Job – Treat Network Marketing as One Because It Is

In Network Marketing You Do Have a  Job

Today is one of those days when I am angered by the attitudes and conduct of some people! How on earth does one expect positive results when they put zero effort? It truly boggles the mind!

When people work for someone else they call it a job and they are proud of it.

When people fork out thousands or millions of dollars to set up a conventional brick and motor business, they show up seriously and proudly and treat the venture with the same respect they would a job.

When people become network marketers, they sign up, sit back and expect miracles to start happening. For some reason they expect money to flow into their bank account without any effort on their part.

Are you that kind of network marketer?

Act Employed Because You Are in a Job

As a network marketer you employ yourself. So start acting like you are employed. Treat your business like a job from the onset, especially when you start! How do you treat a job?

  • Show up when you must, not whenever you feel like it.

    Define your working hours. Are you putting in 2, 3 or however many hours after your regular job into your business? How many days a week are you working those hours? If you are full time, how many hours a day are your official working hours? At your job you do not rock up when you feel like it. You show up when the boss says you show up. Act like you will be fired if you do not show up.

  • Have structure for your working hours.

    Be clear on the activities that constitute your work routine. If you do not know what to do you will do nothing. Define your KRAs, Key Result Areas and hold yourself accountable for delivering specific timely results in those KRAs.

  • Do not drift and allow anything to distract you.

    In a job it is possible to apply for time off and be denied and you accept it. Yet for some reason as a network marketer any and every situation that calls you away from your work is important and warrants time off. Why? Because you are doing a “thing”, not a business or a job. Revisit your company’s compensation plan to remind yourself how much potential income awaits those who put in the work.

  • Have a Defined Work Area.

    Your home is a dangerous work environment. It can easily pull you away from your planned work into what is going on in it. That is why it is important to define your dedicated and sacred working space. Seal a deal with your family to not defile your time and space once you close n that door. Just like they cannot casually walk into your office at the job, they should not do that into your home office.

  • Respect the Office Hierarchy.

    You are all corporate roles rolled into one and each one of them have their place and they must shine! As the CEO, set the vision of where the business is going in the short, medium and long term. As the section manager fill up the calender with activities and appointments and work with your team of other Independent Managers. As the floor worker obey the calendar, dig the trenches and deliver results, with your calendar being your direct supervisor. In the earlier days of your business, trench digging forms the bulk of your roles and that’s what urks many new Network Marketers.

  • Respect the Value of Work.

    Pay checks go to those who work, not to those who hang out in network marketing. Money is a commodity try that requires your b time and effort before it can land into your bank account. Never forget that. Work Hard. Do not be lazy. Avoid the entitlement syndrome. Never check your bank balance without working for the money that you expect to find in it.

It is certainly your job to make your network marketing business pay you the full potential that your company’s compensation plan has. Now get to work or get fired!

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


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The Five Steps to Success as a Network Marketer

It is natural to want to succeed at everything that you start to do. Now that you are a network marketer, you want to win at it I am sure. Not everyone who does this business will succeed, but anyone who puts their mind to it and follows the below five steps can succeed.

  1. Keep Your Job & Manage Your Actions

I have heard many a network marketer bemoan that their day jobs are robbing them of time to grow their home businesses faster. I will caution you to hold your horses in that line of thinking. If you cannot make your home business work and start paying you well on a part-time basis, you are probably not going to make it work even if you became full time.

You see success as a network marketer is not dependent on the abundance of time. It does depend on how effectively and efficiently you make use of the time available doing the money making activities in your business. Focus on discipline and managing your after-work activities to build an income that equals or surpasses what you are making in your job before you quit.

  1. Take the Lead – Call Your Sponsor

You can only get into network marketing through word of mouth information from someone who shares the opportunity with you. That person is called your sponsor or upline. Show your hunger for success by not waiting for them to call you to find out what kind of help you need. Take the initiative and call them and let them know from the onset that you are willing to learn what you can from them. Ask them for names of their sponsors several levels up so that if you do not get the kind of support that you need from your direct sponsor, you can get it from others in the organisation.

The way that this industry is structured is such that your sponsor benefits from supporting you. Sponsors are looking for members who are willing to be mentored to success. Be the one.

Beware of the dependency syndrome and the blame game. With or without a supportive sponsor or helpful uplines, your success in the business is your responsibility. Things will be harder without the support but success is still possible.

  1. Be Coachable and Teachable

A good network marketing company and a good team leader will direct you to a business system to work with to grow your business. Once you have pronounced yourself a student of your sponsor on how to use the system successfully, do what they tell you to do. Do not re-invent the wheel. All the successful people that I know in this industry look for a mentor who has used the company system and has had the kind of success they want. Identify that person in your company and do as you are told and shown. Rebellion here or being a smart aleck will lead to unnecessary frustration on your part.

  1. Be The Leader That You Want

Strike a balance between adding new team members and mentoring your team. Do not breed orphans in your team who end up being just a number. Create the time to induct your new team members and let them know you are available to lead them by example in what to do to be successful. Without babysitting and molly coddling the reps on your team, train them on how to duplicate what you do daily to grow your business. Spend at least the first 30days with your new rep training them, supporting and holding their hand until they are confident to be on their own and do the same for their team. Build long term relationships with your team and success is certain.

  1. Operate a Business not a Hobby

Never forget that you are running a real business. The income that you will make will be subject to the tax laws of your country of operation. You will also be entitled to the same tax write-offs that other businesses have. Benefits come with responsibilities. Take the time to keep accurate business records. Engage someone to do your books on a regular basis. Consult those in the know about home business accounting.

I find that once you start your network marketing business with this mindset and approach, you are going to treat it as a real business with regards to the commitment and effort you will put in learning the required skills and taking the necessary action for success.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a devoted mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful network marketing business owner.


Names List Building For Long Term Home Business Success

Make Friends

Make Friends

Building A Robust Names List

The article that I shared on the two types of names list to grow out of in order to run a successful home business seems to have aroused a lot of interest. Now here is information on how to build a robust names list that will ensure sustainable success for your home business.

Once you master how to do this right, you will never run out of prospects for your home business ever again.

Business professionals write down their list and it is an ever growing and living names list. To be able to have such a list, you must become a sociable individual who learns how to create opportunities to meet new people, collect their contact details and create ways to stay in touch with them.

When you run a home based business, especially one that uses network marketing as the marketing model, never forget that your success depends on your ability to build relationships with the people you intend to be your business partners. Before the product and the opportunity, people first buy into you.

Now this is how to build that robust names list that will ensure that you have an endless source of people to talk to about your business:

STEP 1 – Make A Comprehensive Names List

Do not be selective as to who you add to the list. As long their name pops into your head write them down.

The mistake to avoid as a word of mouth marketer is to judge whether or not people are potential prospects before adding them to the list. Just write down the names of everyone you know. They need not even know you; if you know them, just write their name down.

STEP 2 – Write Down Who They Know

As you empty your brains of the people that you know by writing them down on paper, you will realize that you create more room in it for new names to remember. Obviously the people that you have written down know other people and their names will start coming up too. Write them down. Keep your list with you at all times and keep adding names as they surface from your memory.

STEP 3 – Keep Your Names List Growing

Keep your names list growing by adding at least two people a day. Pay attention to what’s happening in the world. Increase your social circles by attending church, business forums, networking events, joining a gym, going to parties when invited etc., and when you get there talk to people and collect their contact details. NETWORK ON PURPOSE by putting yourself out there and developing the skills to talk engagingly with the people that you meet. Do not be a hermit. Deliberately go out to make friends.

STEP 4 – Do Not Pitch

As you interact with people, make new contacts and add them to your list, remember this golden rule, do not pitch them your product or business opportunity. Avoid the mistake of seeing dollar signs on people’s faces. Instead see people and be genuinely interested in them enough to know about them and create genuine friendships. Find creative ways of staying in touch with them and when the time is right, help them to understand what you have to offer through your business and/or opportunity.

That sounds simple hey? It is simple and it is also not easy to do.

By visiting this blog regularly and reading the content here, you will definitely get to learn how to meet more people and effectively engage them to build great relationships based on mutual trust. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this blog so you do not miss a single article from now on.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150I help busy working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.

Mindset Shift Needed For MLM Success Skills Training

Mindset DefnA Skills Development Mindset Shift For MLM Success

The playing field is even in the network marketing industry. All the independent reps for a particular company have the same product(s) to market and they are also paid from the same compensation plan. So, if there is a rep who is able to sell the product and get paid handsomely while you are not, it is time you realized that if they can do it so can you.

So what makes the difference between success and failure? The answer might not be one that you were anticipating or one that you will be excited about. The difference is YOU. You are the difference!! Your attitude, your outlook, your mindset and your level of skill will determine your success levels.

Doctors go to Medical School to learn the skills necessary to be doctors and the people who teach them are the more experienced doctors who are considered to be specialists.

Surprisingly though, new network marketers do not consider it essential to learn how to become skilled professional network marketers. And rather than listen to those who are having success in the industry, the experts, new network marketers will gladly take advice from their broke friends and relatives. How many medical students will ask a high school dropout how to become a doctor?

In network marketing, your skill set and personal development commitment determine the level of success that you will have. You can only learn the skills and the kind of mindset to have for success from those who are having success.

The beauty about learning how to be a successful network marketer is that you do not need to leave what you are doing and enrol at an academy. You learn the skills as you do the business. It’s a ‘learn as you earn’ situation.

So, here are the steps to take for you to learn to be a skilled, successful network marketing professional.

  1. Change The Perfectionist Mindset

The perfectionist mindset that you were taught at formal school suppresses a lot of potential in you. The best learning model for success in this industry is Learn, Apply, Share. I call it the LAS Formula:

  • Learn by reading and listening to the experts
  • Apply what you learn. Go into the field and do it. Tweak it as you go.
  • Share what you have learned with your team

Because of the conventional education approach, many aspiring network marketers want to follow the school model of prove that you can do it, then you will be employed. Here we say, watch and listen to the experts, apply what you have gleaned and make it work as you go.

  1. Decide To Succeed

Go beyond your desire to have the success and make a decision to succeed. A decisive mindset for success will take you far.

  • Be accountable and take responsibility for your success. Quit blaming others or anything for your failures.
  • It is not your sponsor, your team, the product or the compensation plan that are responsible for what you get. You are!
  • Your sponsor is a resource person to refer to once in a while. They are not the key to your success. Determine to succeed with or without their help.
  1. Become a Professional

Network marketing is not rocket science and its simplicity can stump you. Having the mindset that all professions that pay well are difficult can make you to not take becoming a skilled network marketer seriously. Learn the simple skills required. For that little cost in time, money (no need for debt in student loans here by the way) and effort, you will be paid handsomely.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.


Understand The Four Stages of Learning And Build Staying Power as a Network Marketer

Understand The Four Stages of Learning And Build Staying Power as a Network Marketer

learn2One of the tragedies of life and business is the fact that many people give up too soon. They start something new and because they do poorly as a result of being new at it and not yet having the skill to do it, they tell themselves it does not work and they quit.

Doing a home business such as network marketing is no exception. Too many people get started, and too many people give up too soon.

An understanding of the four stages of learning a new skill might help you to hold on long enough for you to see the results that you started off envisaging when you decided to become a home business owner.

Before you can become a master at anything you need to go through these four stages of learning which are:

  • Unconscious incompetence
  • Conscious incompetence
  • Conscious competence
  • Unconscious competence

What leads many people to give up learning a new skill is that they want to know it all at once and if that does not happen, they deem themselves to have failed and they give up. Knowing at what stage of the learning curve you are at will help you to hang in long enough to become an expert.

We will now examine the different stages of learning a new skill. I will use learning how to be a successful network marketer as an example as the analogy will help you see where you are on your journey to liberating yourself financially using this industry as a vehicle.

Stage 1 – Unconscious Incompetence

At some point in your life you did not know that the industry of network marketing even existed. At this stage of learning you are blissfully ignorant. “You do not know what you do not know.” Should you become aware that network marketing exists you would not know how to do it anyway. Someone exposing you to the fact that network marketing exists will raise your awareness and help you to know that the industry exists and what it can do to enhance the quality of your life. That then  moves you to the next stage of learning.

Stage 2 – Conscious Incompetence

You woke up one day and a friend invited you to watch a presentation of her network marketing opportunity or you may have stumbled upon an article on the internet that talks about the industry. Ah! Now you are aware network marketing exists. You have met people who are doing it and some are succeeding, some are not.

Bottom line is that you are now conscious of the fact that the skill of becoming a network marketer exists but you do not know how to do it at all or you are trying to do it and you know that you suck at it. The fact that you are reading this article tells me you are aware that network marketing exists but you are probably at the lowest level of knowledge and cannot do it at all or cannot do it well.

Stage 3 – Conscious Competence

At this stage you can just about do something but you cannot do it well. This is the time when you need your sponsor or any leader in your team to take you by the hand and show you what to do and how to do it. Once in a while after some time of observing the associated activities being done you can venture out alone but you still feel uncomfortable and lack confidence.

There is so much to remember: how to build relationships, how to prospect, how to invite, how to expose, how to close, how to build a team, how to use social media etc. etc. More than half the time you are in panic mode scared out of your wits.

Stage 4 – Unconscious Competence

This is the stage when you have become a pro. You are now cruising on autopilot. You have mastered the skills of network marketing. You now know how to turn strangers into friends and customers, generating business leads is now second nature, you can do the exposure process with your eyes closed and you are building a formidable team. At this stage you can now be labelled as an expert in the field and you can teach others how it’s done.

Where Are You?

The fact that you are reading this article tells me you probably are not yet at Stage 4 where you desire to be.

Stages 2 and 3 are where most of the casualties take place. Fear and self doubt prevents many from going past stage 2 to get started. They say no and never sign up. Some who sign up can remain at stage 2 where once again, paralyzed by the fear of doing something new, they never get started until they quit.

The brave are the ones who go through to stage 3 and start taking action. It is still scary and uncomfortable but they decide to break out of their comfort zones and do it anyway. These are the people who are able to eventually get to stage 4 where they become success stories.

If you are anywhere other than stage 4 in any of the skills mentioned above that are needed for you to succeed, FILL IN YOUR CONTACTS ON THE FORM AT THE TOP RIGHT SIDE OF THIS PAGE. Once registered you will receive a FREE EBook coaching you on How To Get Started Fast in your network marketing business as well as receive FREE ONLINE COACHING on how you can Build That Staying Power To Become a Network Marketing Expert and build your network marketing business to a level of giving you total financial and time freedom. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.
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Nomusa Mguni-Mhlanga
I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.
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