Blessings, Gratitude, Appreciating God, Family, Friends on 2015 Day 1

Gratitude Fruit Basket2I cannot list all the blessings I received in 2014, they are too numerous to count.

As I write this post, I am watching the daylight of Day 1 in 2015 melt out the darkness from the last night of 2014 through my window. My youngest son, who still sleeps with mom at 7, is lying on the sofa next to me because he does not like sleeping alone. He was sleeping alone because I had to sit up all night for two reasons:

Prayer, Curfew and Planning

(i) To wait up for two of his older brothers (17 and 19) who had gone for a New Years’ eve party (mom must intermittently send prayers of protection to heaven, make sure they keep to curfew time and come home sober) and

(ii) To put the final touches on my 2015 Success Blue Print (Thought I’d be done by the time the boys got home at 1:00am. Well….I continued for another four hours!!) That’s how important it was to finish that document. I believe I am getting better at this with each year that I do it.

Appreciation and Gratitude

The purpose of today’s post is to appreciate and express my gratitude to God for creating opportunities for me to meet with certain individuals who have unselfishly shared their knowledge and expertise with me directly and indirectly in the profession of network marketing and using the internet for business.

In my quest for knowledge and understanding, God placed these individuals in my path. Some I have met in person and have had the privilege to sit at their feet and hear their voices. Others I have not met personally but their written word and spoken words via their blog posts, audios and videos have become a familiar part of my life.

Some I listen to daily, others weekly or monthly and others occasionally. More than just being routine, the most exciting part for me has been applying what I learn and sharing the information with my business team as well as with those on my mailing lists and social media networks. I pray that my attempts to package the information based on my experiences has been and will be of use to the readers and followers of this blog.

Success Does Leave Clues

I cannot mention everyone here, but I would like to make particular mention of Ray Higdon and his wife Jessica, Matt Morris, Johnny Wimbrey, Eric Worre, Mary Ellen Tribby and Dani Johnson. I have listened to and read their online training for the last three or so years. They have so become a part of my life that my seven year old knows them by name and can identify their faces.

I have personally met Matt Morris and Johnny Wimbrey at live training events and I look forward to meeting two of those I have no yet met this year, with diligent planning, hard work and God’s blessings.

I appreciate these individuals whose teaching I have been following, and will continue to follow for me to grow into the business person that I am today and will become.

I raise my glass to them for their generosity and unselfishness to spend themselves for others. As the saying goes “success leaves clues” and blessed is the man or woman who recognizes the people who have or are what they aspire to be and is humble enough to learn from them.

Amazing Team Work!

I also toast the local leaders in my network marketing company who are based in Harare and Johannesburg. I thank them for leading by example. Actions do speak louder than words.

I raise my glass to the team that God blessed me with in my network marketing business. It is part of the beauty of our industry that by introducing a few of my friends to an amazing concept, I now have a family of several hundred, spread out in nine different countries. I look forward to the day I am going to meet each of you face to face.

Finally I appreciate my family: my four sons Jabulani, Bongani, Anele and Sibusiso (my once Little Blessings), my mom (a pillar of strength) and my brother Dingi and his wife Viola (my American ATMs when the need arose) and God Almighty (without whom I would not exist).

True Blessings Defined

For everyone, I pray for blessings in 2015. Blessings are not synonymous with a smooth, problem free life.

Blessings are going through life knowing that through the challenges, there is an all-knowing, all-powerful God who cares and  who will iron out what is beyond my strength and understanding.

Blessings are also knowing that through the challenges you have a cloud of friends and family who will surround you and support you and do all that they can to prop you up physically and in spirit.

Blessings are having the inner strength to keep going towards the mark that you desire for yourself and your loved ones without being intimidated by your circumstances or the opinions of others.

To you reading this article, may blessings pursue you and overtake you into 2015 (Deuteronomy 28: 1-14)

Tomorrow I will share with you the formula that I use to set my success blue print of the year ahead. Use it to plan for 2015. There is still time to plan and pray over your road map for this new year.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a devoted mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful network marketing business owner.


The Challenge of Not Being Taken Seriously When You Work From Home

One of the first challenges I have faced since deciding to take my work from home status seriously has been the fact that people do not take my work time seriously. Just because I am at home people think they can ask me to do anything and they expect me to always be available and ready to do their bidding.

Do not get me wrong, I love my family. So whatever I am going to say here must be taken in its proper context.

Take for instance, as an African woman living in Africa, when a relative dies, no matter how remote, one is expected to transfer from their home to the deceased’s residence and be of service there. When I was still employed my employer would only give me a certain number of days to mourn my immediate family. If I felt I needed more time, I would have to apply for part of my annual leave days and that would be granted at my employer’s convenience. It would not offend anyone for me to say I could not be available because I was at work.

Now that I am working from home, my work does not carry the same weight that it did before when I was working for someone else. Explaining that I am not available because of work commitments raises eyebrows in some quarters. My home office is just as real as the outside office and serves the purpose of raising income for the upkeep of my family just as much.

One might ask how I come to have experienced that prejudice in the few days since I made the decision to work from home. Well, I have been at home since September 2011 and have not made much progress in my home business endeavors because I was not taking myself seriously and I succumbed to the unspoken expectations that I had to be all things to all people simply because I was not in formal employment.

Now that in my mind my being a home business owner has been formalized, I have had to create my daily and weekly schedules to ensure that all that needs to be done on the home front and in the office is accomplished. This is the process that has made me realize just how easily derailed I can be from meeting my planned goals unless I address this issue properly.

One of the joys and benefits of being a work from home mom is the time flexibility that results. However the reality on the ground is that the much sought after time flexibility comes eventually after an initial investment of focused time and effort to build a residual income. I am still at the building stage. This is a critical stage at which I cannot afford to be too flexible lest I never reach the residual income stage in my home business.

You see at the beginning I am no different from the employee with regards to my trading time for dollars. The difference between me as a home business owner and an employee however is the fact that when my systems are up and running, then I shall be free to be available for many in my immediate and extended family. Bear in mind even when I reach that stage there shall be short seasons of intense work when I may be taking my businesses to the next level when I will be out of circulation again.

So, yes, I am doing real work that requires just as much if not more concentration as a job. I am the boss and when I say the time is not convenient for taking time off, my friends and family should understand. A time is coming when my systems will be running on autopilot and needing the occasional tweak. Until that time comes, you may not see me at certain places and occasions because I shall be in the trenches.

Love is tough isn’t it!!

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