Inviting – The Rate Determining Step in Network Marketing Business Growth

Today I am talking to you about inviting and its pivotal role in determining how fast your Network Marketing business grows.

I know that at some point or other, we all come​ to a slump in business growth. You start asking or trying to think: How can I make things start happening? How can I pick up the pace all over again? Remember the most important skill.

Let me talk to you like the chemist that I am. When we talk about a chemical reaction or process, there is step, a very critical step in the whole process of a chemical reaction that we call the Rate Determining Step. Now that rate determining step, no matter what you do, unless you optimize that step, the reaction is going to be only as fast as that step is. So, there is need to optimize it and speed it up and make sure that it is fast enough within the boundaries of safety of that reaction.

Now looking at what it is that we have to do to grow our network marketing businesses, I would say when I look at the entire process, the rate determining step is INVITING. Unless you can invite people and get them to sit down, and look at your presentation or look at your opportunity or sample your product, there is no way that they are going to know that your product or opportunity exist.

So, I would say sharpen your skills of inviting. It is very important to know how to invite properly and do it fast, frequently.

Inviting Etiquette

What’s important when you are inviting is to leverage the relationship. You don’t just meet someone and straight away invite them to look at b your opportunity. First build a relationship. Listen as you are talking and chatting to each other until you get to a point where it is appropriate for you to put across the invite.

When you are inviting, invite them in such a way that you don’t present while you are inviting. Invite them so that they will create the time to sit and watch or listen to n your entire presentation. The minute you start telling them even a little bit about what you want them to see, they are going to prejudge already. People have got so much prejudice.

I know there are people who are prejudiced against going/coming to see information that they do not know anything about. Those are the people that you do not want or need on your team. For somebody who believes in you, with whom you have a credible relationship, and you are telling them about an opportunity to have a look at, they should trust you enough to go.

Quick pointer, in fact, do not use the word opportunity, because the minute you’re ​inviting them to have a look at an opportunity, the barriers start to come down. They will be like “I am not looking for an opportunity.” They will miss out on other aspects of m your product or opportunity that they would have understood had they seen the whole presentation in one sitting.

Inviting Properly

So how do you invite them? You have an idea that you want to run by them. You have a concept that you want them to have a look at. For somebody who is really a normal, balanced individual, who is on the lookout for things that are happening around them, when you tell them about an idea or concept that b you want them to n evaluate for themselves, they would be open-minded enough to come and have a look.

If somebody still insists on you telling them what it b is, then they don’t have enough faith in you or you do not need them on your team. Chances are they will bring that attitude with them into the business and they will find it difficult to invite people the correct way.

In the video below, I give you how to do inviting properly and sharpen you to speed up the rate at which your​ business grows.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


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This Temporary Setback was An Opportunity After All

I caught this flu bug that has been a setback as it made it difficult for me over the last seven days to conduct my business the way that my daily routine requires me to do.

You see, the bulk of my daily activities for me to accomplish my goals involves communicating with my prospects and customers using my voice through phone calls, Skype calls, webinars and direct conversations.

Now this flu bug went and got my voice. I lost my voice last Friday.

So you can imagine my dilemma as a sole business owner and operator. I must talk to people but I am not able to because the doctor ordered that I strictly keep the use of my voice to a minimum as a way for my voice box to recover.

By the way not only was this to setback my business. On the home front, with teenagers and a primary scholar for children there often is a lot of talking required in a normal day. I must say it has been torture for me and a hilarious reprieve for my boys. Overall though they have been very supportive and surprisingly mature about the whole episode.

Thankfully I was calm about it just let things roll.

As a result lots of good came out of this episode. I found that I made inroads into some areas of personal growth that will definitely have a positive impact on my business.

I Became More Personal on Facebook and Whatsapp

RelationshipThis opportunity enabled me to realize that I have not been engaging directly on a personal level with the people on my facebook and whatsapp contact lists. With more time on my hands, I took the time to personally reach out to them and really rebuild relationships. Being always in business mode can easily make you forget that you are dealing with people who just want to feel that you care for them. I must say the catching up has made a big difference. A surprising side benefit is that I am actually getting positive enquiries about what it is exactly that I am doing with my business. I have landed some promising voice call appointments to discuss business as a result.

The Setback Got My Creative Juices Flowing

With time on my hands I found myself pottering around the house doing some chores here and there (no matter how sick a woman gets, she cannot spend an entire day in bed, doctors’ orders or not) that gave me extended times of solitude. You do not realize how your thoughts are not given reign to go where they want if you are continually involved intellectually. I kept a note book near me all the time and jotted so many notes for my writing projects that I actually surprised myself. I made so much progress for my writing than I have done when I deliberately told myself I was sitting down to write. It made me realize what really makes me creative.Creativity

I Created Lots of Training Content

I also used my moments of silence to create PowerPoint content that I am going to use for live and online training for the team and for generic home business and network marketing training online and offline. I had been finding it difficult of late to fit that activity into my tight schedule.

I Had More Time For Prayer and Devotion

Praying handsI must say I really enjoyed my times alone with my Bible and my God. As opposed to the scheduled and sometimes hurried payer and devotional times. This time I had much more relaxed experiences. This setback was an opportunity to truly redefine my relationship with God and reinforce my commitment. I was blessed with some deep insights into how my business life and my spiritual life overlap and this realization helped me put things in their correct perspective.

I did do a few Skype calls that I just could not avoid making. I really kept them short and to the point. Overall I think I have been a good patient and followed the doctor’s orders well.

What had started off as a setback turned out to be a great opportunity to refocus, regroup and reinvent myself for my personal development and the future of my home business.

P.S. – Doctor’s orders after a review. My voice is not yet fit enough for me to talk for a continuous hour. So I have had to postpone the Live Life By Design Part 2 webinar to next Thursday. Those who have registered will already have received notice of the postponement. My sincere apologies for any inconveniences caused. If you are not yet registered hop on over here to register. It will be worth your while and I will be as fit as a fiddle to deliver some quality content.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a devoted mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful network marketing business owner.


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The Four Mental Blocks You Are Allowing To Cloud Your Vision Against Opportunity

The Four Mental Blocks You Are Allowing To Cloud Your Vision Against Opportunity

The other day I was conversing with a friend who moved from home to live in another country in search of greener pastures. We were discussing the home business opportunity that I had introduced to her.

She could see the value in it in terms of the income potential that the opportunity offered but she was struggling to match her newly acquired position as a professional social worker and being a sales person/network marketer.

I say newly acquired position because all along she had been working as a care giver because that was all she could do before she got her degree and qualified as a social worker who could practice in her new home country.

Back home before she migrated, she had an excellent job as a banker with a large international bank. To put food on the table and continue to support her children through High School and college, she was willing to do the job that was available to earn the dollars. Now that she feels that the storm is over and she has acquired a qualification to restore he professional dignity once more, she feels that network marketing is inferior as a vocation for her.

Asking her further if she would have given the opportunity a serious look during her care-giving shift years, I was surprised that she answered to the contrary. She still would not have because she would have had to talk to people and come across as desperate whereas the care-giver work that she did gave her privacy and did not expose to the public what she was doing to make a living.

Mental FreedomNot to say the least, I felt sad for her for passing up such a great opportunity that could have given her financial independence and released more time for her to enjoy her soon to come grand children as well as just give her the rest that she so deserves.

I will share with you the mental blocks that she has allowed to cloud her vision and blocked out a chance for freedom. I am able to do the diagnosis because not so long ago I was in the same frame of mind myself.

I tried and failed at six different network marketing opportunities before I tried the one I am in and quit, only for me to come back to it and make it work. Here are the mental barriers that I had to overcome that many new home business owners are hung up on and guaranteeing the failure of their new businesses.

  1. Network Marketers Are Desperate Sales People

Many people do not like to sell and they consider selling as the trade for people who have failed at everything else worth doing. Far from being a sales job, network marketers who do it right do not sell but they share an opportunity, with the understanding that not everyone will see it the same way. Truly speaking, a home business is not for everyone because few people have the discipline to manage themselves to the level that is required for success.

As a network marketer you are sorter, not seller. You sort among the people you meet who is suitable for the business, who is suitable for the product, who is suitable for both and who is suitable for neither. You just keep sorting and placing people where they belong in those four categories. Far from being desperate, you empower those who want to change their lives for the better by showing them how to achieve their goals. Now that is power!

  1. A Job Is Secure for Life

With a Masters Degrees under my belt and great titles on my door, I also thought the same. Sadly though the reality was that beyond the papers on my wall and the fancy title on my door, I was far from being able to give what I aspired for my family. There was always more month left at the end of the money. To top it all up due to policy change and the economic crunch, structural adjustments were made at my last two jobs that left me redundant. A Plan B is always good to have at all stages of life. Pay the bills with the job but have a fall back plan in case things change and the job is no longer a viable option.

Honestly in Zimbabwe, I know of people who wake up to go to work daily and have not been paid for the last six months. This is not only general workers, it’s executives as well. Is it not better to go full time on a plan B that was starting to pay off or at least continue to grow it part time while hoping for the salary to come some day?

  1. My pension Will take Care of Me When I Retire

Unless you have been able to acquire Real Estate beyond the one family house then you do not have enough residual income to take care of you in your old age. You see as we grow older, the medical bills soar and they eat into whatever pension we will have saved. It is said that to maintain the same lifestyle that you had when you were working, if you work continuously for forty years,  you must set aside 15% of your earnings for forty years. Not many pension schemes set that amount aside.

Also on changing jobs as you climb up the corporate ladder, the cumulative pension is lost as the tendency is to opt to use the pay out from the previous job to meet immediate needs instead of transferring them to the next fund.

Imagine how many years my friend has left for her to accumulate a decent pension in the 15-20 working years they have considering they are starting at the level of a graduate trainee in a new career at their age. What about if for your entire working career you are on contract work and do not have a pension scheme at all?

  1. What Will People Think Of Me?

This is a mindset barrier that defies all logic and in most cases it is in the head and never real. People are busy with their lives to really have time to think about what you do to make life better for your family. Those who do have the time to think about it can do very little to stop you from doing what you want anyway. You probably create all the scenarios in your head and by the time you get to talk to them about your home business, you are so nervous that you do everything wrong. Quit worrying what people will think and do what you need to do to make a living for you and your family.

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Nomusa Mguni-Mhlanga
I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.
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My Mom Expresses Gratitude to a Decision I Made Nearly Two Years Ago!

  • My Mom Expresses Gratitude to a Decision I Made Nearly Two Years Ago!

Pencil with "Y" Circled For Yes

2013 has been a year of transformation for me and my family; thanks to a decision I took on October 17, 2011. We have traveled more together as a family this year than we have done since we became a family,  and we have more trips in and out of Zimbabwe in the pipeline before the year is over.

In May we took our sons on a week end trip to the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, in July we spent a week end at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg and at the end of August I took a week-long trip to Durban in South Africa with my five year old son and my mom to celebrate my mom’s 69th birthday.

We have planned a week end trip to Kariba in Zimbabwe for our sons to unwind from exam pressure as soon as schools close in December. On the same week end my husband and I will travel for a week to Thailand to attend a training event and vacation there.

As a family we are already looking at possible trips to take overseas together in 2014. Two years ago if you had told me I would be having this kind of conversation with my family, I would have wondered what you had been smoking because our budget was so tight there was a lot of month left at the end of the money. Yet I had what would be considered a great job by any standards at the time.

What got this whole thing started was an opportunity I had seen in 2009 which my heart  believed could work but my head refused to accept as possible. Two years later, faced with an expiring employment contract and closed doors at every turn for a new job, I went back to give that opportunity a second look. My heart was still in the right place and my head had tried to catch up a little bit. The whole thing made more sense, probably because it was the only available alternative I had.

I decided to invest the less than $400 that was needed for me to get started in the business venture. I also invested $199 to attend a company training event in Johannesburg two weeks after I got started. After that training, my head had truly caught up with my heart. I knew then in my head what I needed to do in order for me to get that which my heart had fallen in love with.

The journey has not been easy. I have had to break out of my comfort zone and do things that I have never done before. More than the money that I have started to make and the traveling that I am now enjoying, the self discovery journey that I have been on and which still continues has been the best part that I have enjoyed.

My business opportunity is in the network marketing industry. This industry is not for wimps but it is for men and women of courage who are willing to take the most difficult journey a human being can ever take, the journey of changing yourself in order to succeed financially and get for your family what you have always dreamed they could get.

If on that fateful day in October 2011 I had not made the decision to give a second look at an idea that made sense only to my heart and not my head; if I had not started that facebook chat with a wonderful Zimbabwean lady I had met earlier whom I knew was doing this business (I was working in Botswana at the time); if I had said to myself I have never done network marketing before and what if I fail and loose my money? If I had listened to all the people I loved, and who loved me, who told me about the graveyard of network marketing where casualties and disasters of all sorts had befallen those who tried it, I never would have known the joy that I saw on my mom’s face when she saw the ocean for the first time in her life. That embrace that she gave me said it all.

The journey of the last two years has been worth every frustration and every ridiculous response that I have heard from those who have not seen what I see in this opportunity.

The journey is just beginning. I do not know how much time I or my loved ones have to live here on earth, but I can tell you that with each day that we have we are going to create memories together at the places that we would only have dreamed about had I not made the decision to be a crazy nut nearly two years ago.

I leave you with a video that I recorded of my mom appreciating me on the shorelines of the Indian Ocean in Durban in August 2013.

I give glory to God for the vision He gave me that has afforded me the chance to do this for my mom in her living years. How I wish these fruits had crystallized earlier and I’d have done this with my dad as well. sadly, he passed away in August 2012.

If you have been inspired to take a closer look at network marketing as your Plan B in securing your family’s financial future, then send me this message “Let’s talk about what you are doing.” on facebook at THIS LINK OR invite me to be your friend on Skype (madlala2010) with the same message.

“It is better to have a Plan B and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” – WISDOM

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Nomusa Mhlanga

Nomusa Mhlanga