How To Create Team Builders In Your Team

How To Create Team Builders In Your Team

leaderHow many times has it happened that you sponsor an individual to join your team and then they fizzle out to nothing. It leaves you wondering  what you could have done to make them stay and grow their own business.

From observing the conduct of people who have joined my team, I have come to realize that I cannot cause anyone to become a leader. It is they and only they who make a decision to become a leader and build a team. I cannot decide for them and I cannot make them want to be a builder.

When I started my networking business two and a half years ago, I decide all by myself that I wanted to build the business for myself. My sponsor was more than 700km away and there was no way she was going to be there to grow my business for me. I was living and working in Francistown , Botswana at the time and my sponsor told me there was going to be training in Johannesburg, South Afrca two weeks after I joined and she was going to attend.

I decided to attend the training and after that life was never the same. I have attended all local training, regional training and most international training that my company offers since then. After my first training, I started local meetings in the town I lived in and started doing presentations. When I saw no growth there after several meetings, I decided to drive 200km each way every Thursday after work to do weekly meetings in my home town of Bulawayo across the border in Zimbabwe. I’d be back in the office the following morning.

I started with a small team in my home town, committed to drive the same trip on weekends to do team trainings until my work contract ended and I moved back home permanently six months later. From those humble beginnings today I have a team of nearly 400, spread out in ten countries and growing.

Because of the geographical spread of my team, I now use the internet to keep the team connected and trained within the team in addition to the company organized trainings.

Let’s examine what it is that I did which has got me where I am as a team builder:

1. I took action – and started a means of talking to people that got me started building a team. I did what I needed to do to get my business going.

2. I attended team training – I showed up at local, regional and international trainings

3. I was driven by my WHY – this may not be evident in the above narration, but what drove me to do all that I did was the vision and dream that I had of being financially free and never having to have my ability to earn and the level of income I earn determined by someone else for the rest of my life.

4. I never stopped learning and developing myself – On a daily basis I make sure that I read a good book or listen to audios or watch videos that teach me new stuff and sharpen my skills as an entrepreneur.

5. I make myself available to team members with initiative – I use both online and offline platforms to train those team members who show me they deserve my time. I keep track of those who attend team events and give them my personal attention (whether or not sponsored by me). As I write this article, it’s nearly midnight. I travelled more than 400km from where I now live, back to my home town where it all started to do a team training event over the week end. As soon as I arrived I went to an exposure appointment and after that went to support the team at their local  weekly meeting.

I am sharing this information not to brag but to show you that all it takes to create leaders is doing what needs to be done and running with those who are self driven. You lead by example and the driven individuals will copy exactly what you do and create their own momentum.

You can take a horse to the river but you cannot make it drink.

Keep track of who shows up at company events; who is calling you to seek for guidance and who is taking the steps to build a team. Connect with these people and give them all the support they need while you continue to do what you want them to do in your own right. Never impose yourself as a trainer on those who are not willing.

It is up to whoever joins your team to want to grow their business for themselves. I wanted my business to work and I broke out of my comfort zones and did what I needed to do to get the results that I wanted. The leaders in your team will show themselves. Just be there to support them, not work for them.

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