Inviting – The Rate Determining Step in Network Marketing Business Growth

Today I am talking to you about inviting and its pivotal role in determining how fast your Network Marketing business grows.

I know that at some point or other, we all come​ to a slump in business growth. You start asking or trying to think: How can I make things start happening? How can I pick up the pace all over again? Remember the most important skill.

Let me talk to you like the chemist that I am. When we talk about a chemical reaction or process, there is step, a very critical step in the whole process of a chemical reaction that we call the Rate Determining Step. Now that rate determining step, no matter what you do, unless you optimize that step, the reaction is going to be only as fast as that step is. So, there is need to optimize it and speed it up and make sure that it is fast enough within the boundaries of safety of that reaction.

Now looking at what it is that we have to do to grow our network marketing businesses, I would say when I look at the entire process, the rate determining step is INVITING. Unless you can invite people and get them to sit down, and look at your presentation or look at your opportunity or sample your product, there is no way that they are going to know that your product or opportunity exist.

So, I would say sharpen your skills of inviting. It is very important to know how to invite properly and do it fast, frequently.

Inviting Etiquette

What’s important when you are inviting is to leverage the relationship. You don’t just meet someone and straight away invite them to look at b your opportunity. First build a relationship. Listen as you are talking and chatting to each other until you get to a point where it is appropriate for you to put across the invite.

When you are inviting, invite them in such a way that you don’t present while you are inviting. Invite them so that they will create the time to sit and watch or listen to n your entire presentation. The minute you start telling them even a little bit about what you want them to see, they are going to prejudge already. People have got so much prejudice.

I know there are people who are prejudiced against going/coming to see information that they do not know anything about. Those are the people that you do not want or need on your team. For somebody who believes in you, with whom you have a credible relationship, and you are telling them about an opportunity to have a look at, they should trust you enough to go.

Quick pointer, in fact, do not use the word opportunity, because the minute you’re ​inviting them to have a look at an opportunity, the barriers start to come down. They will be like “I am not looking for an opportunity.” They will miss out on other aspects of m your product or opportunity that they would have understood had they seen the whole presentation in one sitting.

Inviting Properly

So how do you invite them? You have an idea that you want to run by them. You have a concept that you want them to have a look at. For somebody who is really a normal, balanced individual, who is on the lookout for things that are happening around them, when you tell them about an idea or concept that b you want them to n evaluate for themselves, they would be open-minded enough to come and have a look.

If somebody still insists on you telling them what it b is, then they don’t have enough faith in you or you do not need them on your team. Chances are they will bring that attitude with them into the business and they will find it difficult to invite people the correct way.

In the video below, I give you how to do inviting properly and sharpen you to speed up the rate at which your​ business grows.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


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Inviting From Your Names List Without Detonating Any Land-mines

Meandering pathMastering the Route From the Names List to Inviting

One of the important business building (= money making) skills that a network marketer must learn is how to invite people to appreciate the offer at hand.

Before we go any further, let me correct one myth about inviting that you may have heard. No, you do not need to be popular for be in an influential position or you to be able to invite people to look at your opportunity successfully. You do need to know when the time is right for them to view it without any mental or emotional barriers.

The following are the key points to remember as you go about your business, prospecting and inviting people to see your opportunity.

  1. Inviting Like a Farmer, Not a Hunter

A hunter is out to kill, while a farmer is out to nurture, grow and multiply. When the people in your network feel that you are hunting for them to join your business, they will do what prey does naturally, that is flee! Rather be like a farmer who exercises patience. Patience does not mean doing nothing. Patience with your prospects means doing all that you need to do, on time, in order to get a good harvest. What should you be doing towards inviting right? The answer is in the next point.

  1. Educate Prospects Towards a Point of Knowledge and Trust

When you meet new people and add them to your names list, the immediate goal is not to recruit them or sell them your product. Rather get to know them and let them get to know you. Create opportunities of salient education about your offer. With you knowing them, you will find out what value your offer can add to their lives or situation in life. When you eventually get to inviting them to have a look at your offer, give them the permission to take it or to leave it.

  1. Remove Defences as Much as You Can

When someone is defensive, they are also close minded. Close mindedness stems from fear or lack of adequate information. By building a relationship, you get to understand the prospect’s pain points and you can then offer practical solutions to address the pain via your offer. You cannot know people unless you take a keen interest in them. In the process of getting to know them, you attract them to you as an individual. That way your inviting is more chilled out, relaxed and effective for positive outcomes. Remember people buy from people they know and trust. Where there is trust, there is no need for defence.Word of mouth

I must admit it is hard to be a farmer when you have pressing issues such as debt, bills etc. to attend to. But bills or no bills, debt or no debt,  a farmer’s way of doing things is the sure way to building a sustainable business that will build generational wealth.

There are ways and means of building that rapport and trust faster than you think. That will be the subject of another article. Follow this blog to find out more on how you can build the rapport and trust fast enough to sort out the bills and debt clearance that are menacingly hanging over your head. Click on this link to follow this blog and stay connected and informed.

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