Simple Steps Leading to a Successful You Part 1

Success is Simple if You Are Willing to Work on Yourself

If you ask many people you will find that invariably all want to be successful. Yet many do not achieve success because they are in either of two extremes in their mindset: Striving for success or aimlessly drifting. You need to realize what you should and should not do for you to get to where you are aiming at.

1.     Do Not Strive for Success – Attract Success

The pursuit of success leads to failure. Have you ever heard people who say I will get it at ‘whatever cost’? Such a mindset is an indication of someone who has not taken stock of what is needed for them to get to their destination. Success is not free. It comes at a cost but the cost is not ‘any cost.’ It is a defined cost with distinct steps and processes that the aspiring person has to go through to get there. So what must you do to attain success without striving for it?

magnetic attraction

How to attract Success

This happens only when you become an attractive person. Success can never be achieved in isolation. For one to be successful, you need people to contribute to your getting to where you want to go. A person who strives for success will invariably trample all over relationships to get success at ‘any cost’. They may get to the top and think that they have succeeded only for them to realize how empty and hollow it is to be alone up there.

To be successful, you need to attract people. To attract people you must be attractive. When you become more than what you are, you become an attractive person so that you attract the right people who will work with you to achieve.

2.     Have Clearly Defined Goals

goal gapSuccess cannot be achieved through hit and run tactics. Define where you are now and where you want to go. What it means is that you need to realize the magnitude of the gap between your now and the future that you want. What is the more that you are aspiring for? Realize that to get more you must be more than what you are right now.


Once you understand the quantum that you have to jump to achieve your goals, you will be able to clearly state what needs to be done to cover that gap. Your actions cease to be random shots from the hip, hoping to hit the target. They become concise steps.

3.     Seek For Knowledge as for Hidden Treasure

hidden treasureThe Bible says ‘Seek and you shall find.’ It also says ‘seek for wisdom and knowledge as for hidden treasure.’ It is only those who seek or search who find. Do you have goals that you aim to attain? Have you taken stock of the skills that you need to have to achieve those goals?

Identify the skill gap that stands between you and achieving your goals. Search for the sources of knowledge that will cover that skill gap. Get them and use them. Work on yourself and you will rise above your circumstances and start to be the master of your destiny.

4.     Some Common Areas of Challenge


(a)    Success at Parenting

To succeed as a parent, you must learn how to be a good parent and change to become that. Working harder at your parenting will cause you to clash with you children as you define your success on their behavior. Working harder on yourself will teach you how to deal with each child and parenting situation maturely.

(b)   Success in Marriage

To have a happy marriage you must learn what it takes to have a good marriage and become that. Working harder at your marriage will create tension between you and your spouse, while working on your skills as a marriage partner will endear you to your spouse.

(c)    Success in Your career

To be promoted at work, you must learn the relevant skills that will take you to the next level. Working harder at your current job will earn you a living. You will be stuck on your current income, working so many hours that you will have no time to spend with your family and friends. Working on yourself, building your skill set will cause you to outgrow your current job, move on to that higher level where you can take control of your time and thus your life.

To sum it all up: The key word here is LEARN! Work harder on yourself than at what you want to have. Understand your short comings, identify and develop the skills you never had before to achieve goals for you and your loved ones. Focus on the one you can change: YOU.

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