Five Things To Do Daily Before 8:00AM For You To Be Successful

Daily  Morning Success Routine

Good morning! Rise and shine! For many this is an irritating phrase, especially if the person saying it is really lively and excited about it.

From the looks of things however it seems some of the very influential people are/were early risers. Margaret Thatcher was up every day at 5 a.m.; Frank Lloyd Wright at 4 am and Robert Iger, the CEO of Disney wakes at 4:30am just to give a few examples.

According to Inc. Magazine, morning people have been found to be more proactive and more productive. Also, the health benefits for those with an early morning life are numerous. I recommend you do these 5 things before 8 am that successful people are doing.

1. Meditate/Pray/Visualize

Your mental and emotional health is very important. It is from the mind that all ideas come. The quiet of the early morning is perfect for some quiet time introspecting and connecting with a Higher Power (God for me). Early in the morning take the time to visualize your day. Focus on the success that you will have. Commit your plans and vision to God. Pray for insight as to how to be a positive person not just for your own success but for the success of others too.

2. Exercise

It is easier to be consistent with your workouts if you do them in the morning. If you leave it until later the hustles and bustles of the day’s duties take over and you might find yourself having to push exercise aside. Early morning exercise gets the blood flowing to all parts of the body and you feel revitalized  to tackle any challenges. Even if you do not jog or go to the gym, taking a brisk walk or doing stretch and floor exercises outside will pep you up. Exercising at the end of a hard day’s work causes you to flake on your cardio exercises.

3. Map Out Your Day

In line with your goals, work on your to do lists. Go through your diary and schedule your appointments and all activities that feed into those goals. You can merge this activity with your prayer and meditation. The early morning quiet allows for calm reflections and uninterrupted problem solving. Let your schedule include moments of quiet meditation and prayer to punctuate your day; especially before and after major meetings. Schedule time in your evenings to prepare for the next day (Packing healthy sandwiches for snacks, taking out your clothes for the next day etc.)

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

For a busy working mom and dad this can be a very big challenge. But unless you get a grip on this and eat properly in the morning, you might find yourself having unhealthy snacks at the office. Your body needs the fuel. They say to be strong eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Many of us have that upside-down. Having a proper breakfast will also allow you to bond with the family. Five minutes chatting with them at the breakfast table can do wonders for your relationship.

5. Do The Unpleasant Tasks First

Do the least desirable task of the day first. If you do not you will procrastinate over it until it becomes urgent and derails your smooth planning. They say if you are to eat a plate of frogs, start with the biggest one. Do not allow yourself the dreaded feeling of knowing that there is an unpleasant important task that needs to be done and you have not done it. This dreadful feeling will affect everything else that you do. Due to the high energy levels you will have in the mornings, you will have a more positive attitude to the unpleasant tasks. Also this type of working will make your day progressively lighter and more pleasant and will usher home a happier and friendlier mom, dad or spouse.

Obviously for all this to work out you need to be early to bed and early to rise. In fact health specialists say the best and most beneficial sleep is one done before midnight.

Expect success….Get success. Some call it luck…..I call it faith and success by design.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.

9 thoughts on “Five Things To Do Daily Before 8:00AM For You To Be Successful

  1. Nomusa,

    My sked changes based on sleeping patterns but I do most before anything else, first thing after waking.

    Meditate, visualize, affirm, eat a healthy breakfast and get moving! Follow these things to align yourself effectively.


    • Hi Ryan. Talking of sleeping patterns: The morning is very important if you are working the local market like I do. Been exploring the US market and the time differences may change my sleeping patterns all together. And as you rightly point out, do the important things on waking up and your work will be effective. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Great advice, although I am not a morning person. I used to be, and agree that being up very early can be an energized time, and you do seem to get a lot more done. Hmm, I think I’m talking myself into getting back into that routine again. Thanks for that. Peace. 🙂

  3. Hi Nomusa,

    All very doable and actionable items to do before you really start your day. Everything you listed is important because you need to start your day right and if you do, the rest of your day will follow suit. Thanks for the tips!

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