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Year 2018 Ahead..

Plan time! So, here we are. We are going to be talking about the coming year, 2018. Are you going to roll the dice in 2018 or are you going to map out a path and map out a plan you are going to follow?

I have a very special invitation for you at the end. So stay with me until the end because that special invitation is going to help you. It is going to show you how we are going to work together in putting up a plan that you can execute in 2018, as opposed to rolling the dice and leaving everything to chance in terms of how your year is going to turn out,

It’s the end of year. If I recall from my days when I was in formal employment, it’s that time of year when many people who are watching this that are in full-time employment are going through the strategic plan session for their work at their work. Sadly, very few people take time out to make a strategic plan for their own lives. So we are talking about that today because each one of us wherever we are in our sphere’s we are leaders. Being a leader where you are in life, you need to know where you are going so you can lead those who are following you. The best way of leading is to lead yourself first before leading others. The only way you can lead yourself is if you have got a strategy in place.

You must take the time out to plan and set your goals for the year. How do you set those goals for yourself? What is the process to go through in order for you to have your strategic planning? You need to set out your long-term plans as well as your short-term plans. What are you planning for the immediate future? What are you planning for the long-term future?

Can an individual have a 3 to 5-year plan of action? I believe so because each one of us in our own right are entities and we are organisations. Whether we like it or not our families are organisations that need to have a strategic direction that they are going in. I was just reading for the second time now the book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and it italks a lot at the beginning about starting with the end in mind, mapping and putting up a vision of where you want to go. Not only in organisations, as in corporates; but also organisations as in families.

Families should have strategic vision statements that they live by. As individuals each person is supposed to have their own strategic plan as well. Alright? So how do you get started with that?

What is important is that you understand the immediate things that you must do for you to get to the long-term goals. But where is the starting point? Do I start here or do I start there? What’s important is to start there in the future and then come backwards looking at the different milestones you have to reach in order for you to be able to fulfill that long-term plan. Start with your 3 to 5-year plan or vision of where you see yourself in the next 3-5 years? Then keep bringing it closer to your medium-term goals, then to your short-term goals, and to your daily action plan. So, that is what I have been doing for myself leading up to the end of this year.

You also need to know the areas of life to plan for. It is very important to dstinguish clearly the different areas of life that you want to plan for. Let’s break down what I consider to be the important areas to plan for:

Your Spiritual Health

Area number one you should be planning for is your spirituality. How do you plan to enhance and where do you see yourself spiritually? How are you planning to grow yourself spiritually? What are the daily activities that you are going to be doing? Start with where you want to see yourself. Most religions believe in an after-life. You plan for that after-life in this life. It would be tough to plan for the huge chunk called eternity, so it’s best to do it on a year-by-year basis.

Your Physical Health

Your health is your wealth. You can have all the material things in life. if you do not have your physical health in good stead, you might not enjoy the stuff.

Make a Social/Relatinships Health Plan

There are different kinds of relationships to plan for. There are family relationships. How do they fit in? How are you going to manage your family relationships in view of everything else that you are going to be doing. Plan for the quality time needed to spend with your family. There is also the relationship with your community and church as well. Do not forget to plan for that.

Your Career/Business/Finances

I’ll bundle these three into one because they all culminate in the financial outcomes or the financial outputs that you want . Map out your career path. Your business is your career right! It depends whether you are in employment or running your own business. That’s your career path, so you also need to plan for that.

Action and Execution

After setting your objectives in each important area of your life, you must put together a plan of execution. What will you do in order to make sure that you realize your goals. For example, in terms of your finances, what savings plans are you putting in place? How about investment plans? If you are in debt, you have to map how you are going to clear your debt. Let 2018 be the year that you become debt-free. You need to consciously prepare for that. What about things that you want to buy for your family? What about vacationing? What destinations will you visit? How much do you want to give to your community timewise as well as materially? All that will intergrate into your business and financial startegy.


How you prioritize each area will be shown by the extent to which you will commit time, financial and material resources. Your action plan is definitely going to respond to as well as indicate the areas of priority for your goals in 2018. What is important to remember is that no area should be neglected.

You Are Invited

Do you want to dig deeper into your plan for the coming year. Are you interested in coming up with a blueprint startegy for where you want to be and what to have by December 2018? If you are, you must register for a FREE webinar that I will be doing on Tuesday 19th December 2018 at 9:00PM CAT (Central Africa Time, Harare/Johannesburg time).

I will give you a step-by-step guide into planning for an epic 2018. Register for the FREE “Plan for an Epic 2018 webinar by clicking HERE! See you on the inside.

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