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Confidence Boost Formula To Take You Higher

We all Need A Confidence Boost to promote ourselves to the next level.

Today I want to talk to you about your level of confidence. How can you get a confidence boost? Because come to what it is that we all need to do, our level of confidence determines how much we commit to something that we have said that we are going to do. If you are not confident, then obviously, your actions will be characterized by faltering. Because of the uncertainty that you have about yourself and whether or not you can do what you are doing, will not give as much focus. Also, you will not be able to create as much impact as you would if you were more confident. So how can you be able to boost your level of confidence?

Our Default Mode is To Downplay Our Strengths and Up-play Our Weaknesses

Many of us are not confident because our focus is on what we cannot do, right? We focus mainly on the negative or the weaknesses that we have. When you focus on your weaknesses, you really are actually beating yourself up. All of us have weaknesses in one area or the other and when you focus on those weaknesses, you are actually telling yourself that it’s hopeless because I’ve got all these that I cannot do. I’ve got all this that is not right with me. I’ve got all this that is going wrong in my life. Focus on your strengths instead. When you focus on your strengths and the things or the activities or the skills that you are able to do, you are actually going to perform at a greater level, at a higher level.

Play Up Your Strengths For a Confidence Boost

What is the value ,or how do you identify what you are good at? Give yourself time to reflect. Stop reading and give yourself about five minutes and really think about the things that you love to do. It’s not about the passion as such, but what is it that you know you are good at. If you are not acknowledging yourself or you are not even giving yourself time to tell yourself that: “Wow, I am good at this and good at that,” you are always going to think of yourself as inferior because of focusing and what is weakness to you.

Write a list of the items or the areas or the skills or the things that you are good at doing. When you have listed those, pick the top five that you are excited about and be focused on doing something in each area. Be focused on doing something in those areas where you know you are good. By doing that, you will give yourself a confidence boost. When you are doing something that you know you are good at, you would always do it with pomp and with the positivity that comes with knowing that what I’m doing is what I know how to do.

A Confidence Boost Builds You Up in New Areas

Let me tell you something. Once your confidence builds up in one area to a level where you are actually doing so much more of what you are good at, you will realize that it will also give you a confidence boost in other areas as well. So you’ll be able now to tackle things that you thought you were not able to do. Focus on what you’re good at. Do it with all your strength and all your might. Llike the Bible says that whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it with all your strength and all your might. Once you have done that on something that you’re good at, your level of confidence goes up. Even the step, the bounce that you have when you are moving and when you are doing what you are doing, it actually increases and enhances beyond that level of confidence.

Explore New Territories

Now, start slowly moving into the areas that you are not good at. If you are interspacing between what you are good at and what you’re not good at throughout the day, you realize that the confidence that you take from what you’re good at spills over into the area where you are not so good. That confidence boost actually takes you to the next level. Remember that confidence is built from action. When you start by doing action in the areas where you are good, you are going to have a confidence boost. Once you’ve done that, your confidence levels in the areas where you were not so good are also going to go up.

That is how you expand your territory of influence. That is how you expand your level of skills development. I’m edging you this whole week to focus on those five items or those five activities or those five skills that you have identified that you are good at. Ddo those with all your heart and all your might. You’ll see how your level of confidence is going to go up and then, venture into those areas that you consider to be your weakness.

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