Get An Autoresponder & Boost Your Internet Marketing

Shout quietly...

Shout quietly…

An autoresponder is a tool that will revolutionize the way you communicate with your new and old customers.

Recently I posted about keeping blog content flowing to keep your customers engaged. If you missed that article you can read it here. As you read that article did you wonder how you are to manage the data base and communication with thousands of people?

Wonder no more. I will show you how an autoresponder makes it all come together.

What is an autoresponder? It is a system that allows you to automate communications with people who opt into your mailing list. Bear in mind that my leaning is towards blogging as your main marketing platform. There are four functions that an autoresponder enables you to do:

1. An Autoresponder Merges Your List Building With Your Business Building Platform
Mailing list

The biggest challenge every blogger faces is how to generate quality leads and build an email list of loyal customers. By integrating an autoresponder with your blog you can capture names and email addresses of people who visit your blog. Leaving their contact information means they are giving you permission to contact them..

An autoresponder enables you to integrate a capture form onto your blog. You must couple that capture form with a good quality, high value incentive for individuals to leave their names and email addresses.

2. An Autoresponder Allows You To Engage and Keep New Leads

As soon as an individual adds their name to your email list, your autoresponder should kick in. It should send them a welcome email and automatically deliver to them the offer that you promised them when they joined your mailing list. Engagement from a well written welcome email and a high value offer is likely to keep them on your list to eventually convert from prospects to customers.  Constant contact from you through the autoresponder is a sure way to do that. The system allows you to nurture new customers and create lifetime customers of the ones you already have.

3. Releases Time For You

The most effective way of utilizing your autoresponder is to create a series of automatic messages that a new registrant to your email list receives. Use both video and text communications for your follow up messages to be engaging. Videos with your face on them make the follow ups more personal. Once your autoresponder is set, you will not have to worry about sending individual welcomes to each person who signs up on your mailing list. That definitely releases a lot of time for you to attend to other aspects of your business.

By the way my friends at Getresponse provide autoresponder services and this being the holiday season they have some cool discounts if you would like to go ahead and get an autoresponder for your blog. Check out the discounts at their website here. They are also giving a bonus after purchasing. It’s a free course on building your list in either 90 or 180 days. It’s awesome!

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