Prospecting Lessons From Handline Fishermen

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Yesterday someone on my team sent me a message sounding very frustrated about the fact that he was prospecting and not getting anyone to buy product from him or to join his sales team. As I read the message, I could not help but think of his prospecting problems in line with fishing.

You see prospecting is very similar to handline fishing. The world out there is a pond that is full of people (fish) that you would like to catch alive (buy from you or join your team). The way in which you engage with them and your marketing message are the bait that will either attract them or leave them nonchalant.

1.         Prospect Patiently by Taking Consistent Action

Out of a pond filled with thousands if not millions of fish, the handline fisherman will catch them one at a time. Targeted prospecting is like handline fishing. You catch them one at a time. Fishermen are patient to catch fish. They will cast the line in and wait for hours on end for the fish to bite. After they bite they then tug and roll in. A lot can happen even after the fish bites. If he does not tug quickly and hard enough, the fish that had bitten can escape. We will leave the tugging (closing) skills for another day and focus on patience and consistency for today.

Be patient. It takes time to build a solid business with a strong customer base. Be consistent. Keep throwing in the line and hook. That is the only way to catch fish for a handline fisherman. Keep on talking to people. It s the only way to have customers and reps in your business.

2.         Use The Correct Bait

One of my favourite fish to eat is Tiger fish. I understand it is also a sportsman’s favourite in the waters of the Kariba Dam. To catch Tiger Fish, you must use bait that will attract Tiger Fish. Fishermen use the right bait to catch the kind of fish they want. Not all bait works for all fish. It is vital as a business person for you to understand your target market and craft your marketing strategy to suit them and what they are looking for. Predefine your ideal client and create a prospecting strategy that will get you those kinds of clients.

3          It May Be Necessary To Move To Another Pond

I am not quick to recommend this to my team because in most cases it is impatience, inconsistency and poor quality bait that lead to thinking that the pond is void of any fish.

However, if you keep catching frogs when you have done all to be the best fisherman, maybe the pond from which you are fishing has no fish. Be aware of the prospecting statistics in Network Marketing and move to another market if you absolutely have to. Another market could mean one of three things:

i) Prospecting From A Different Social Level Of Clients

Most Network Marketers have a tendency of prospecting from their social peers. Within the same town or country, you can deliberately start fishing from a higher social level of clients. Be mindful of the company that you keep. That company is where your prospects are going to come from. I challenge you

to examine the five people you spend the most time with. Would you want them to be your business partners. If not, then you are fishing from the wrong pond. Do something about finding and moving to a circle that has the kind of people that you want in your business.

ii) Prospecting From A Different Country or Town

Sometimes it might be necessary for you to launch your business at a different location. The best way of doing that will require you moving to that location for not less than 3 months. They say a prophet has no credibility in his home town. Moving to a new place can boost your confidence as you will be now talking to an audience that does not know your past and can build trust in you starting on a clean slate.

iii) Prospecting From A Different Technological Segment

Go online as well instead of being exclusively offline. This can be very useful in building a team from a ‘cold market’ as well as for growing an international team without leaving your current city. You will of course need to develop long distance team building skills for this to be viable.

Remember you are running a business. Think about and study the trends. Make adjustments as you go in order to increase productivity. Document what you are doing and the results that your activities are giving you. Let your past mistakes be learning points. That is where the value of your failures is. Failure showing you what does not work. Learn and grow from your mistakes.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


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Presenting Your Opportunity With Confidence

PresentingOne of the most critical stages in the recruiting cycle is how the presenting of your opportunity is done.

Whether you are presenting live or using a third party tool such as a DVD, there are steps that you need to take prior to going into the details of the opportunity.

My Rooky Days Presenting Sequence

During my rooky days as a network marketer, I used to set up my presentations as follows:

  1. Meet prospect and greet them
  2. Tell them I have something exciting to share with them
  3. Show them
  4. Close

My success rate was not that good until I learned a way to tweak my presenting sequence.

Give Your Listener a New Framework

You need to give your listener what I call a framework on which to hang what they are going to listen to.

A key point to remember about your prospect is that they have a certain set way of thinking and doing life. What you are about to show them is a very different way of thinking and unless you prepare them psychologically to receive it, they will completely resist what you are about to share with them.

The four steps of creating that new framework are as follows:

(i)          Make Them Identify With Your Mess

There is a mess or a life challenge that compels ordinary people to change the course of their lives and become entrepreneurs. What was your mess that brought you here? Tell your real life story of what made you decide to become an entrepreneur. Be as honest, as raw and as vulnerable as possible. Truly open up your heart. People make emotional decisions and justify them with reasons. So your story must appeal to the emotions (the mess) and to the intellect (the facts).

(ii)         Inspire Them To See the Possibility For Themselves

Show them what is possible by telling how your own life has changed and by sharing the success stories of others who are doing the same stuff that you are doing. As much as possible get those third party individuals to talk to your prospect directly or via telephone. By so doing you will reframe their reality and dismantle their story as you give them a glimpse into what is possible. At this point, your prospect will see for themselves what is possible. Even if their mess might not be identical with yours, what you will have done is to show them that whatever they are going through that is not right, there is a chance that your opportunity will sort it out.

(iii)       Let Them Know They Are Not Compelled To See Things Your Way

Never forget that when presenting your opportunity, all that you are doing is sharing what is possible and available for them to choose to take or not to take. Never compel or convince anyone to see what they do not see. Do not take it personally if they do not get what you are showing them. A person convinced is still of the same opinion, so never convince. Find a friendly and positive way of telling them that the choice is theirs to make.

(iv)        Continually Retrain Your Thinking

The confidence to project the message across well comes from a very strong personal belief. I have heard many new network marketing entrepreneurs say that it is difficult to be that confident when presenting because their situation has not yet changed. I know where they are coming from because in my rooky days that’s exactly how I felt. How you live your life (How you tell your story) is a result of the story that you have bought into. Continually train your mind to project your life from the point of where you are going, not where you were or where you are. There are daily exercises that you need to do in order to be in that frame of mind. That will be the subject for another day.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150I help busy working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.

Inviting From Your Names List Without Detonating Any Land-mines

Meandering pathMastering the Route From the Names List to Inviting

One of the important business building (= money making) skills that a network marketer must learn is how to invite people to appreciate the offer at hand.

Before we go any further, let me correct one myth about inviting that you may have heard. No, you do not need to be popular for be in an influential position or you to be able to invite people to look at your opportunity successfully. You do need to know when the time is right for them to view it without any mental or emotional barriers.

The following are the key points to remember as you go about your business, prospecting and inviting people to see your opportunity.

  1. Inviting Like a Farmer, Not a Hunter

A hunter is out to kill, while a farmer is out to nurture, grow and multiply. When the people in your network feel that you are hunting for them to join your business, they will do what prey does naturally, that is flee! Rather be like a farmer who exercises patience. Patience does not mean doing nothing. Patience with your prospects means doing all that you need to do, on time, in order to get a good harvest. What should you be doing towards inviting right? The answer is in the next point.

  1. Educate Prospects Towards a Point of Knowledge and Trust

When you meet new people and add them to your names list, the immediate goal is not to recruit them or sell them your product. Rather get to know them and let them get to know you. Create opportunities of salient education about your offer. With you knowing them, you will find out what value your offer can add to their lives or situation in life. When you eventually get to inviting them to have a look at your offer, give them the permission to take it or to leave it.

  1. Remove Defences as Much as You Can

When someone is defensive, they are also close minded. Close mindedness stems from fear or lack of adequate information. By building a relationship, you get to understand the prospect’s pain points and you can then offer practical solutions to address the pain via your offer. You cannot know people unless you take a keen interest in them. In the process of getting to know them, you attract them to you as an individual. That way your inviting is more chilled out, relaxed and effective for positive outcomes. Remember people buy from people they know and trust. Where there is trust, there is no need for defence.Word of mouth

I must admit it is hard to be a farmer when you have pressing issues such as debt, bills etc. to attend to. But bills or no bills, debt or no debt,  a farmer’s way of doing things is the sure way to building a sustainable business that will build generational wealth.

There are ways and means of building that rapport and trust faster than you think. That will be the subject of another article. Follow this blog to find out more on how you can build the rapport and trust fast enough to sort out the bills and debt clearance that are menacingly hanging over your head. Click on this link to follow this blog and stay connected and informed.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150I help busy working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.

Smarten Up How You Go through The Prospecting Numbers

Smarten Up How You Go through The Prospecting Numbers

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Prospecting for your network marketing business needs not be synonymous with bugging family and friends. Add some finesse to your prospecting activities and become a professional network marketer.

Smart prospecting excludes irritating, begging, bugging and dragging people you know and meet to listen to your opportunity presentation. There is a better way and this post is all about that.

  1. Have The Correct Posture

Your success in prospecting must come from knowing that network marketing is smarter than what your prospect is doing. We earn residual income, get the tax advantages of running a home business, and run a low risk and low overheads six figure income business. There is NO need to chase anyone. Your prospecting is all about qualifying people to see if they have a mindset that fits into this amazing industry.

  1. Be a Great Networker

Networking is all about meeting people and getting to know them. Get out of your house and meet people. Keep expanding your network by attending events in your local area where you will meet new people. When you get to the event, mix and mingle and show a genuine interest in people. Collect some business cards from those that you click with and follow up with them afterwards.

  1. Know What To Say and How To Say It

By you knowing what to say I am not referring to you cramming some scripts and reciting them mechanically to your prospects. There are no exact magical words to say to people that will make them like and join your business. However, there are words that will flow off your tongue because you understand the network marketing industry and the huge impact it can make for the person you are talking to. Listen more and speak less, then you will know what to say and how to say it.

  1. Pick Up the Phone and Talk to People

No matter how many business cards you collect and how many new people you meet, if you do not pick up the phone and talk to them to prequalify them for your business, all the knowledge in the world that you have about network marketing means absolutely nothing. Based on what you know about the person on your list, start a dialogue and let it progress to a point where you are able to know whether to proceed and share your opportunity or whether to let it pass because they are not a fit. You will never know until you start the dialogue. Pick up the phone and call.

  1. Use the Internet and Social Media

Those of you who follow this blog will know by now that I am a strong advocate for using the internet to grow mine and your businesses. I still meet many people who look down upon social media and vow they will never use it. If you are a network marketer and you have that mindset, then prepare yourself for limited results. Social media, used correctly, is a powerful tool for connecting with people for simple socializing as well as for business. Like any good tool, there is a right and a wrong way of using it. Learn how to use it well, and your business will explode. Do not throw out the baby with the water simply because there are people who misuse social media.

6. Have Your Offline Tools Ready Always

Be the business professional that you ought to be and have your tools on you all the time. Keep your business presentation DVD on you or in your laptop or mobile device. Have company publications handy. When you meet a ready and fitting individual, be prepared to share with them your opportunity on the spot if time and situation allows.

  1. Listen More and Speak Less

People love to talk about themselves and when they get someone who allows them that opportunity they will pour their hearts out. Be in charge of the conversation by being the listener. Break the ice by starting the conversation without pushing for the business deal. People will tell you the areas of their lives that they are not pleased with or want improvement in if you let them. That allows you to ease in your opportunity and give them reason to look at it.

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Two Simple Prospecting Steps On How To Deal With The NO Response

Two Simple Prospecting Steps On How To Deal With The NO Response

No thanxIn my nearly two and a half year career prospecting as a network marketer I have seen a lot of people who come to a presentation and get excited about it. They sign up to do the business only for them to come back to me or the team member who introduced them the very next day to say they want to quit. Their reason for quitting is often that they have shown the same presentation to a friend or relative and they said NO.

A lot of people are afraid of this two letter word NO. There is a psychological dread that goes through a lot of people when they hear the word or contemplate hearing it. Today we will assess why many people are so afraid of NO and what you can do to overcome that fear if you are one of them.

Network Marketing Brings Out Insecurities In Most People

For some reason, unlike any other business model, network marketing brings out such insecurities in people that they will do anything to avoid sharing their business opportunity with others. This insecurity stems from the fact that subconsciously, people are afraid of rejection. In the network marketing industry the potential success levels are mind-blowing. So, many from the get-go realize that the opportunity itself is a no brainer for anyone who wants phenomenal success. Their mind says for someone to reject such an opportunity is not possible, so it must be me that they are rejecting. The first NO that they get confirms that subconscious belief and instead of working on themselves and their fear of rejection, they blame it on the product or opportunity and quit.

The Level of Belief For Most People is Nearly Zero

When you compare the amount of money required to invest and get a business started in network marketing, and the potential levels of income that one can earn, for most people it sounds too good to be true. They get started but they do not believe in the legitimacy or possibilities that network marketing promises. So when they show it to others, the other person can sense their unbelief and so naturally says NO. This ironically reinforces their disbelief and that ‘these things’ do not work and so they quit.

Is there any hope for you if you fall into any of the above two categories. Yes there is.

Emotionally Detach Yourself from the Outcome When Showing People

I love coffeeAn illustration will demonstrate well what I mean. Let’s say you invite your friend to go and have coffeeI love tea with you at your favourite coffee shop. You get there and you order what you consider the best coffee in the house. You recommend that your friend gets the same but he declines your suggestion and orders tea instead. What would be your normal reaction?  Instead of re-evaluating your own choice or getting upset that your friend did not want what you suggested; normally you would just proceed to have your coffee and they their tea while you enjoy each other’s company. No hard feelings.

Different people are moved by different strokes. Just like some people are passionate about coffee and others about tea; you loved what you saw and got involved; they did not see what you saw at all. So long as you have presented the opportunity with all the excitement and belief that you have in it, when they say NO, it is not because of you. It is because they are passionate about something else, not what you have just shown them. Keep your friendship and move on to show the next person. I always say if you got excited about it, there is someone else who will be just as excited, you just have not met them yet.

Increase Your Belief Levels By Attending Company Live Events

Being your first time to do network marketing, you may love what it offers but doubts might linger in the background. Ask the person who will have introduced you to the business for some company literature that showcases some of the success stories of members already doing what you are about to start. More importantly, plug into the local live events where you will meet local people who are doing the same business and ask them to share their stories with you.

If your company has regional or international events, go. You will meet members from other countries who are succeeding and they will share their experiences with you. You will realize or learn from them that which will resonate with you in addressing the challenges you will meet in the field.

Remember you are prospecting. Go through the NOs to dig out the YESes. The NOs are like the dirt that the prospecting miner has to go through in order for him to get to the gold (the YESes).  When you meet the right person, no matter how lousy your presentation was, they will jump in with excitement just the way you did. Start digging today. How many are you going to show?

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 Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150

I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.