Home Meetings – Lifeblood of Team Growth

Home Meetings – How to Create an Endless Stream of These and More


Besides using the internet as a tool for growing your business, another method to use are Home Meetings. Home meetings are business meetings that you organize at your home or the homes of your team members.

Home meetings are particularly valuable for your new members. Through the home meetings, new members in your team can expose their new venture to the people closest to them in one sitting. Their home is the best place to do that. The people they will invite are the closest to them, their warm market. Their warm market people are most likely comfortable being invited to the new member’s home as opposed to being invited to a hotel or club meeting.

Having established the value of a home meeting, how then can we help you to make sure that your team has a number of them running continually. Take note of the below checklist.

  1. Create an Excellent Home Meeting Team Culture

Nothing will kill team morale like members who only participate in team activities when it suits or serves them. Train your team to have the excellent culture of showing up whether or not they have guests confirmed. The number of team members who show up will give confidence to even the guest who show up. Imagine if one guest shows up and they find only the presenter and the host. That would cause them to doubt the credibility and value of what they have been invited to.

The benefits of every member participating in home meetings serve the entire team. Not every member will have a guest at every meeting. So, on days when a member has no guest, they can help other members to add energy and a good vibe to the meeting. They can also contribute by sharing their story as well as with closing at the end of the home meeting. Other members will also reciprocate on days when they do not have guests. My adage about this is “You either need the meeting, or the meeting needs you.”

As the team leader, add value to them attending by doing a short training exclusively for members before the guests arrive or have a quick Fast Start Training afterwards for members and those guests who sign up.

  1. Teach Your Team Good Home Meeting Etiquette

Bad manners from members will encourage bad manners from guests. Good manners from members will encourage good manners from guests. Things to look out for that can actually constitute content of the pre-meeting members training are:

  • No cellphone usage during the presentation
  • No shop talk in the presence of guests, especially negative talk or complaining about business challenges or using industry specific jargon.
  • All members to be engaged and participate in the presentation. Laugh at the presenter’s jokes. Applaud where applause is required etc.
  • Keep the energy high and the conversation positive throughout.
  1. Help Your New Team Member to Over-Invite

Not everyone who confirms that they will attend will attend. That is just the reality on the ground. For some individuals, their word is not binding on them. What you can do to cover for that behaviour is to invite more people than you need to attend. The day before the home meeting, come together with your host and other team members. Do what I call a sizzle call session. Together invite as many people from your lists as you can. Keep the invite calls brief (45 seconds) and pack in as many invites as the number of minutes that you have. Do not overthink about the names, just invite. Show your new team member by doing, how a good invite is done. Keep the call session to an hour and then disperse. Each of you in that one hour should have done at least 45 calls. That should give you enough confirmations to ensure a reasonable attendance.

  1. Book A Meeting from a Home Meeting

There are several ways of booking a meeting from a home meeting.

  • Whether or not there are sign ups, tell your guests the next meeting that they should attend. If your team does a weekly meeting where your entire team converges at a hotel, that’s the meeting to send them to. It will keep your guests in the information loop and will also show them the bigger picture of your opportunity. They will hear a broader spectrum of stories from other team members who were not at that smaller home meeting.
  • For those who sign up, help them to book a date within a day or two for their own home meeting. We call it a Launch Meeting or a Big Announcement Meeting. By so doing with each new member who joins the team, can you see how you can easily fill up your calendar with home meetings. You may end up splitting your pool of leaders and have several home meetings running in one night.
  • If you do online webinars, direct guests to the webinars. Whether or not they sign up, attending your webinars will show them that your team has a vision and support system to grow beyond the town where they live, even internationally. Once they see the value of that, those who were fence sitters because they were worried that they have a small catchment in their local city could decide to get started. Just expose every member of your team and their prospects to the entire team support system that you have created.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


How To Create Team Builders In Your Team

How To Create Team Builders In Your Team

leaderHow many times has it happened that you sponsor an individual to join your team and then they fizzle out to nothing. It leaves you wondering  what you could have done to make them stay and grow their own business.

From observing the conduct of people who have joined my team, I have come to realize that I cannot cause anyone to become a leader. It is they and only they who make a decision to become a leader and build a team. I cannot decide for them and I cannot make them want to be a builder.

When I started my networking business two and a half years ago, I decide all by myself that I wanted to build the business for myself. My sponsor was more than 700km away and there was no way she was going to be there to grow my business for me. I was living and working in Francistown , Botswana at the time and my sponsor told me there was going to be training in Johannesburg, South Afrca two weeks after I joined and she was going to attend.

I decided to attend the training and after that life was never the same. I have attended all local training, regional training and most international training that my company offers since then. After my first training, I started local meetings in the town I lived in and started doing presentations. When I saw no growth there after several meetings, I decided to drive 200km each way every Thursday after work to do weekly meetings in my home town of Bulawayo across the border in Zimbabwe. I’d be back in the office the following morning.

I started with a small team in my home town, committed to drive the same trip on weekends to do team trainings until my work contract ended and I moved back home permanently six months later. From those humble beginnings today I have a team of nearly 400, spread out in ten countries and growing.

Because of the geographical spread of my team, I now use the internet to keep the team connected and trained within the team in addition to the company organized trainings.

Let’s examine what it is that I did which has got me where I am as a team builder:

1. I took action – and started a means of talking to people that got me started building a team. I did what I needed to do to get my business going.

2. I attended team training – I showed up at local, regional and international trainings

3. I was driven by my WHY – this may not be evident in the above narration, but what drove me to do all that I did was the vision and dream that I had of being financially free and never having to have my ability to earn and the level of income I earn determined by someone else for the rest of my life.

4. I never stopped learning and developing myself – On a daily basis I make sure that I read a good book or listen to audios or watch videos that teach me new stuff and sharpen my skills as an entrepreneur.

5. I make myself available to team members with initiative – I use both online and offline platforms to train those team members who show me they deserve my time. I keep track of those who attend team events and give them my personal attention (whether or not sponsored by me). As I write this article, it’s nearly midnight. I travelled more than 400km from where I now live, back to my home town where it all started to do a team training event over the week end. As soon as I arrived I went to an exposure appointment and after that went to support the team at their local  weekly meeting.

I am sharing this information not to brag but to show you that all it takes to create leaders is doing what needs to be done and running with those who are self driven. You lead by example and the driven individuals will copy exactly what you do and create their own momentum.

You can take a horse to the river but you cannot make it drink.

Keep track of who shows up at company events; who is calling you to seek for guidance and who is taking the steps to build a team. Connect with these people and give them all the support they need while you continue to do what you want them to do in your own right. Never impose yourself as a trainer on those who are not willing.

It is up to whoever joins your team to want to grow their business for themselves. I wanted my business to work and I broke out of my comfort zones and did what I needed to do to get the results that I wanted. The leaders in your team will show themselves. Just be there to support them, not work for them.

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Nomusa Mguni-Mhlanga
I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.
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3 Ways How to Create a Team That Gels Like a Family

3 Ways How to Create a Team That Gels Like a Family

Image courtesy of www.familyfoundationsltd.wordpress.com

Image courtesy of www.familyfoundationsltd.wordpress.com

Once you sign up your first person into your network marketing company, you need to show them the kind of team culture that you would like your team to have. My advice is for the team culture to be one in which people feel like family. Functional family members usually have no hang ups about each other. They know and understand each other’s differences and will grow into each other despite them. Today I will share the three ways in which you can make your team feel like family to each other.

  1. Create an Organism, Not an Organization

Organisms are alive and vibrant. All the parts of an organism grow together and serve each other. None is more superior than the rest. Organizations love the emphasis of rank and file, while on the other hand organisms thrive on equity for the different parts. Create for your team an environment in which members move together, do things together and grow together. There is no need to move into a commune for that to happen. It is the nature of interactions that you as the team leader encourages that will create the environment.

  1. Eliminate Egos

Be careful about the way recognition for achievement is done within the team. Much as recognition is important to keep the team motivated, it should be done in a manner that does not demean those who are still coming up and are yet to score significant results. Even those who have not yet hit milestones have something to be commended about them. Recognize them for that skill or trait while they are growing businesswise. Organize team activities to do together such as family outings, movie nights etc that promote camaraderie. Celebrate, or at least recognize each other’s birthdays and noteworthy anniversaries. When going to company events, coordinate together and do not be in isolation. Assign the team members who love to organize events to coordinate group transport and a common htel where the team will stay. They will blossom in the team as a result.

  1. Put The Team First

As a team leader create an atmosphere in which the team, not you comes first. Inspire your team and keep each other connected by creating group chat forums where new members are welcomed, successes are celebrated and inspirational quotes are shared. Facebook is a good tool for doing that. Create a team page on which such activities can take place. whatsappWhatsap is another great way of allowing the emerging leaders in your team to create their own platforms with which to pass on the team culture and add their own flavour to it. I recommend whattsap for that because of the 50 people/group limit. Once a group fills up, by then emerging leaders will be evident and they can be set free to take their team members with them to create new groups. The whole team can then continue to interact on the facebook group.

In Conclusion: Lock arms with your team by creating a support system that every new member plugs into as soon as they join the team. Have fun together. Instead of feeling threatened when new members become confident enough to form their own support groups, celebrate because that means the income you earn from that stream in your team no longer depends on you. That is true duplication and passive residual income for your business.

Three Principles For Building A Fast Growing Team

Three Principles For Building A Fast Growing Team

Team mastermindOne of the greatest frustration for many network marketers is that they want to grow a team and yet all they have are high levels of attrition or dormant team members who come in and do zero.
Never forget that the people who join your team are volunteers. The decision to stay on or to do anything is absolutely up to them. In this post I share with you what you can do as a leader to inspire your team to stay on and get up to do some work. There are three fundamental principles that you must understand and operate from:

1. Understand that People Have Different Goals and Personalities

It is important at signing up stage for you to understand the personality of the individual and their reason why for being in network marketing. Do your best to ask questions that will enable you to gather all this information. Listen actively when they respond and watch their mannerisms during the presentation process. You will discover that some just want to have fun. Create traditions in the team where they will have the fun. Others are in to make a few extra hundred dollars per month. Do not treat them the same way as those who want to make millions and drive the latest car models. Strike a balance in your team growth strategy to have something for everyone. Reach out to them individually if you have to in order to help them meet their goals and be their true selves while doing the business.

2. People Will Stick In Any Environment Where They Feel Happy and Recognized

Your own excitement and communication of how much you want your business to work will get them onto the team; how much they do once inside is dependent on the environment you create. The environment you create should have two key ingredients

(a) Love and Respect

Never ridicule people because they have different goals, beliefs or personalities with you. Respect everyone and love them where they are. Each person has strengths and weaknesses. Focus on their strengths not their weaknesses. Am I suggesting you baby sit and molly coddle those who do not show initiative to do what needs to be done to get their dreams fulfilled? No way! Team members, no matter who they are or what their vision is, need to know that the team is there to do business and that everyone must pull their weight but no one will be made fun of or ridiculed for being different.

(b) Recognise and Celebrate Success

If there is anything that people long for, even more than money, and get very little of, it is recognition. They get enough criticism in the places where they are mandated to be. Give them recognition and exposure in your team where they have volunteered to join. Celebrate, recognize and expose each member’s success for the world to see. What if they have not done anything worth celebrating in the team, celebrate what they have done outside of network marketing. They do have a life outside the business where they have accomplished milestones that are worth mentioning. The fact that you took the time to see that and mention it will make them appreciate being part of your team even more.

3. You Must First Walk the Talk

Once you start having people join your business, do not get into MANAGEMENT mode where you start telling people to do things that you yourself do not do or are not willing to do. Be a leader, not a manager. managers are the only people who tell people what to do and they themselves do something else. walk the talk and talk the walk. People are only going to do what they see you do, not what you tell them. You set the pace for the team by showing them what needs to be done. If you want them to recruit, be the first to recruit (alone and with them). If you want them to attend company events, be the first to register. If you want them to read motivational books or listen to audios, show them you are reading by sharing nuggets from what you are reading or listening to now. If you want them to use the product, be the first to use it!
Master the above three principles and watch your team’s phenomenal growth.


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Nomusa Mguni-Mhlanga
I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.
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