Long Term Success Steps In Network Marketing

Do you want to have long term success and build a sustainable network marketing business? Pay attention to this post.

Many network marketers are frustrated by short-term results. They start of showing the opportunity fast, get people to sign up and then realize they are in a rut. Team members start falling out as fast if not faster than the rate at which they are coming in.

They work hard but the results just do not come. They make a little money but it is not enough to feed the financial independence dream that they started off with.

There are three steps that you need to master in order to build long term success and sustainability into your business.

1. Select A Skill To Learn and Teach

For many new network marketers, the focus of their early activities is on sharing the opportunity. There is nothing wrong with that but many mess it up because of poor posture. They may score some successes and get people joining the opportunity and then discover that they do not have the skill of creating duplication for example and the people fall out.

Long term success is assured if as you share the opportunity you also learn a skill that will bring sustainability to your business. Look for a skill set to learn and master that matches your personality. For example you could learn blogging and SEO, social media marketing, PPC etc.

Mastering such a skill will ensure that you continue to have new people to talk to about your business beyond you family and current friends. You can then teach your team members how to do the same. That is what will ensure long term success for your business.

2. Work On Your Mindset

Think Outside The boxMy opinion is that skill contributes 10% and mindset contributes 90% to both your short term and long term success in network marketing. Your attitude towards your business is a reflection of your mindset.

New network marketers come in from a totally different paradigm. It requires a mindset shift on their part for them to start thinking like an entrepreneur. For example the two most important paradigm shifts that they will need to make are:

Attitude to making lots of money – As an employee you are accustomed to an income with a ceiling. In network marketing your dreams are your limiting factor. If you struggle with grasping that, you might not take off at all. Your mind will just refuse to accept the possibility of the figures you see and become paralyzed into inaction.
Attitude to Long Term Rewards – Again as an employee, you work for two weeks or a month and get paid. Your income is secure and it is directly related to the amount of time you put in. As a new entrepreneur, you will put in a lot of time and effort and the result CAN take time to show. Without a mindset conditioned for long term rewards, you will not last.

3. Build Relationships

Relationships countDo not see dollar signs on the face of each person that you meet. Take the time to know them. Do not rush to pitch your opportunity. Steady is the name of the game for long term success.

Whether you meet an individual face to face or you meet them online, they want to know that you care about them before they know what you care about. Converse with people. Listen carefully and ask relevant questions about them. Pick up their contact information and let them know you will be in touch about some helpful information.

If you meet online, share value content with them. At the right time take your relationship offline and call them. Never use the internet as a way of hiding from or avoiding talking to people. Taking things offline builds their trust and confidence in you.

Whether you meet offline or online, create the rapport and know when to pitch your opportunity. People buy from people they know and trust.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a devoted mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful network marketing business owner.


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Three Simple Steps To Move You From Failure to Success

Three Simple Steps To Move You From Failure to Success


As an illustration, today I am going to share with you how I turned my life around from failure to success in business as a network marketer. Before my current network marketing company in which I am doing very well. I had worked with six network marketing companies over a period of four years and failed dismally.

I believed in network marketing as a vehicle for financial growth and freedom but I just could not crack the success code. I joined and quit my current company after a year of no results. I was increasingly becoming concerned about why it was that a successful academic and professional like me was failing at something in which others were clearly succeeding before my very eyes.

To grow a network marketing business is impossible without building relationships with people. I was not a hermit, neither was I an obnoxious person but I was an introvert. I would meet with people at work, at church etc. but I would never allow them to get very close to me or I to them.

I am a natural perfectionist and when things are not perfect, for me they are not for public consumption. A lot was not perfect in my life. My relationship with my spouse was not perfect. My finances were in disarray. My home was not perfect. Because of that, those people I could call my friends were in situations just like mine or worse. Around those I felt confident.

Around those whom I perceived to be better than me, I kept my distance. No wonder I could not market any products to these people or recruit them to be part of my marketing team. It took me understanding who I was and how I viewed people and defined my relationships with them for me to know what I needed to deal with in order for me to succeed and be where I am today. I am not perfect yet, but I am definitely a better and different person than I was during my days of doom in network marketing.

This is just one facet of my life I have had to work on to become a better and more successful network marketing business person. Now, let me share with you how I managed to take the journey of self-improvement without ever talking to a psychologist or psycho-anybody. There are only three simple steps to the whole process:

1. Feed the Mind Correctly: Read the Right Books and Listen to the Right Tapes

introspectionFeed your mind with the right food. Some of the strongest avenues into the mind are the eyes and the ears. Be careful what your eyes look at in the form of what you read and what you watch on TV. Be careful what your ears hear in the form of what you listen to on radio, TV and other audio materials. There is already too much negativity in the world today. There really is no need for you to actively expose yourself to all the bad news going around. Newspapers, television, some magazines are all packed with what is going wrong in the world and very little, if any of what is going right.

The first book I recommend you read is the Bible. The Bible to me is God’s love letter to each individual who picks it up and reads it. Many of us are broken the way we are because not enough people told us how precious and loved we are. Who better than our creator to re-establish our self-worth and provide us with the principles for success in all spheres of life.

There are also good books written by real people who have overcome the real challenges that you may be facing. These courageous men and women have been where you are and they are not ashamed to open up and share with you what they have endured and triumphed over and how they have done it. They have condensed their personal experiences into philosophies of success and their lives are the proof that what they share works.

My top five personal recommendations in this regard are listed below. You can click on the titles to purchase your own copy from Amazon.

·         Beauty for Ashes – Receiving Emotional Healing by Joyce Meyer

·         The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

·         From the Hood to Doing Good by Johnny Wimbrey

·         The Unemployed Millionaire by Matt Morris

·         Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

2. Keep with the Right Company

Group of GraduatesThe quality of your life is the average of the qualities of life of the five people you spend the most time with. So how you are doing as a parent, spouse, business person, your bank balance etc is the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

When I was failing at Network Marketing, I was spending time with people who were just as broke and broken as I was emotionally and financially and were also struggling with building relationships. The few times I spoke to them about my dreams of financial and time freedom and what I had decided to do to acquire these were met with indifference or were shot down before I completed the first sentence.

To break free follow my dream I had to change the company that I kept. I moved on to mixing and mingling with people who celebrated my vision. They are helping me have an even stronger belief that what I am dreaming of is real and can be achieved. As a result I am doing what I need to do with confidence and my results and lifestyle have started to show that confidence.

3. Take Massive and Consistent Action

One of my favourite motivational quotes is by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Do the thing and you shall have the power, but they who do not the thing have not the power.” I cannot emphasize it enough. Knowledge in itself is not power, it is the application of knowledge that is power.

May the light dawn on you.

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Your Philosophy or Paradigm Determines Your Success or Failure in Life

Your Philosophy or Paradigm Determines Your Success or Failure in Life

success-failureOne thing that I have noticed with people is that they want to know what to do and how to do it for them to be successful. Many in the quest for that information attend training workshops and seminars.

Surprisingly though, you will put a group of people in front of the same trainer, yet some will use what they have learned and succeed while others will not have any success at all. What is the X-factor that causes some to be successful and others to fail when they have been given the same information?

Your Philosophy Matters

philosophy1What I have discovered is that the way an individual looks at life is what makes all the difference; their PHILOSOPHY on life. The synonyms for philosophy I got from the dictionary are: beliefs, viewpoint, thinking, values, attitude, way of life. So in other words we could all receive the same information, but the difference will be in the way in which each one of us looks at or processes that information.

The Conditioned Human Programming

tendenciesThe tendency for most people is to have a negative paradigm and philosophy on life. many human beings are inclined towards doing wrong. No one has ever made an effort to teach a child to lie but they do it anyway. Extra effort however must be made to teach a child to be honest and truthful. Compound that with the negative environments and bad examples that we have been shown by those meant to teach us, negativity becomes almost a natural inclination.

I will not be amiss if I suggested that most people have been conditioned to have negative philosophies to life. We see easily what is bad. We hear loudest what is negative. We perceive first how impossible it is to do. So your brain processor is conditioned towards negativity.

A Matter of Principle

You may say, well all one needs to succeed is a positive outlook. True to a degree, but how easy is it to keep a positive outlook at all times. Outlook depends on emotions, how you feel at any particular time. Coming from a training event, do you not feel pumped up and excited? Your attitude is positive and you feel like you can take on the world.

Come three four days later and you have implemented what you learned but got no results or met resistance, what happens? You feel discouraged and down, your attitude turns negative and you stop applying what you learned. It is therefore critical to understand the attitude behind your actions. From the training, you get to know when to do, what to do and how to do.  Your philosophy is the skeleton that keeps it all together.

Your philosophy is the set of principles and values that determine the way you behave in any situation or environment.

Focusing on the what and how to do is not enough. Unless your way of looking at the information you have been given about a venture/situation is positive, you are bound to fail.

How Your Lifestyle is Created

lifestyle2So, the process sequence for how life turns out for all people is as follows:

Philosophy leads to Attitude leads to Actions leads toResults leads to Lifestyle

Your philosophy (paradigm) determines your overall attitude to life and the information around you. Your attitude determines the kind of actions you take. Your actions determine the kind of results you have. Your results will determine your lifestyle, or the quality of life you will live. This is a universal chain reaction that affects success levels in all areas of your life i.e. quality of relationships and levels of business achievements.

Indeed your attitude determines your altitude, and it all starts with your philosophy. A good philosophy, fosters a good attitude. A good attitude leads to good actions. Good actions yield good results. And good results manifest in a good lifestyle. The opposite is also true.

Examine Your Philosophy

introspectionIt takes a deep introspection and a genuine quest to understand oneself to get to know your philosophy/paradigm/lenses that you use to look at life. Sadly, many people are not willing to take that introspective journey that reveals what their attitude to life is in order for them to make the changes necessary to get better results out of life and improve the way that they live.

This is one area of life where I advise you not to be a part of the masses, but rather to boldly step out and take the journey to discover who you really are, what shapes your thinking, how that thinking affects your attitude to life, the actions you take and the results that you are getting so far.

In the next post I will discuss the anatomy of the self introspection process so as to equip you for getting started on the road to success in all areas of your life. To do that I will use one of my own personal experiences in shifting a paradigm about my worth as an individual that has caused me to succeed in my business ventures. Stay tuned!

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The Four Principles of Success in Network Marketing

The Four Principles of Success in Network Marketing

principlesIn this article I discuss four principles of success in network marketing which if not understood create mental barriers that caused me to fail at six network marketing companies before I succeeded in my current company. These are the fundamental principles that many who long to change their lives via the network marketing vehicle need to understand and live by.

I must say that now that I am building a network marketing team of significant magnitude, I see many of my team members who show similar characteristics and symptoms that I displayed during those enlightenment times.

This article is by no means meant to short cut your growth process as a network marketer but rather to make you aware of what could be causing stagnation in your home business so that you can do something to change your situation the way that I did mine.

Principle No. 1: Your Success Starts in Your Head Not in Joining the Opportunity

There is a lot of negative wiring that nearly all of us have had programmed into our heads. Our relationship to money is not correct. Many of us want it but we are afraid of acquiring it. In fact you may even look at people who plan and act on increasing their bank balance with scorn and suspicion.paradign shift

Network marketing, being a business of talking to people has many in jitters as they are afraid of talking to people because of low self esteem. Some are attracted by the money they hear they can potentially earn but at the back of their minds they doubt if it is really possible or if they deserve that amount themselves.

Because of some or all of the above, I have seen many people get frustrated and label network marketing as a scam. All because they have embarked on a non-conventional economic activity while thinking with a conventional mind. To succeed at network marketing you will have to work on your mind processor so that you shift paradigms and see the world through a lens of abundance and endless possibilities.

Principle No. 2: Understand that Network Marketing is a Long-term Plan

Long term

Many whom I have seen become frustrated with network marketing have tried it for a few weeks or months, got no results (mainly because they have not worked on shifting their paradigm) and given up. You need to understand that network marketing is a real business and you need to have a medium to long-term view when getting started. It is not a get-rich-quick, solve-all-my-financial-problems-now program.

Due to the long-term potential residual income that you can earn through network marketing, you have a chance to work hard for a season and earn residual income over a long stretch. Unless you take the time to grasp and understand the power of residual income, you will not last long as a network marketer.

Princile No. 3: Be Willing To Learn

learnLike I mentioned earlier, the mindset and skill set required for success in network marketing is vastly different than the one needed in a conventional job. What it means is that you must be willing to take the time to learn new skills and new ways of thinking about your life, who you are and what you want to become.

You will need to invest time and resources reading good books and listening to tapes that relate to the route that you have taken. If you are not willing to do that, you will never change your thinking and your actions. It is Einstein who said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we were in when we created them.” Changing your financial present and future cannot be done using the same approach we use in doing a job.

You may even need to change the company you keep and associate with like minded people who will help you to stay focused on your goals and teach you by example how to succeed in this industry.

Principle No. 4: You Cannot Succeed Without Doing the Right Things Consistently

Success is not achieved in quantum leaps; it is a process culminating from small actions taken consistently over time. There is nothing like an overnight success. From your learning, you will identify the small actions that you need to do daily in order to realize your dream.Discipline

The good and sad thing is that these things are easy to do, and they are also easy not to do and very few individuals have the discipline to do them. Understand that the actions are so small that not doing one today will not show on your success chart, but will manifest over time.

Grasp and live according to these four principles and you will see a difference in the direction that your network marketing business will take.

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