Long Term Success Steps In Network Marketing

Do you want to have long term success and build a sustainable network marketing business? Pay attention to this post.

Many network marketers are frustrated by short-term results. They start of showing the opportunity fast, get people to sign up and then realize they are in a rut. Team members start falling out as fast if not faster than the rate at which they are coming in.

They work hard but the results just do not come. They make a little money but it is not enough to feed the financial independence dream that they started off with.

There are three steps that you need to master in order to build long term success and sustainability into your business.

1. Select A Skill To Learn and Teach

For many new network marketers, the focus of their early activities is on sharing the opportunity. There is nothing wrong with that but many mess it up because of poor posture. They may score some successes and get people joining the opportunity and then discover that they do not have the skill of creating duplication for example and the people fall out.

Long term success is assured if as you share the opportunity you also learn a skill that will bring sustainability to your business. Look for a skill set to learn and master that matches your personality. For example you could learn blogging and SEO, social media marketing, PPC etc.

Mastering such a skill will ensure that you continue to have new people to talk to about your business beyond you family and current friends. You can then teach your team members how to do the same. That is what will ensure long term success for your business.

2. Work On Your Mindset

Think Outside The boxMy opinion is that skill contributes 10% and mindset contributes 90% to both your short term and long term success in network marketing. Your attitude towards your business is a reflection of your mindset.

New network marketers come in from a totally different paradigm. It requires a mindset shift on their part for them to start thinking like an entrepreneur. For example the two most important paradigm shifts that they will need to make are:

Attitude to making lots of money – As an employee you are accustomed to an income with a ceiling. In network marketing your dreams are your limiting factor. If you struggle with grasping that, you might not take off at all. Your mind will just refuse to accept the possibility of the figures you see and become paralyzed into inaction.
Attitude to Long Term Rewards – Again as an employee, you work for two weeks or a month and get paid. Your income is secure and it is directly related to the amount of time you put in. As a new entrepreneur, you will put in a lot of time and effort and the result CAN take time to show. Without a mindset conditioned for long term rewards, you will not last.

3. Build Relationships

Relationships countDo not see dollar signs on the face of each person that you meet. Take the time to know them. Do not rush to pitch your opportunity. Steady is the name of the game for long term success.

Whether you meet an individual face to face or you meet them online, they want to know that you care about them before they know what you care about. Converse with people. Listen carefully and ask relevant questions about them. Pick up their contact information and let them know you will be in touch about some helpful information.

If you meet online, share value content with them. At the right time take your relationship offline and call them. Never use the internet as a way of hiding from or avoiding talking to people. Taking things offline builds their trust and confidence in you.

Whether you meet offline or online, create the rapport and know when to pitch your opportunity. People buy from people they know and trust.

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