Who Has Dominion Over You

ego busterThe first thing to do is obviously to define what dominion is. Dominion is to have control over, to domineer. It is a word that is found in the Bible because humans were given the right to have dominion. So we need to understand the kind of dominion that humans were given in order for it to be used properly.

Firstly let me make something clear from the onset. Humans were given dominion over animals and plants and not over other humans. Animals do not have the power to reason. They mainly operate using natural instinct. That is why humans who have the power to reason and rationalize were given the right to rule over the animals and make decisions on their behalf.

When it comes to humans however, no matter how old or young or what sex an individual is, no one has the right to domineer over the other. We can only reason with each other and none is compelled to accept the other person’s opinion.

To progress and meet your aspirations as an individual, you should never allow another person to have dominion over you. Only God should have dominion over you because He is all knowing and He created you and understands you more that you will even ever understand yourself.

With the above statement am I saying that other people cannot play a role in influencing your life for success. Definitely not. There is plenty of room for others to be a part of your success through their influence. Influence is different from dominion.

Influence shows you how success is achieved by the person being a good example of what you aspire to achieve. Dominion on the other hand dictates to you the path and demands that you walk in it. Humans being the imperfect creatures that they are do not have the prerogative to dictate anything to each other. They can only guide, give advice and lead by example as proof that their philosophy works.

Usually dictators want others to do what they prescribe while they themselves do not do or live by that prescription. Influencers (another name for leaders) live what they preach. Their credibility stems from that trait of saying what they do, and doing what they say.

So the question comes back again. Who are you allowing to have dominion over you? When you aspire to do things that you have never been done before or which most people have never done before such as becoming an entrepreneur who are you allowing to dictate to you what can or cannot be done.

There are three classes of dictators that I have met in my career as an entrepreneur.

1. The I Cannot Do It so Neither Can You Group
These people look at what you are getting started with, they look at themselves and declare to themselves that it is impossible to achieve success. Instead of keeping their opinions to themselves, they want you to buy their story. They will do all in their power to remind you at every turn that you are crazy and that you will fail. What drives them is their own fear and they want you to be just as fearful and quit what you have started.

2. The Do Not Disrupt the Status Quo Group
This group of dictators is very interesting. They are afraid that you are going to succeed and then expose them for what they are, fearful people (I reserved the use of the C word here ). By breaking away and becoming a successful entrepreneur, your success becomes a reprimand to them for not breaking out as well. In a pretext to protect you from yourself, they look up every failure case in entrepreneurship or whatever new venture you are embarking on that they can find in real life or from the internet and they will spread it before you as proof. The objective is to paralyze you with fear until you quit.

3. The Haters
These are people who just do not wish you any good. They spend most of their energy devising and carrying out PHD (Pull Him/Her Down) missions. They will secretly and openly plot your downfall. They thrive on making other people feel inferior through negative talk and gossip. They are just busy bodies who feel happy from popping other people’s balloons. They want the gloom that they spread to poison you into paralysis.

I felt my body tense up just writing about these people. I am sure you have met others who belong to other categories but the above three are the most common.

My advice to you is never allow the toxicity of negative talk and fear to have dominion over you. The last time I read my Good Book on how to make a living, it stated that we are to labor and do all our work. Nowhere did I see a prescription of what kind of work is to be done. The only admonition given in how we work is that there be no exploitation of man by man. Fairness and equity are to be the guiding principles that we live by.

It is an individual’s choice whether they earn their living working a job or being an entrepreneur. I am offended when a budding entrepreneur is told to stay where they are and do what has always been done.

Are there risks involved in entrepreneurship? Yes. Is it tough becoming a successful entrepreneur? Yes. But the bottom line is: they must leave you be. You should be free to go through the growth process of becoming a successful entrepreneur in order to become one.

So, since you clearly have the entrepreneurial bug (you would not be reading this if you did not), brace yourself up for the opposing current. Be upright and true in all your dealings. Help others along the way. Work with Godliness. Take good advice from your mentors and never, ever let anyone have dominion over you.

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Presenting Your Opportunity With Confidence

PresentingOne of the most critical stages in the recruiting cycle is how the presenting of your opportunity is done.

Whether you are presenting live or using a third party tool such as a DVD, there are steps that you need to take prior to going into the details of the opportunity.

My Rooky Days Presenting Sequence

During my rooky days as a network marketer, I used to set up my presentations as follows:

  1. Meet prospect and greet them
  2. Tell them I have something exciting to share with them
  3. Show them
  4. Close

My success rate was not that good until I learned a way to tweak my presenting sequence.

Give Your Listener a New Framework

You need to give your listener what I call a framework on which to hang what they are going to listen to.

A key point to remember about your prospect is that they have a certain set way of thinking and doing life. What you are about to show them is a very different way of thinking and unless you prepare them psychologically to receive it, they will completely resist what you are about to share with them.

The four steps of creating that new framework are as follows:

(i)          Make Them Identify With Your Mess

There is a mess or a life challenge that compels ordinary people to change the course of their lives and become entrepreneurs. What was your mess that brought you here? Tell your real life story of what made you decide to become an entrepreneur. Be as honest, as raw and as vulnerable as possible. Truly open up your heart. People make emotional decisions and justify them with reasons. So your story must appeal to the emotions (the mess) and to the intellect (the facts).

(ii)         Inspire Them To See the Possibility For Themselves

Show them what is possible by telling how your own life has changed and by sharing the success stories of others who are doing the same stuff that you are doing. As much as possible get those third party individuals to talk to your prospect directly or via telephone. By so doing you will reframe their reality and dismantle their story as you give them a glimpse into what is possible. At this point, your prospect will see for themselves what is possible. Even if their mess might not be identical with yours, what you will have done is to show them that whatever they are going through that is not right, there is a chance that your opportunity will sort it out.

(iii)       Let Them Know They Are Not Compelled To See Things Your Way

Never forget that when presenting your opportunity, all that you are doing is sharing what is possible and available for them to choose to take or not to take. Never compel or convince anyone to see what they do not see. Do not take it personally if they do not get what you are showing them. A person convinced is still of the same opinion, so never convince. Find a friendly and positive way of telling them that the choice is theirs to make.

(iv)        Continually Retrain Your Thinking

The confidence to project the message across well comes from a very strong personal belief. I have heard many new network marketing entrepreneurs say that it is difficult to be that confident when presenting because their situation has not yet changed. I know where they are coming from because in my rooky days that’s exactly how I felt. How you live your life (How you tell your story) is a result of the story that you have bought into. Continually train your mind to project your life from the point of where you are going, not where you were or where you are. There are daily exercises that you need to do in order to be in that frame of mind. That will be the subject for another day.

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Network Marketing Success Requires Sacrifice

Network Marketing is a legitimate business. If you are in network marketing and you are still doubting that it is a business then you are treating it like a hobby, and I can almost predict the success levels that you are having: very little or none.


To have success you must make sacrifices! Sacrifice means doing things that make people say, “you must be crazy.” It means giving up a lot of what society says is of value and deciding what is valuable to you. It may require you to leave some people behind, and it may hurt. It means sticking to your path regardless of the dream snatchers.

To quote a very financially successful man, ‘Billionaires don’t care what the odds are. We don’t listen to common sense or do what’s convenient or expected. We follow our VISION, no matter how crazy or idiotic other people think it is.’ – Donald Trump.

Vision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.


I know of a lot of people who when they listen to or watch a network marketing opportunity presentation have something stir deep inside. They long to make the kind of money that the opportunity promises and they can even start imagining what they would do if they could make that kind of income. In other words they start to dream of a better life.

Yet many do not rise beyond the longing. They start to think about what others would think if they were to tell them they have become part of one of those ‘things.’ They make the opinions of their professional buddies, friends and relatives matter so much that they give up on ‘the dream.’

What you forget is that these people whose opinions you value so much are not living the lifestyle that you are longing for. When the health bill that you cannot afford comes along, when you have to go to your son/daughter’s school to beg them to keep the child at school until you are able to pay, those people are not there and in most cases even when asked for help they will not give it because they cannot afford it.

The truth of the matter is this… it doesn’t matter what business you are in, if you do not learn the money making strategies that keep a business going, it will fail regardless. It is not because people are doing network marketing that they fail, it is because they are afraid to do what it takes to win as they are concerned what people will say about them.

The remedy for that is to hang around like-minded people; people with the same entrepreneurial spirit that you have caught on to.

If you are not in circles of like-minded motivated people, most likely you are not as motivated as you should be and chances are you will quit. If you are not networking with other entrepreneurs, most likely you are spending time in circles where entrepreneurship is a foreign concept and probably even ridiculed.

You can motivate yourself up to a certain point, but truly speaking…there will come a time when you burn out.  If there is nobody there to hold you accountable or force you to show up for your business, then you are going to suffer a set-back.

Like Minded

Nobody can succeed at entrepreneurship alone. You need allies, mentors and coaches and you need people to be accountable to. You need to be challenged and you need to be cheered on.

If you have caught on the vision of entrepreneurship but are still standing on the sidelines, is public opinion holding you back? If you are already in and are not seeing the results you want, you might have moved on in your head but are allowing the company you keep to hold you back.

I challenge you to take control. Live, do and seek out situations and company that will enhance your goals and not negate them.

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