Get More Productivity In Your Home Business Part 2

Time FreedomOn yesterday’s post we shared the first five of ten focal areas to master in order to maximize the usage of time in your home business and create the time freedom that you desire.

Today we give you the remaining five. If you make these 10 principles a part of your daily planning, you are bound to see the positive effects both in the quality of your life and your bank balance.

6. Make Deadlines Firm But Adequate
due dateSet deadlines for yourself as a home business owner. The absence of a deadline eliminates the motivation to do a task and places the task at the bottom of the pile of things to do. Be dependable to your customers and business partners by meeting agreed deadlines. Set deadlines for a specific date and time as opposed to a time period. For example “due on June 18 by 12:00 noon” is better than “in about two weeks time”. Make your deadlines adequate, not too tight. Build in a few extra days for the unexpected delays, last minute changes and a crisis in the home or on another project.

7. Protect and Value Your Time
Productive people do not waste time. They guard their time jealously. Get right to the point when talking to people. You risk coming off as abrupt to some people but understand that you cannot afford to everyone all the time they want. Choose who you spend time with. Be decisive. Say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done and move on.Value Your Time

Know the value of your hourly rate, commit it to memory and use it to weigh the effort required for specific activities and the return they will produce against the cost of your time. Weigh your options and always use your time wisely.

8. Stay Focused
One of the habits of successful people is to apply themselves to the task at hand. Work until the task is done. Concentrate on one thing at a time. Avoid going in many different directions. Do not be a talker. Be an actor, a doer. Have a vision and focus your activities to achieve that vision.

9. Set A Production Goal
Steinway makes 800 pianos in its German plant every year. An individual who truly wants to be productive sets a production goal, meets it and keeps going until they can do no more. The renowned author Joe Lansdale says he never misses his goal of writing three pages a day, five days a week. When people are employees, they will pitch up for work whether they feel like it or not. It surprises me that when the same person starts a home business they start accommodating “not being in the mood or feeling like it.”

10. Enjoy What You Do
Love what you doA Scottish proverb says “Be happy while you are living; for you’re a long time dead.” When you enjoy your work it ceases to be work in the typical sense. It becomes your passion. The vocation that you choose must be something that you love to do.

You will not love every project equally of course, but try to balance “must-do” mandatory tasks with things that are more fun for you. Remember we are not talking about you doing a hobby but we are talking business. So train yourself to enjoy what you do by changing your attitude. Attitude can be a trap or it can be freedom. Take your pick. Keep interested in the career path that you have chosen of working from home. It is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

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