Names List Building For Long Term Home Business Success

Make Friends

Make Friends

Building A Robust Names List

The article that I shared on the two types of names list to grow out of in order to run a successful home business seems to have aroused a lot of interest. Now here is information on how to build a robust names list that will ensure sustainable success for your home business.

Once you master how to do this right, you will never run out of prospects for your home business ever again.

Business professionals write down their list and it is an ever growing and living names list. To be able to have such a list, you must become a sociable individual who learns how to create opportunities to meet new people, collect their contact details and create ways to stay in touch with them.

When you run a home based business, especially one that uses network marketing as the marketing model, never forget that your success depends on your ability to build relationships with the people you intend to be your business partners. Before the product and the opportunity, people first buy into you.

Now this is how to build that robust names list that will ensure that you have an endless source of people to talk to about your business:

STEP 1 – Make A Comprehensive Names List

Do not be selective as to who you add to the list. As long their name pops into your head write them down.

The mistake to avoid as a word of mouth marketer is to judge whether or not people are potential prospects before adding them to the list. Just write down the names of everyone you know. They need not even know you; if you know them, just write their name down.

STEP 2 – Write Down Who They Know

As you empty your brains of the people that you know by writing them down on paper, you will realize that you create more room in it for new names to remember. Obviously the people that you have written down know other people and their names will start coming up too. Write them down. Keep your list with you at all times and keep adding names as they surface from your memory.

STEP 3 – Keep Your Names List Growing

Keep your names list growing by adding at least two people a day. Pay attention to what’s happening in the world. Increase your social circles by attending church, business forums, networking events, joining a gym, going to parties when invited etc., and when you get there talk to people and collect their contact details. NETWORK ON PURPOSE by putting yourself out there and developing the skills to talk engagingly with the people that you meet. Do not be a hermit. Deliberately go out to make friends.

STEP 4 – Do Not Pitch

As you interact with people, make new contacts and add them to your list, remember this golden rule, do not pitch them your product or business opportunity. Avoid the mistake of seeing dollar signs on people’s faces. Instead see people and be genuinely interested in them enough to know about them and create genuine friendships. Find creative ways of staying in touch with them and when the time is right, help them to understand what you have to offer through your business and/or opportunity.

That sounds simple hey? It is simple and it is also not easy to do.

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The Seven Mindset Keys Required for Network Marketing Success

The Seven Mindset Keys Required for Network Marketing Success

Network marketing is a unique business model that requires practitioners to have a certain mindset to succeed. There are some fundamental truths that you need to grasp for you to start right in network marketing and score some successes.

I have personally been involved with network marketing businesses for the last four years or so. I tried out several kinds of network marketing businesses with different companies: health and cosmetics (3), real estate (1), books (1). I failed to produce tangible results with each of these, not because there was anything wrong with the products or the companies but because there was something I needed to change in me that was hindering my potential success.

Success Key

From personal experience and from reading other successful network marketers’ stories, I have come to understand that every new network marketer experiences confusion at first. We all go through a phase of anxiety and self-doubt at which time we experience failure. I do not regret the failures that I have experienced with my previous companies at all because going through what I went through made me the better person that I had become when I joined my travel company with which I am now scoring strong victories.

This article is meant to help you overcome the mistakes that I did and fast forward your success. Here I share with you some universal principles that if mastered will get you the kind of results that you need for your home business. Refer to this article often whenever the smoke starts to rise blocking your view of the success goals that you have set for yourself.

1.       Make Your Success a Mission

It saddens me to meet people who after seeing a home business opportunity and really want to get started, go to seek the advice of friends and family and return the following day having changed their mind. Talk to friends and family for information only, and not to seek their approval. When doubts creep in, rather than talk to quitters, talk to others who are purposing in their hearts and minds to succeed at network marketing. Much as you love family and friends, if you allow them to live your life for you, you will never rise any higher than their definition of success.

2.       Not Everyone Will Join Your Business

No matter how excited you are about your opportunity, not everyone will see what you see. So when they say no, it is not you or your business they are rejecting, they just do not see what you see. Do not wallop yourself and do not stop exposing simply because someone did not sign up.

3.       Understand that Network Marketing is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Do not succumb to the pressure that you should have lots of money pouring into your account the very next week after signing up for a network marketing opportunity. Do not waste your emotional, mental and physical energy searching for a fast solution. Establish a daily routine that will get you to achieve your goals and steadily work and improve that routine religiously. Steady does it! No lazing around and expecting miracles. Neither should there be frantic efforts for super quick results.

4.       Like Any Other Business, A Network Marketing Business Is Not Free

Never entertain the fact that your home business will grow at no cost. Admittedly, it costs less to get started than does with conventional businesses, but you still have to spend a bit more to grow your network marketing business. Personal development is key for success. You must attend company training events to hone your skills. You must take the time to read to develop your skills and mindset. This costs time and money. ‘Free’ will simply stall your success path and cause you to join the band wagon that says network marketing does not work.

5.       Attend Company and Generic Industry Training Events

I need to re-emphasize this. Personal development is the key to success in growing your business. Franchise holders attend every training that their franchiser requires them to attend. Having invested in excess of $50,000 what choice do they have? On the other hand, a network marketer having invested less than $500 to get started might feel the investment is too little for them to extend themselves that far! BUT truly speaking in today’s economic situation where most are losing their jobs, even the low start-up required for a home business is becoming a big deal.

6.       Be Prepared to Change Your Habits

Watching TV, hanging out with the guys at the pub daily, reading the newspaper cover to cover are not profit making activities. If you want to get what you have never had before, you must be willing to do what you have never done. Your habits will have to change to incorporate money generating activities. Each day only has 24 hours, and adjustments will be needed to make your day effective for growing your business. Changing habits is painful, but as the saying goes; ‘no pain, no gain.’ You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket.

sucess ladder2

7.       Do Not Wait To be Perfect, Get Started Now

Your public speaking skills, computer aptitude, understanding the company compensation plan or having answers to questions will suck at the beginning. If you wait until you are perfect at these, you will wait for the rest of your life and still be where you were when you started. Like the Nike slogan – Just Do It! Getting started is the beginning of greatness. Your skills will get better as you use what you have and keep learning as you go.

These principles have opened for me doors that I never thought were possible to open and they continue to do so.

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 To your unlimited success!