How To Correctly Engage Your Warm Market

How To Correctly Engage Your Warm Market

many ppl on streetYour success in the network marketing industry pivots on how many people you show your opportunity to who decide to buy your product or join the business. Depending on the level of relationship that you have with a person, they can be described to be your warm or cold market.

People in your warm market are those who know your name or would recognise your name if you called them on the phone. It is therefore obvious that people in your warm market are the easiest to approach because you already know them and they know you.

Again it is obvious that you can have a continually growing warm market by being an outgoing person who builds relationships with the people you meet on a daily basis. The different ways of growing your warm market will be the subject of another post.

Posture is Important

PostureThe first and most important thing in exposing your warm market to your opportunity is to not be emotionally attached to the outcome. This means that you really should not care whether or not they will join your business after you show them.  Do not pin all your hopes on them joining your business.

Have confidence in yourself, your opportunity and let them understand from the get go and throughout the exposure that it is OK for them to say NO to what you are showing them.

If they say YES, treat them like any other business partner and equip them with the company tools you use for marketing.

If they say NO, life goes on. Understand that network marketing is not for everyone and move on without creating animosity. Do not pound them with texts, emails and phone calls telling them how foolish they have been to not join.

Give Them Realistic Expectations.

High expectationsThis is still closely connected with posture but needs to be emphasized separately. DO NOT use hype to attract your warm market into joining your business. They will come in thinking that it’s a get-rich-quick scheme instead of a genuine business that needs to be worked hard and smart at.

DO NOT trick them into joining your business with false promises. They either see the opportunity or they don’t. Never try to convince them.

The strong factor in working with your warm market is YOUR belief in what you are doing. If you believe in the value of your product, you will know how to communicate that value without hype and get your warm market to be interested. If you are passionate about the benefits of your product and the business opportunity it will come across.

And remember, it is okay for your warm market to choose to be customers who buy your product and enjoy it without them doing the business as well.

So talk to your warm market, show them what you are doing and let them know you would like for them to be a part of it and that it is fine if they choose not to join. The exposure process should be friendly and tension free.

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2 thoughts on “How To Correctly Engage Your Warm Market

  1. I like what you said about not using hype around your warm market. So often times, when Network Marketers are joining an opportunity for the first time, they come off like a used car sales man. Facts are bent a little, money is being talked about. The problem is that people do not care about the facts, they want to know the stories. They want real world testimonial of people getting real results. Great tips here!

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