Price to Pay for Your Dreams Is Real

There is always a Price to pay!

Never be caught off guard. Always count the cost of any venture that you go into. That way you will be prepared for the inevitable price to pay.

When you start out as network marketer, the obvious cost to you as a new rep is the start-up money. This can be anything between $100 and $500 depending on your opportunity. Once you have paid that start-up money the real action begins.

You need to understand that the investment that will build you a successful business is bigger than the money that you pay to get started. If you had not done the exercise of calculating the full price to pay for you to succeed in your home business, then now is a good time. It is never too late to do a cost/benefit analysis of any venture that you are in. Taking that kind of stock enables you to make necessary adjustments going forward.

I will endeavour to highlight for you the major hard and soft costs that you must be prepared to pay if you are to be successful network marketer.

  1. The First Price To Pay – Your Dignity and Status

Network Marketing is still considered an abstract way of making a living by a lot of mainstream thinkers. So what it means is that 98%, if not all of the people you know will not understand you for taking the route of building a career in this industry. You are going to meet ridicule, resistance, well-meaning advice and even outright disrespect for your choice. Coming from a conventional professional background as a water scientist myself, I know what I am talking about.

Best practice as a new rep is to share your product with your hot or warm market first. Starting out without a success story of your own, the professional colleagues, friends and family members who constitute that first stream of potential customers for you can be the worst people to talk to. The sad thing is that many of them are not brave enough to tell you to your face what they think but will instead send out these innuendos and vibes that say “You have lost it. Shame.” This is when self-doubt sets in. You start questioning your decision to be a network marketing entrepreneur. If you do not prepare yourself mentally to pay the price, you will quit and I do not wish that for you. Be mentally and emotionally geared for it by resolving to stick to your dream no matter what other people say or think.

Now before any red flags start flying and you vow never to tell your warm market about you product and opportunity, read this article I wrote on How To Correctly Engage Your Warm Market

  1. The Second Price To Pay – Time Constraints

My assumption is that you are doing network marketing on a part-time basis for a start. That is how I started as well. This comes with its own challenges. Obviously, you had a life before becoming an entrepreneur. Juggling all the roles that you had before with your business venture will be a challenge. There are time sacrifices that you will have to make to accommodate your business and meet your goals. What kind of time sacrifices will these be? Obviously, if you are in full time employment, those 8-9 hours at work are not available for your business. You have the few hours outside of work to do everything else and then be rested enough to be functional at the office every day. So, where will the sacrifices need to be made? It is in the amount of time you spend socially and with family.

  • You will need to reduce TV or sports watching. Do I hear a moan from the soap loving ladies and the sport-loving guys?
  • Time with family will need to be negotiated to accommodate your business goals. You need to make your family understand that they will see less of you but you will make it worth everybody’s while once you achieve what you set out to do. If You make that promise, discharge yourself well in your business, achieve the promised results and build your credibility with your loved ones.
  • There are chores that friends may have asked you to do for them in the past. It will become more difficult for you to carve out time for such commitments. You need to find a way of dealing with that.
  • Obviously, this list is not exhaustive. I would love to hear from you in the comments below what other time related sacrifices you have had to make to grow your business.
  1. The 3rd Price To Pay – Training Costs

Without a doubt, training (Team and Corporate) will play a significant role in growing your business. You will also need to purchase personal development books, audios and videos. Chances are when you saw the presentation and decided to become a rep, you really had not been looking to become a business owner that day. That means you probably have no experience as an entrepreneur. Team and Corporate training will help you with developing the skills that you need for success. Personal development training will build you up as an individual to have the mental capacity and emotional intelligence to grow your business into a flourishing entity. Training will cost you in money as well as time. With regards the money I love our profession because we get paid as we learn. It is possible for you to raise the money to cover training from initial product sales that you make on your way to greatness. With regards to time, see (2) above.

As you face the challenge of paying for the above 3 costs keep this in mind: Anything worth having has a high cost of acquisition. If you are willing to pay the price, the glorious benefits of becoming a successful network marketing entrepreneur will be all yours. Are you willing to pay the price?

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


How To Increase Your Product Sales Volumes

How To Increase Your Product Sales Volumes

sales handshakeNearly all the products that we as network marketers bring to the table for our customers to buy have competitors on the conventional market. In most cases the products on the conventional market are cheaper than the similar products that a network marketer is selling. So it is no surprise that one of the most common objectives you will meet out there is “the price is too high.”

Today’s post is going to help you deal with that common objection and start moving large volumes of product in your own right within your team.

Why Does the Objection Arise In the First Place?

We firstly need to understand what causes people to raise that objection in the first place so that we can come up with a way of showing them differently.

People will raise the price is too high objection if they do not see the value in the product. Why pay more for a service or item if you can get it cheaper elsewhere? Your job is to show them the value. How do you do that?

(i)           Be a Product of the Product

Use the product yourself and share with your customers what it has done for you. Nothing can beat a personal testimony. The only way you can be able to highlight the unique characteristics of your product that add value to it compared to the one next door is you testing it for yourself and proving that it is what it says it is. They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Be the living proof.

(ii)          Focus on the Benefits of the Product  Not the Ingredients

The ingredients of the product only make sense to those who are technically knowledgeable about it. The average man in the street is more interested in what it can do for them. That is where the value is for your customer.

What positive lifestyle changes does using the product result in? Can using the product result in them saving more money than they have invested? Break the price down to the ridiculous compared to the benefits that will accrue to them. You are not creating facts that do not exist here, you are showing them exactly what they are going to get.

A good example is the initial investment I made to do my business. I invested the equivalent of a dollar a day over a year in both my business and product, but the monetary value that I have gotten out of it from using the product and making profits is more than several hundred fold and I am only getting started. I can show the figures to prove it to those who are interested enough.

Sharing that, which is what the product can and has done will answer all the logical questions on the value of the product so that price becomes a no-brainer. Which leads me to the next point.

(iii)         Highlight the Benefits of the Benefits of Using Your Product

The direct benefit of the product appeals to the logical and rational thinking of the buyer. Remember that humans are also emotional beings. In addition to the logical, we make decisions (especially buying) based on the irrational, intangible benefits on which we cannot put a quantifiable price tag. Why would most people choose to drive a Mercedes and not any other brand of vehicle if they had a choice? Because the Merc says something about them to the next person and that makes them feel good.

What is that ‘feel good’ benefit of using your product? I explained to a friend how my product enabled me to take my mom away for four days and three nights to a beach resort in Durban, South Africa; enabling her to see the ocean in real life for the first time sleeping at a five star hotel without taking out a penny from my pocket for the bookings. The rock star status that that trip gave me with my friend (and my mom of course) caused her to ask how I managed it.

That irrational value wiped away the price objection when I showed her the product that enabled me to do that. She envisioned herself affording to travel to exotic destinations with her family and coming back home with bragging rights to whoever. That is emotional value on which cannot be placed a price tag. Show that value to your customers.

So there it is. Enable your prospects to see the direct value to the well being of their pockets, their bodies and their egos and you will reduce the price objection and sell more products.

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