite magazine, hiking, or play with your toddler.

Here are the first five of ten ideas that can increase your personal productivity and give you the time freedom that characterizes the lifestyle of a home business owner.

  1. Master Your Home Business PC

downloadYou do not have to be a technology geek for you to have a well equipped and organized PC. Use a modern PC with the latest software installed. At the very least have the latest version of Microsoft Office and broaden your software packages in accordance with the specialized work that you do.

Constantly upgrade your desktop to eliminate computer processes that slow downloads of files or web pages. The internet is an indispensable tool for a home business. Get the fastest internet access you can such as an ADSL connection.

  1. Do Not Be A Perfectionist

Be a careful worker who produces excellent work but do not be a perfectionist. Customers do not have the budget for perfection. This does not mean that you be negligent or give less than your best. It means once it is done to the best of your ability deliver the work to your client or customer. Create it, check it and let it go. There comes a point in the production cycle when extra effort is not worth it. If you aim for 100% perfection you will not be profitably productive. A consistent 90-98% quality range will maximize both customer satisfaction and return of investment.

  1. Be A Good Copy Cat

Copy CatMany an entrepreneur has brought ruin upon themselves by wanting to always be an innovator. Be creative but do not place yourself under the pressure of being the first one to ever do things. Do not reinvent the wheel when there is a blueprint that you can follow and still make your customers happy. Most successful home business solutions are just common sense packaged to meet a specific need. Your best is enough without the pressure of your work being different or better than what others have done before.

  1. Inject Variety Into Your Project Schedule

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Arrange your daily home business schedule so you switch from one assignment to another at least once or twice each day. Keep your mind fresh and allow yourself to explore new areas, markets, industries and disciplines outside your area of expertise. About 70-90% of what you do at any time must be familiar tasks within your area of expertise, while 10-30% should be in areas, markets, industries and disciplines outside your current skill base. Allow room for imagination inside your work schedule.

  1. Work Only on Concrete Orders

Before proceeding with a project, make sure it has an existing buyer or customer. Do not waste time working on projects that you think customers might want. Obtain letters of agreement, contracts and purchase orders before proceeding with production. To create a new product line, be guided by results of a sound market survey, not what you think the market wants.

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Vision Creation For Home Business Growth

Creating a Vision For You To Succeed

VisionOne of the biggest challenges in building a home business is creating that consistency in doing the daily activities that are meant to get you the success that you desire to have.

There are those business building activities that if not done daily, success is impossible. In network marketing those activities are prospecting (meeting new people and connecting with them), inviting, presenting and enrolling new people into the business.

Any honest networker will tell you that doing these activities is very uncomfortable and the temptation is to not do them or to keep putting them off until tomorrow, right?

So how then does a home business owner ensure that they get the success that they want. The answer lies in creating a VISION for yourself. there is power in creating a vision of where you are going.

Lessons From My Favourite Teacher

My favourite Teacher, knowing that the motivation for His followers to do what He asked them to do after He was gone would be essential, painted word pictures of the life that was to come for them if they stuck it out. As His followers what keeps us going in a tough world full of injustice, sickness and war is the fact that a New World without these things is coming for the faithful and we keep that picture in mind when facing challenges to our faith. In the last book of the Bible He even gave a vision to John to share of how the capital city of the New World would look like.

The same principle applies to growing your home business. Your current circumstances cannot serve as a basis for motivating you into consistent action. In fact your current circumstances might discourage you. It is your vision of what you are working towards that will keep you going consistently, even on those tough days when things do not seem to be gelling together the way that you want them to.

The Power is in the Mind

One of the strongest traits to build as a home business owner is to develop your power of visualization. Visualize in your mind and see yourself become the person that you want to be when your business is successful. Many a times the struggle with consistent action stems from dwelling your thoughts on where you are instead of where you are going. Obviously you made a decision to do what you are doing in order to move from where you are to a different kind of lifestyle that you aspire for. Let the vision of that lifestyle stay ever before you and it will get you off your butt when you feel like giving up or not doing what you committed to do daily to get you there.

Demonstrating The power of Vision

Your vision obviously translates to the reason WHY you are doing what you are doing. Here I give a few examples of the kind of vision statements that many people that I have spoken to have shared with me.

  • Working moms who want to be at home for their children and still have a steady source of income to support their families. Obviously if you are in this category, your current schedule to fit in a job, family and your business can look like a nightmare. But the alternative is leaving your children at home with a child minder or at day care every day and missing them growing up. If you do not do what is required of you now to create that desired future of being there for your children, it will never happen. Visualize yourself playing in the park with your child on a Wednesday afternoon or taking them to the zoo at ten in the morning. That picture will keep you going.
  • Do you want to help people change their lives by sharing your story? Well you have to create the story first and that requires you being successful to do that. The vision of your future that should be playing in your mind constantly is you standing on that stage, with hundreds or even thousands of people listening to you and some among that crowd making decisions to change their lives and one day meeting you to tell you that had it not been for you telling your story, they never would have taken the decision to change their lives. That picture will keep you going.
  • Maybe you want to be able to give to causes that really matter to your life. You might want to sponsor the causes with money or be able to give your time without restriction. The vision to keep before you is you writing that check and giving it to the organisation championing your cause, or you having built those buildings for housing the cause or you rendering that service at any time of day because you do not have financial or time restriction to hinder you. That picture should keep you going.

These are just a few examples. The bottom line is this; you can attend all training events and read all the training you can on how to do the activities for growing your business, unless you have a clear vision of what the outcome and impact of doing that work is supposed to be for you, you are going to lack the willpower  to get up and apply what you know. You will only be excited and active for a few days after the training event and then fizzle out.

Keep the vision ever before you and you will be unstoppable in doing the activities that will grow your business to where you want it to be for you to fulfil that vision.

Today I leave you with this quote: “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” – Jonathan Swift

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150I help busy working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.

Names List Building For Long Term Home Business Success

Make Friends

Make Friends

Building A Robust Names List

The article that I shared on the two types of names list to grow out of in order to run a successful home business seems to have aroused a lot of interest. Now here is information on how to build a robust names list that will ensure sustainable success for your home business.

Once you master how to do this right, you will never run out of prospects for your home business ever again.

Business professionals write down their list and it is an ever growing and living names list. To be able to have such a list, you must become a sociable individual who learns how to create opportunities to meet new people, collect their contact details and create ways to stay in touch with them.

When you run a home based business, especially one that uses network marketing as the marketing model, never forget that your success depends on your ability to build relationships with the people you intend to be your business partners. Before the product and the opportunity, people first buy into you.

Now this is how to build that robust names list that will ensure that you have an endless source of people to talk to about your business:

STEP 1 – Make A Comprehensive Names List

Do not be selective as to who you add to the list. As long their name pops into your head write them down.

The mistake to avoid as a word of mouth marketer is to judge whether or not people are potential prospects before adding them to the list. Just write down the names of everyone you know. They need not even know you; if you know them, just write their name down.

STEP 2 – Write Down Who They Know

As you empty your brains of the people that you know by writing them down on paper, you will realize that you create more room in it for new names to remember. Obviously the people that you have written down know other people and their names will start coming up too. Write them down. Keep your list with you at all times and keep adding names as they surface from your memory.

STEP 3 – Keep Your Names List Growing

Keep your names list growing by adding at least two people a day. Pay attention to what’s happening in the world. Increase your social circles by attending church, business forums, networking events, joining a gym, going to parties when invited etc., and when you get there talk to people and collect their contact details. NETWORK ON PURPOSE by putting yourself out there and developing the skills to talk engagingly with the people that you meet. Do not be a hermit. Deliberately go out to make friends.

STEP 4 – Do Not Pitch

As you interact with people, make new contacts and add them to your list, remember this golden rule, do not pitch them your product or business opportunity. Avoid the mistake of seeing dollar signs on people’s faces. Instead see people and be genuinely interested in them enough to know about them and create genuine friendships. Find creative ways of staying in touch with them and when the time is right, help them to understand what you have to offer through your business and/or opportunity.

That sounds simple hey? It is simple and it is also not easy to do.

By visiting this blog regularly and reading the content here, you will definitely get to learn how to meet more people and effectively engage them to build great relationships based on mutual trust. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this blog so you do not miss a single article from now on.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150I help busy working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.

Names Lists Done Right Will Grow a Home Business

ListThe Two Types of Names Lists To Outgrow

One of the activities that your sponsor will tell you to do as soon as you become a network marketer is for you to make a names list of people that you are going to call to make appointments with and show them your product/opportunity.

The type of names list that you build is a powerful indicator of whether or not you believe you are in business with a long-term view to success.

In this article I discuss the two types of names list that you need to grow beyond if you are to succeed in your quest to become a professional network marketer or home business owner.

Names List Type 1 – Your Warm Market Mental List (Toe In The Water)

This list is made in the head. It is quite short and it is not written down!

As the presentation was rolling through, you made a mental list of the handful of people that you were going to show the opportunity to. You were quite certain that these people would like what you have seen and liked. In fact I have heard aspiring home business owners in this category pronounce at the end of the presentation: “I’m in! I know the people that I am going to show this to. I know they will love it!”

You tell yourself that these 5-10 are it! If they do not join, then obviously it will mean that the business will not work because those are the only people you can and are willing to talk to about your business.

Needless to say, you are really putting your toe in the water here and if you do not like the temperature, you will not get in. You definitely will not get far unless you up your game because you are hinging your success on the reaction of a handful of individuals.

Names List type 2 – Your Warm Market Plus Acquaintances (Foot In the Water)

You did make the effort to write down your names list. You have included your friends, work mates, church colleagues  and acquaintances. Your list came to anything between 50-100 names and you were quite pleased with yourself.

You went through the list, invited and presented. Some said yes and others said No but you got enough number of people in to get started and realize some success. Alas! The people who came in are not doing much, if anything and you have also run out of names to call and present to.

When this happened you got despondent and started doubting if the road you were on was leading you anywhere.

It is possible to get one or two who will join your team who are going to duplicate what you did and also get the same kind of limited success as you did. But as you can see, with this approach of names list building, you get stuck at some point and cannot go beyond that level of success.

There is a way of building a more robust names list that will ensure that you stay in business long into the future to create an empire and a legacy for generations to come. Would you like that to happen for you? Then make sure not to miss the next article that I will share with you on creating list type 3 which is a living names list. Once you master how to create this list, you will never run out of people to talk to about your business. Now that is every home business owner’s dream, especially if your business model uses network marketing.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.


Network Marketing Is The Home Business of the 21st Century

Things look as if they are coming full circle! Prior to industrialization, home business was the way to make a living.

The Then And Now

21st centuryThe global economy has gone through a lot of transformational phases over the centuries.  From the Agricultural Revolution through the Industrial Revolution to the current Technological Revolution, the everyday task of the human race has been to figure out how to fit into the status quo and make a living.

Ways of making money have evolved, with each phase requiring innovative thinking and action for individuals to determine whether they belonged to the financially wealthy, the average or the poor of the times.

Clearly the era we are in right now is the technology/information revolution era. For some this is a nightmare and for others it is an opportunity. More and more, the traditional ways of employment of trading skills/services and time for money are becoming redundant due to technological advancement and efficiency over the last half century.

Even those areas of skilled employment that cannot at the moment be replaced  by technology are becoming more difficult to raise a living income from because more people are available and willing to take the jobs for less remuneration.  That obviously requires more time input per individual to make enough for comfort or even sustenance.

Today’s Ideal Home Business

Sustainable trends for making money these days are where one gets paid for their output as opposed to the number of hours one puts in at work. Efficiency and common sense dictate that anyway. This brings us full circle to the home business becoming viable again.

One way in which one can get paid for their output in a home business is through network marketing. Companies still have products to sell and educate the consumer on. Rather than maintain a huge and expensive sales force or try to be heard through advertising, many companies are opting for the network marketing model to distribute and share information about their products.

Word of mouth advertising has stood the test of time. People being the social beings they are still communicate and share what they have learned, what they love and what they hate. The phone and talking to each other are a great way of sharing such information with friends, family and acquaintances locally and abroad. Needless to say, the internet with the commensurate social media keep people connected irrespective of global dispersal.

How It All Works

Network marketing companies create the corporate support systems required to do business. The individual home business owner partners with the company as a distributor of the product to the network of people that he/she knows. The individual then gets paid based on the volumes of product that they distribute. The company channels money that would otherwise be used for advertising to remunerate their distributors instead.

The beauty about this business model is that for the distributor, there is no limit to how much they can earn. Their earnings are proportionate to the amount of effort they put in and the level of marketing and distributor team building skills development they are willing to learn and use.

Choose You Today!

So, there are a number choices for making a living for the individual in this technologically advanced era that we are living in.

  1. You can put in longer hours in a job or hold down several jobs to earn a survival income
  2. You can hop from job to job (if you can find the jobs) or country to country looking for the proverbial greener pastures
  3. You can become self-employed and set up your own small business or become a consultant, trading your skills and time for money.
  4. You can tap into the internet and your relationship networks to become a home business owner using the network marketing model

The Logical Choice

  • The first two have limitations in that the global economy is shrinking and jobs are going to get more scarce irrespective of the country of the world you are in. So if you are sitting around or hopping about waiting for the job market to expand, it’s not going to happen.
  • The third choice has too many headaches such as huge capital outlays and overhead costs
  • The first three all have limitations in that a person only work so many hour in a day, placing a cap to the potential earning capacity of the individual
  • 4 is the clear winner here for the individual with just one drawback:
  • Depending on the company you partner with, the geographical expanse of your business is enormous
  • Tapping into the internet opens up the global market for you
  • As a home business owner your home expenses are your overheads, the tax advantages of this arrangement are amazing
  • Overhead costs are infinitesimal as you tap into the systems set up by the company for your operations
  • Time is of little essence in that you leverage team effort to increase output
  • There is no limit to how much you can earn. You determine the size of our cheque by defining he level of commitment you will put in to your business
  • You can start the business part-time without stopping whatever livelihood means you have at the moment
  • The only drawback with this business model is that you MIGHT not have the skills required to run a network marketing business. Well, like anything you have ever done before, the skills can be learned 🙂