Simple Tips for Presenting Your Home Based Business To Groups

Simple Tips for Presenting Your Home Based Business To Groups

IMG-20140518-WA0000Having been a university lecturer in my earlier days, one of the activities I was proficient at doing in my home based business was presenting to groups. As soon as I had my first two team members, I organised home parties and public meetings where I started presenting to my team mates’ contacts as well as invited my own.

I also immediately got those team mates started doing the presenting themselves as soon as possible to keep the momentum going in the team as well as to make sure that the weekly meetings we had started, continued even in my absence.

One of my team mates was a shy and quiet lady who was afraid to stand and present to a group. Today, she is a pro at it and it has been a pleasure to watch her bloom right before my eyes. Home and public meetings have been the mainstay of growth in our team and I credit her with keeping the culture going since I moved away to a different city.

I know speaking in public is many people’s nightmare. But if you are to see significant growth in your business, it is important to build presenting skills in yourself and your team members. Can your business grow without presenting skills, yes it can if you invite and show your company DVD one person at a time or take prospects to an existing presentation in your location.

What if like myself, you were a pioneer for your business in your local area? Showing the opportunity to one person at a time would definitely be a very slow way of getting started, whereas group presentations create a system into which new members would plug in and accompany their prospects to see and hear at a faster rate.

Today I am going to share with you four tips on how to be a sizzler at group presentations.

  1. Start With Confidence

Many a times I have seen people blow the content of what they are going to say by starting a presentation with an apology either because it’s their first time to speak in public or they were asked to present at short notice. Never do that. Start your presentation with a bang so as to grab the attention of your audience and make them feel that listening to you will be the best thing that they will ever do that day. The first two minutes of a presentation are the most critical in capturing attention. For all you know you could be shaking as a reed in that dress or suit but your audience need never know. Take away the attention from you to the subject by being confident.

  1. Use Questions to Build Anticipation In Your Audience

Spend the first 5-10 minutes asking your audience hopeful questions. Rather than tell them what they will get from your presentation, ask them if what you are about to show them is their dream or on their wish list. If possible have a white board or flip chart and write this wish list down to keep it ever before them as the presentation progresses. If you cannot write it down, let them speak out the answers as they will reinforce what you will be saying. Tell them that your presentation will cover exactly what they desire to have or be. Watch the level of attention shoot through the roof.

  1. Be Mindful of the Ums, Ahs and OKs

Because you will be nervous, you will tend to the blank moments with Ums Ahs and OKs. The latter is my weakness. Rehearse the presentation and do an audio recording of yourself to know what your hiding phrase is. Once you are aware of it, you can deal with it. Most blanks come between points while the speaker is collecting their thoughts for the next one. Instead of the habit word or sound, take a pause. The pause will deal with your weakness as well as allow your audience to process the information given thus far.

  1. Balance Movement and Being Stationary

Neither be a street pole nor a yo-yo in front of your audience during your home based business presentation. Move around when speaking and building up to an important point that you want to sink in to your audience. Stand still when that point comes so that they do not miss it. Combined with the pause in speech, that will have the impact you are looking for.

  1. Prepare In Advance for the Presentation

Rehearse the presentation at home and internalize its sequence in your head. Under normal circumstances, your team will have a presentation roaster so make the time at home to practice on your family or dog or cat. Let your family critique you if they are wiling. As part of preparation, arrive at the venue ahead of time (30minute to an hour) to allow for any equipment tests to be done and your nerves to settle down.

There you have it. Start group presentations to show case your home based business. It is a time-effective way of building momentum.

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7 thoughts on “Simple Tips for Presenting Your Home Based Business To Groups

  1. Fantastic advice! I actually really enjoy public speaking, but that wasn’t always the case. Using advice like this and a lot of practice it has become something that I look forward to. I love making it an interactive experience so that a dialogue can grow out of a presentation. Great post!

  2. This is excellent advice. You obviously know what you’re talking about, and recognize those actions in professional speakers that I have witnesses. It’s almost an art, and I gives you a thumbs up for being able to pull it off. Thanks for sharing!

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