How To Create Continuous Blog Content

Blog content, the life blood of blogging

Blog content, the life blood of blogging

Blog content is the life blood of internet marketing through blogging.
One of the biggest challenges that I have faced as a blogger is how to make sure I have a continuous flow of blog content to post for my blog audience.
Writers block can set in and you might find yourself going for days without posting any new blog content simply because you just cannot produce it.
In a bid to cure myself of the dreaded writer’s block, I read around and found several articles that allowed me to condense the solution into five steps that I am going to share with you here.
1. Schedule Your Time
It is painful to come to the end of a day and realize that it has gone by and you have not used it effectively. To be successful, you must organize the use of your time with the utmost discipline. Time has a tendency to pass by quietly. The discipline to notice that time is passing can only come if your day is mapped out with activities feeding into your goals to use as a yardstick when the day ends.
As a blogger, producing and publishing blog content is a definite activity that feeds into your goals. Set aside a specific time of the day when you carry out the task of producing blog content. Understand your body rhythm and make sure that the time you schedule is when your focus and concentration is at its best.
2. Just Write
When the time to write comes, sit down and just write. Do not be paralyzed by wanting the first draft to be perfect. That is one of the personal traits I have had to overcome, that of wanting my work to be perfect the first time. Once you have selected the subject for you to write about, just let it flow from your brain onto your screen or paper. That is why your computer has an editor! You can then edit the work to make it publishing ready.
3. Disengage or Take a Break:
Even machines have working cycles. As humans we also need to take a break when we feel that the body needs it. Walk away for a few minutes. Look outside the window, go to the garden for a walk or make yourself a refreshing drink in the kitchen. You can organize your breaks by using the Pomodoro Technique where you have a burst of work for about 20-25minutes and then take a 5-10 minute break. This technique teaches you to maximize your brain’s concentration power as it knows that relaxation is coming. I have decided to use my breaks to do menial tasks around the house such as soaking my laundry, dusting a piece of furniture, organizing a corner of the room that needs it etc.
4. Eliminate Distractions:
Have a proper designated working space where you can close the door and make sure that even the kids will not wander in to disturb you. If your focus is constantly being pulled between several different places, your productivity and quality of work is bound to suffer. In these days of social media however the kids are the least of your worries when it comes to distractions. When it’s time to create your blog content, silence or switch off all communication devices. Turn off notifications from Whatsapp, Facebook, Emails etc. In fact you should have specific times of day when you pay attention to these social media and have specific objectives to achieve when using them. I am a recovering social media addict myself and have switched off all notifications as I write this article.
5. Take Inspiration From Where You Find It
There are a number of inspiration sources that could work for you. I find reading or re-reading a chapter from one of my favorite books gives me ideas on blog content. Visit inspirational quote websites on your favorite topics. Take a walk. Listen to inspirational audios. Work with what you have access to. Sometimes I have had an idea of a blog article after talking to my kids or working in the garden. Do what suits your personality.Blog

Well, my formula is out on what works for me to bring forth the creative juices. I would love to hear from you what inspires you to create blog content or to write if you are a book author. Scroll down to the comments box and let me and our other readers know.


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2 thoughts on “How To Create Continuous Blog Content

  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s a wonderful piece. My takeaway is the one of eliminating distractions when I write because I sometimes take longer than I need to because of that.
    I have learned a lot from HubSpot pertaining to internet marketing as a whole. You could make reference to their site. They have tonnes of resources. One of the things I learned is making a blogging schedule with the topics you’re going to write about. It helps one to plan in advance and get the mind to start coming with ideas for content. They even have a template for that.

    Thanks again

    • Thanks Sija for your input and the referral to HubSpot. I had not used them yet and will definitely visit the site today. A template can definitely make a difference in time efficiency. Have a blessed day.

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