Get More Productivity In Your Home Business Part 1

Schedule ClockWhen you become a home business owner managing your time becomes that much more important as you now are your own boss and the boundaries between work and personal life can be blurred.

Mastering the art of working faster to produce desired results will introduce efficiency into your home business routine and release more time for you to engage in leisure activities such as reading a favourite magazine, hiking, or play with your toddler.

Here are the first five of ten ideas that can increase your personal productivity and give you the time freedom that characterizes the lifestyle of a home business owner.

  1. Master Your Home Business PC

downloadYou do not have to be a technology geek for you to have a well equipped and organized PC. Use a modern PC with the latest software installed. At the very least have the latest version of Microsoft Office and broaden your software packages in accordance with the specialized work that you do.

Constantly upgrade your desktop to eliminate computer processes that slow downloads of files or web pages. The internet is an indispensable tool for a home business. Get the fastest internet access you can such as an ADSL connection.

  1. Do Not Be A Perfectionist

Be a careful worker who produces excellent work but do not be a perfectionist. Customers do not have the budget for perfection. This does not mean that you be negligent or give less than your best. It means once it is done to the best of your ability deliver the work to your client or customer. Create it, check it and let it go. There comes a point in the production cycle when extra effort is not worth it. If you aim for 100% perfection you will not be profitably productive. A consistent 90-98% quality range will maximize both customer satisfaction and return of investment.

  1. Be A Good Copy Cat

Copy CatMany an entrepreneur has brought ruin upon themselves by wanting to always be an innovator. Be creative but do not place yourself under the pressure of being the first one to ever do things. Do not reinvent the wheel when there is a blueprint that you can follow and still make your customers happy. Most successful home business solutions are just common sense packaged to meet a specific need. Your best is enough without the pressure of your work being different or better than what others have done before.

  1. Inject Variety Into Your Project Schedule

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Arrange your daily home business schedule so you switch from one assignment to another at least once or twice each day. Keep your mind fresh and allow yourself to explore new areas, markets, industries and disciplines outside your area of expertise. About 70-90% of what you do at any time must be familiar tasks within your area of expertise, while 10-30% should be in areas, markets, industries and disciplines outside your current skill base. Allow room for imagination inside your work schedule.

  1. Work Only on Concrete Orders

Before proceeding with a project, make sure it has an existing buyer or customer. Do not waste time working on projects that you think customers might want. Obtain letters of agreement, contracts and purchase orders before proceeding with production. To create a new product line, be guided by results of a sound market survey, not what you think the market wants.

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