Success Demands that you Grow Up

Time To Grow Up For Success

The world is full of people who want success but are not willing to step up and grow up in order to realize that success. If you spend your life avoiding growing pains and choosing the easy way out, you will grow up in years and physical form, but not in wisdom.

Age is just a number. There are 18 year olds who are more mature in the area of achieving success than some 50 year olds that I have come across. What makes the difference? Those 18 year olds have reached success maturity and the 50 year olds have not.

  • Success maturity is seen through making firm decisions.

    Decide to get rich and do something about it without apologising to anyone. If you want to become mature and ready for success, quit playing games with yourself. Decide you are no longer going to remain average. Take the time to have that conversation with yourself. Have that good and honest pep talk and counselling session where you will ask yourself these important success questions.

    • Do I really want to play all-in for success or am I just trying to be successful? Successful people do. They do not try.
    • If I were hiring for the position to take me to the success that I envision, would I hire me? If you cannot hire yourself to take you to that ‘place of success’, then quit or IMPROVE.
    • Am I ready to take 100% responsibility for my results as opposed to making excuses, blaming circumstances and blaming others? Unless you own your results 100%, you are powerless.
  • Success maturity is seen through burning bridges.

    Burning bridges can be exemplified by you making the below emotional commitment:

    • You decide that even if you have not quit your job yet, you are going to treat the hours that you have committed to work for your fortune as an entrepreneur as if you had quit your job. You still show up for work. You carry out your duties with faithful commitment. Outside of working hours, you work on your business as if it was the only job you had and the boss would fire you if you slackened.

NOTE: The problem could be that this situation is too difficult to imagine because even at work right now you are not being your very best and yet you are getting paid every month. So, you take with you that same lackadaisical attitude from your job into your work as an entrepreneur. How you do one thing is how you do everything!!!

THIS is how you light fire on the bridge for Success:

Burn the bridge by deciding a date on which you plan to quit your job. On that date you will be earning, say three times your salary from your business after all expenses and clearing all your debt. Write the resignation email and schedule its emailing for that date. Keep the draft and set a reminder in your diary to click the ‘send’ button on that date. When the date arrives, you will face the triumphant you, or the loser you.

If you do not have a job, probably because you have been laid off or you are straight from college, you can still set yourself a deadline. Decide on the income level you want to be at by a specific date. Set a reward or consequence for not achieving your goal by that date. If not achieved you face the consequence. If achieved you enjoy the reward.

In both instances, you should ask another trusted person  or people to hold you accountable for your commitment. Let them know what the stakes are and meet with them on the day.

If you cannot make that emotional commitment, then you are not yet ready to earn a significant income in your entrepreneurial venture. You are still an amateur trying to play the professionals game. Step up or forget it!

  • Success maturity shows when you decide to make Excellence your standard.

    Excellence is performing at a level higher than the common. It is where you decide to produce only fine, brilliant, superior, distinct and quality results. There is no room for flacking when you choose excellence as the standard for all the work that you produce. If you are still willing to settle for less, you are not ready for the kind of greatness that you proclaim or imagine for yourself. No matter how much you talk, your actions will say who you are. Make the transition from mediocrity to excellence.


It is going to be tough, yet it is the only way through. Push through the physical, emotional and spiritual pain. There is no excellent thing that will just materialize without blood, sweat and tears. Success belongs only to those who commit to DEDICATION, DISCIPLINE, PESEVERANCE and PERSONAL INTEGRITY and execute all tasks with BRAVERY, COURAGE and RELENTLESNESS. Make the decision to become that person today.


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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


How To Create Team Builders In Your Team

How To Create Team Builders In Your Team

leaderHow many times has it happened that you sponsor an individual to join your team and then they fizzle out to nothing. It leaves you wondering  what you could have done to make them stay and grow their own business.

From observing the conduct of people who have joined my team, I have come to realize that I cannot cause anyone to become a leader. It is they and only they who make a decision to become a leader and build a team. I cannot decide for them and I cannot make them want to be a builder.

When I started my networking business two and a half years ago, I decide all by myself that I wanted to build the business for myself. My sponsor was more than 700km away and there was no way she was going to be there to grow my business for me. I was living and working in Francistown , Botswana at the time and my sponsor told me there was going to be training in Johannesburg, South Afrca two weeks after I joined and she was going to attend.

I decided to attend the training and after that life was never the same. I have attended all local training, regional training and most international training that my company offers since then. After my first training, I started local meetings in the town I lived in and started doing presentations. When I saw no growth there after several meetings, I decided to drive 200km each way every Thursday after work to do weekly meetings in my home town of Bulawayo across the border in Zimbabwe. I’d be back in the office the following morning.

I started with a small team in my home town, committed to drive the same trip on weekends to do team trainings until my work contract ended and I moved back home permanently six months later. From those humble beginnings today I have a team of nearly 400, spread out in ten countries and growing.

Because of the geographical spread of my team, I now use the internet to keep the team connected and trained within the team in addition to the company organized trainings.

Let’s examine what it is that I did which has got me where I am as a team builder:

1. I took action – and started a means of talking to people that got me started building a team. I did what I needed to do to get my business going.

2. I attended team training – I showed up at local, regional and international trainings

3. I was driven by my WHY – this may not be evident in the above narration, but what drove me to do all that I did was the vision and dream that I had of being financially free and never having to have my ability to earn and the level of income I earn determined by someone else for the rest of my life.

4. I never stopped learning and developing myself – On a daily basis I make sure that I read a good book or listen to audios or watch videos that teach me new stuff and sharpen my skills as an entrepreneur.

5. I make myself available to team members with initiative – I use both online and offline platforms to train those team members who show me they deserve my time. I keep track of those who attend team events and give them my personal attention (whether or not sponsored by me). As I write this article, it’s nearly midnight. I travelled more than 400km from where I now live, back to my home town where it all started to do a team training event over the week end. As soon as I arrived I went to an exposure appointment and after that went to support the team at their local  weekly meeting.

I am sharing this information not to brag but to show you that all it takes to create leaders is doing what needs to be done and running with those who are self driven. You lead by example and the driven individuals will copy exactly what you do and create their own momentum.

You can take a horse to the river but you cannot make it drink.

Keep track of who shows up at company events; who is calling you to seek for guidance and who is taking the steps to build a team. Connect with these people and give them all the support they need while you continue to do what you want them to do in your own right. Never impose yourself as a trainer on those who are not willing.

It is up to whoever joins your team to want to grow their business for themselves. I wanted my business to work and I broke out of my comfort zones and did what I needed to do to get the results that I wanted. The leaders in your team will show themselves. Just be there to support them, not work for them.

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