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Prequalify Prospects, Show Them What They Want

One of the biggest mistakes that we make as network marketers, especially when new is to not prequalify prospects before showing them our package.

I call it our package because, what we have in our hands as true network marketers is a multifaceted concept. A solid network marketing business concept allows the people that we talk to about it to choose any of the three options.

• Be a product user/customer
• Be a business representative/partner
• Be both a product user and business representative/partner

A pyramid scheme cannot stand because they offer only the ‘business’ option. So everyone who joins a pyramid has no choice but to look for people to join the ‘business’ as there is no product to offer.

Follow me through this analogy:

If I were to open a brick and mortar business such as a coffee shop for example I would most likely need the following for my business to take off and function successfully:

• Investors or business partners
• A sales team
• Customers to buy and enjoy my coffee, scones, fancy cakes etc.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these critical people in my imaginary fortune building venture

1. Prospects As Potential Investors or Business Partners
InvestorThese are individuals who are going to pour in their money, time and/or skills for us together to create a corporation that will create jobs and make enough profits to support our families and give them a spectacular life. It is not every Jack and Jill who will qualify to be in this category. Individuals with a big vision and who believe in me and the business concept will fit here.

Do my investors or business partners have to be every family member or friend that I have. Certainly not. They could be my friend or family but they do not have to be. The qualifier here is the big stake that they are willing to put in to run with me.

Why then is it that when we are presenting what our network marketing company has to offer to prospects we speak to everyone like they are supposed to be investors or business partners. Ask them the right questions and once you find out they are business partner material, invite them to become your business partners. Keep in mind not every prospect with an investor mindset will be excited about your particular idea.

2. A Sales Team Potential
Read sales team to include everyone that you need to have for your customer to happily have access to the product. The major investment they will give for this to happen is their skill and PART of their time. They are not fully engrossed in the business concept like the business partner. They are interested enough to take time away from family to contribute to part of your dream, make a comfortable amount of money and get on with their other areas of life. They only get paid if prospects become buying customers.

The same applies in network marketing. There are those who are interested in the money but not to the same degree as your investors and business partners. Allow them to operate at that level, make a little bit of extra money and get on with their other areas of life.

3. Customers Only, Thank You
CustomerCustomers do not even want to know whether or not you have a business plan in place. They just want to enjoy the product and have it work for them the way that you said it will. If you disappoint them they will move on and look for another provider of a similar product or service.

Customers do not need to see or know what the business plan is. They just want to know about the product. So why would you show them the business plan? They will only roll up their eyes and be put off by it. Show them what they want to see, what it will do for them and let them enjoy the ride as soon as they can.

Categories 1 and 2 will need to see both the business plan and the product. Your business partner crew want to understand how soon the big returns will come and how big they are, how sustainable and viable the business is going to be and how much they have to put in to make profits. Your sales team kind of guys will be interested in the same stuff but to a lesser intensity. With them if the deal does not work out, they will look for another one.

Ask the right questions. Listen carefully for the answers, show each individual the correct part of the package and work with each one of them to meet their personal dreams.

The question begs; can individuals shift from one category to another? That is the subject of yet another home business empowerment discussion.

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