Home Meetings – Lifeblood of Team Growth

Home Meetings – How to Create an Endless Stream of These and More


Besides using the internet as a tool for growing your business, another method to use are Home Meetings. Home meetings are business meetings that you organize at your home or the homes of your team members.

Home meetings are particularly valuable for your new members. Through the home meetings, new members in your team can expose their new venture to the people closest to them in one sitting. Their home is the best place to do that. The people they will invite are the closest to them, their warm market. Their warm market people are most likely comfortable being invited to the new member’s home as opposed to being invited to a hotel or club meeting.

Having established the value of a home meeting, how then can we help you to make sure that your team has a number of them running continually. Take note of the below checklist.

  1. Create an Excellent Home Meeting Team Culture

Nothing will kill team morale like members who only participate in team activities when it suits or serves them. Train your team to have the excellent culture of showing up whether or not they have guests confirmed. The number of team members who show up will give confidence to even the guest who show up. Imagine if one guest shows up and they find only the presenter and the host. That would cause them to doubt the credibility and value of what they have been invited to.

The benefits of every member participating in home meetings serve the entire team. Not every member will have a guest at every meeting. So, on days when a member has no guest, they can help other members to add energy and a good vibe to the meeting. They can also contribute by sharing their story as well as with closing at the end of the home meeting. Other members will also reciprocate on days when they do not have guests. My adage about this is “You either need the meeting, or the meeting needs you.”

As the team leader, add value to them attending by doing a short training exclusively for members before the guests arrive or have a quick Fast Start Training afterwards for members and those guests who sign up.

  1. Teach Your Team Good Home Meeting Etiquette

Bad manners from members will encourage bad manners from guests. Good manners from members will encourage good manners from guests. Things to look out for that can actually constitute content of the pre-meeting members training are:

  • No cellphone usage during the presentation
  • No shop talk in the presence of guests, especially negative talk or complaining about business challenges or using industry specific jargon.
  • All members to be engaged and participate in the presentation. Laugh at the presenter’s jokes. Applaud where applause is required etc.
  • Keep the energy high and the conversation positive throughout.
  1. Help Your New Team Member to Over-Invite

Not everyone who confirms that they will attend will attend. That is just the reality on the ground. For some individuals, their word is not binding on them. What you can do to cover for that behaviour is to invite more people than you need to attend. The day before the home meeting, come together with your host and other team members. Do what I call a sizzle call session. Together invite as many people from your lists as you can. Keep the invite calls brief (45 seconds) and pack in as many invites as the number of minutes that you have. Do not overthink about the names, just invite. Show your new team member by doing, how a good invite is done. Keep the call session to an hour and then disperse. Each of you in that one hour should have done at least 45 calls. That should give you enough confirmations to ensure a reasonable attendance.

  1. Book A Meeting from a Home Meeting

There are several ways of booking a meeting from a home meeting.

  • Whether or not there are sign ups, tell your guests the next meeting that they should attend. If your team does a weekly meeting where your entire team converges at a hotel, that’s the meeting to send them to. It will keep your guests in the information loop and will also show them the bigger picture of your opportunity. They will hear a broader spectrum of stories from other team members who were not at that smaller home meeting.
  • For those who sign up, help them to book a date within a day or two for their own home meeting. We call it a Launch Meeting or a Big Announcement Meeting. By so doing with each new member who joins the team, can you see how you can easily fill up your calendar with home meetings. You may end up splitting your pool of leaders and have several home meetings running in one night.
  • If you do online webinars, direct guests to the webinars. Whether or not they sign up, attending your webinars will show them that your team has a vision and support system to grow beyond the town where they live, even internationally. Once they see the value of that, those who were fence sitters because they were worried that they have a small catchment in their local city could decide to get started. Just expose every member of your team and their prospects to the entire team support system that you have created.

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