Peace At Home For Your Home Business

PeaceCan there truly be peace at home for a budding home business owner?

Today I am going to share with you some of the mistakes that I made when I started my home business that contributed to my slow and erratic achievement rates. Pay very close attention because this will either make you or break you as a home business owner. This advice applies to both the full-time and part-time home business person.

  1. For Peace, Have that Frank Conversation

Do not be the kind of person who expects your family to be mind readers. For there to be peace at home, there are expectations and routines that go with being a family man/woman. Your children will expect you to play with them or attend their school activities. This becomes a big issue if you are doing your business full time. The kids might not understand why if you are at home all the time, you say you cannot give them the time that they believe they deserve.

When I first started working for myself from home, I was still in full-time employment. That meant that I had to do my home business activities after work in the evenings. I was already feeling guilty about not being there during the day as a mom. Imagine my dilemma when I now had to block out evenings as well. I found myself falling into the trap of wanting to do my business related work and being there for everything that the family did. I became a nervous wreck with very little to show on either front.

Things started taking shape when I realized that I could only focus and be effective on one thing at a time during my after-work time. So I clearly identified what my money producing activities were for my business; that was making those phone calls, doing the home meetings, talking to prospects and converting them to customers. On the home front I identified the stuff that I could delegate and that which I absolutely had to do. For example I had to eat and we could all eat together. Meal Times are a useful time to engage with the family and stay involved to keep that peace at home (more about that a few lines down this article).

Having identified my critical business tasks, I determined how much time I was going to put into my business and I called a family meeting. At the meeting I explained how I was all in to my business and really wanted it to work so that I could release more time in the future to spend with them. I let them know what it was going to entail and asked for their patience and our mutual sacrifice while I was at it. I promised to give it my all. I had quite a number of false starts until I realized that my success was really up to me and nobody else.

The trouble with most home based entrepreneurs is that after having that talk, you slacken and do not do what is important. It creates contempt, mistrust and disunity in the family and they develop a negative outlook to your business. Under-promise and over-deliver. They will support you to the top of your home business career.

  1. Have a Laser Focus During Business Time

Once you have laid it out there, be a man/woman on a mission. Do not allow distractions around the house to slacken you and make you ineffective. During the hours that you have determined to be your home business hours, be laser focused. No social media except if it is feeding into your goals, no chit chat when making phone calls, no up and down trips to the kitchen for snacks, no endless tidying up of your desk and sharpening the pencil. Get on with it. I wish I could have a better way to tell you the importance of being laser focused. Just be!

  1. Peace Comes From Giving The Family Your Presence

Meal times, family prayer times, or whatever time you have set aside for family activities, be there. Be totally present. Do not be at family meals with your phone by your side so you can answer text messages or comment on social media. Have the discipline to leave the phone and laptop in your office (I am assuming that you have a properly designated work area). You will achieve more buy-in and family support by strictly observing this. Nothing will irritate your wife, men :), than you not paying attention during the 30 minutes that you promised to be hers and the children’s time. Moms, kids if not given due attention become irritable and steal your peace!

So it’s out there now. Take it to heart. Apply it. You will see the results. One thing that I learned from applying these three principles was that contrary to popular belief, I do not need a lot of time to run a successful home business. I need a lot of doing the right things in the time that I carve out for my business instead.

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