Prospects Who Say They Have No Time

Leverage Unlocks Potential

Leverage Unlocks Potential Some of Your Prospects

Are Some of Your Prospects Low on Time?

Have you ever spoken to prospects, showing them your business opportunity and they have responded that they like the concept but they do not have the time. For some time while I was still in full time employment at the beginning of my network marketing career I used to buy that excuse.

Today’s video will teach you how to overcome that objection firstly for yourself and then for your prospects.

Why I Used To Buy The Time Excuse From Prospects

I would have been in the office 8am to 5pm, dashed off to pick up the kids from school, supervised homework. Only after that I’d start working on my network marketing business. On some days when I put in extra hours in the office, I did not have the time to do my business at all.

So when they said they had no time, I agreed with them because I too had no time. I empathized thinking that they were justified in their position. What I had not realized was the power of leverage that was at my disposal.

I was working by myself to bring in personal new members and customers. I did not tap into my sponsor who was now in the same city as I was to help me with exposures. Had I asked her to help me carry the load I would have not felt the burden of working alone. Just having someone else to do the presenting on a 2 on 1 exposure takes away so much pressure.

Show Prospects How Leverage Works

What I do now is to make myself available to those new team members who want to learn from observation for their first couple of weeks as reps. They make appointments with their prospects and we go together to present.

We have also worked out a system of communicating with prospects that allows me to meet with and present to them in the team member’s absence. The system opens opportunities for me to come into contact with local prospects on behalf of team members who are not in my local area.

There are people looking for an opportunity to use your product or to make money from your opportunity. The only way to get to those who are looking is to present to them. Your busy new team member could have such people in their network.

My advice is that if time is one of their limitations, ask them if they will ever be able to release time if they do not start working with you to build a side income. You see most people who do not have time, it is because they are working extra hours in an effort to make extra money. Sadly most of the income generating activities consuming their time are not generating a residual income for them.

Let them know that it is not about them having tonnes time. It is about them carving out just enough time for the  two of you to meet the people in their network together at a pace that they can handle. You would do the presentation while their role would be to schedule appointments and watch you present. Also by using an effective communication system, you could even meet a few of the prospects in the member’s absence (I mainly use this approach for out of town members).

Even if you show 2-3 people a week, based on your new rep’s schedule, it is possible for them to start growing a team. Organizing a business launch meeting at the new rep’s house as soon as possible will also allow exposure to several prospects in one sitting. Once they enroll their first personal business partner, you repeat the process with that new member as well. This is called duplication.

Systematically demonstrate to a prospect who wants to get started but says they have no time. Help them to understand the possibility that exists for them to leverage your support as their sponsor. Unlike the formal employment sector, growing a successful network marketing business depends on team work, not individual effort.

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Two Reasons For You To Join In Order To Succeed In Network Marketing

change aheadThe question on many peoples’ minds concerning network marketing is why the quitting rate is so high and why few people succeed in network marketing businesses.

First and foremost, the statistic is so obvious because the network marketing business model causes people to declare publicly that they are going into business as opposed to the conventional business model where people can start their businesses quietly and fold up quietly when they fail.

When you dig into the archives of business statistics you will find that in conventional businesses people fail and quit just as much; 95-98% of all business start ups rarely survive past the first 5-10 years. In fact more than 80% fold up within their first year.

It takes a certain kind of thinking for one to become a successful business person be it conventional or in network marketing.  So does this mean that you are doomed to failure and must forget ever being successful in this industry. No!

You just need to understand two reasons why you must join network marketing to succeed. These two reasons cannot be separated from each other. If you subscribe to only one and not the other then you are doomed to quit.

Number One Reason Why To Succeed in Network Marketing – Join To Help Yourself

Network marketing probably came to you while you were working for someone (employee) or while you were working for yourself (self employed). Both these economic conditions require you to exchange time for money. The business potential in network marketing lies in leveraging a business system that transforms you from employed to becoming a business owner or investor. You can revisit an article I published some time back on The Cash-Flow Quadrant.

People who are in an employee or self employed mindset will not work unless they are going to get paid immediately, so they cannot stand the time required to establish a business system; a time in which very little payment can be coming through.

One of the reasons why you joined network marketing should be to move yourself from the left side of the cash flow quadrant to the right where you leverage a system that allows you to be time and financially free.

Money should not be your primary reason why you are in the business. Building a leverage system should be. Once the system is in place, the money becomes a given.

Number Two Reason Why To Have Success in Network Marketing – Join To Help Others

Your second reason for joining network marketing must be to help others to shift from the E and SE quadrants to the B and I quadrants. Success in network marketing is all about helping others positively change their lives.

You cannot succeed in network marketing without helping others achieve their aspirations. Help as many people as possible to move from the left to the right side of the cash flow quadrant and you will succeed.

Active waiting needs to be one of your core values for this to happen. Hardened E and ES people cannot wait. They want the money and they want it now. they lack the emotional stamina to wait for gratification.

True I and S quadrant people will go for months or even years without getting paid that much or at all, so long as they know they are working to set up a solid business system that will give them the freedom that they desire.

In Conclusion: Succeed in network market by focusing on upgrading your lifestyle through shifting from the left to the right side of the cash flow quadrant, help others to do the same and be willing to take risks and delaying your gratification while building a solid business system to leverage. (Now that sounds like two bonus reasons right there!)

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