Three Career Mental Blocks Against Network Marketing To Overcome

A mind block stops visionary thinking.

A mind block stops visionary thinking.

When I got started with network marketing for the first time, I was a fully fledged career woman with a beautiful corner office working as a corporate executive with mental blocks to the profession.

What attracted me to the concept at first was the product. I loved the product and I saw a lot of value in using it. It was the kind of lifestyle product that I had always wanted for myself and my family.

I was very skeptical and suspicious about the business model of network marketing as I had never done it before and was yet to meet someone I knew personally who was successful in it.

The fact that I could not afford to use the product because of lack of extra money at the end of my salary opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to look at the business concept differently. Through it I could raise enough side income to be able to use the product that I loved so much.

That was when my journey in network marketing began. In this post I share with you three important mental blocks I had to come to terms with in order for me to start seeing some significant success with my business.

1. Understand The Power of Network Marketing
No. 1 of Mental blocks was that NWM does not work.

Network Marketing is a 100 Billion dollar per year industry. There are individuals that I know personally now who have completely changed their lives through this business model. From being frustrated, overworked corporate employees to being healthier, happier individuals who have cut down or completely eliminated their corporate office hours. I am one of those who are making an almost full-time income and have cut down the hours I put into my job related work to 30%.

Moreover, the job market in my resident and home country is shrinking daily and to see individuals who would have had no fall back after losing their jobs getting ahead to make a living for their families without a job is amazing. Also globally the baby boomer generation (of whom I am at the tail end) are retiring with less than exciting retirement packages. Many are finding a way of remaining relevant business-wise as well as beefing up their pensions through this noble profession. This article on the Forbes website is an eye opener on planning for retirement using network marketing.

2. Do Your Due Diligence
Number 2 of mental blocks was that NWM has no professional credibility.

One of the first steps I took after deciding to do the network marketing business was to do my background research. At first I started by Googling the company and the product. I must say based on what I found on Google, had I not used the product once before, and enjoyed the experience, I would have cancelled my membership and forgotten about the business. Some of the reports were so contrary to what I had experienced the one time I used the product that I knew they were lies. What I have discovered with time is that not all the information on the net is fact. Do a scientifically sound research exercise that covers a broad spectrum of criteria before making a conclusion.

So I decided to take a different route. I chose to attend a live event that the company was having in South Africa. I drove to Johannesburg and what I saw and heard there was enough to seal my decision. Meeting the company leadership from Head Office in the USA, listening to the long term business vision that the founders had and talking to local business reps and customers made me see the value of personally getting involved in the business as well. A friend that I trust with whom I partnered to do the research actually flew to the USA to check out the physical existence of the company. I even asked a former school mate who lived in the state where the company HQ was to go check them out as well. Their reports confirmed what I had already seen myself.

So do your research and make sure that the research is not just doing a Google search of the company name. Use your professional acumen and do a credible research exercise. Once your belief in the company and the business model they offer is secured, move on to the next level.

2. Believe In Yourself
Number 3 of Mental blocks was that I was too cool for NWM and I could not do it.

The fact that you are a corporate executive or a career professional means that you are an intelligent person who can make informed decisions about your financial future. Be confident about the decision that you have made. Approach your professional colleagues to market your product with them without shame or fear. Understand the mental barriers they themselves might have to the business model (you were once there yourself anyway) but do not seek their opinion or permission when promoting the concept with them. Shed off that I Am Too Cool attitude that I have seen cripple the networking careers of many conventional career professionals. The personal value that the network marketing profession has is way beyond what any job can offer (the earning capacity, the time freedom and the personal development you will build are invaluable). Believe in yourself and the decision that you have made and if need be, spend less time with those who deride the choice that you have made.

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