How To Increase Your Success Rate When Speaking To Prospects

How To Increase Your Success Rate When Speaking To Prospects

TalkingTalking to people is the only way that you will be able to get them to look at your opportunity and make decisions for or not for it. How would you like to increase the chances of your prospects being for your opportunity and joining your team? I am sure you would like to see that happen more often.

Whether you are speaking on the phone or face to face there are two key tips that i want to give you in order to score more often. Here goes:

  1. Assume the Positive With Each Conversation

It is possible that your previous experiences with prospects may not have been that nice. Some could have outright mocked you for doing network marketing, others may have brushed you aside and not took you seriously at all. When that happens, do you let their negativity paint your attitude when making the next call or meeting for the next appointment.

If you do that you are spoiling your chances of success with the next prospect. The fact that the last person was nasty or said NO does not mean that the next person will be the same. Never project your previous experiences with other people during exposures onto the next exposure. Treat every prospect as the brand new person that they are. Approach each new exposure with all the positivity that you can master. Assume a YES with all your prospects. that way your positive attitude towards them will cause them to respond to you positively.

Any negativity that you have will subconsciously transmute on to your prospect and they will receive your message with negativity as well. Smile, look them in the eye, shake their hand with confidence and at like you’ve got the deal because you do have the deal.

  1. Never Criticize Your Business

Have belief in your business opportunity. If you are in a company or are marketing a product that you cannot vouch for or do not believe in, then you may as well quit. Your doubts will always negate any positivity you may try to project. Granted, there could be operational problems within the company that may interfere with the smooth delivery of services for the product. Never, ever point these out to your prospect. Rather direct the issue to the company executives because they have the capacity to address them. Voicing those concerns to your prospect will just kill the deal.

At the end of the presentation, ask your prospect what they liked, agree with them and sing praises of the aspect of the business or product that they say they liked. Never say, “yes, BUT” followed by the negative aspects. The BUT cancels out their agreement.

Please keep these two points in mind at all times when speaking to prospects, whether on the phone or directly and you will see a marked improvement in your closing ratios.

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I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.
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You Maintain Attraction With Your Facebook Posts So Make Them Count

You Maintain Attraction With Your Facebook Posts So Make Them Count

After you have done your profile, you will spend the rest of your time on facebook posting. What does it take for your posts to give you profits in your business? I did this post in response to my friend Jennifer Clay’s question about what a blogger should post on their facebook pages. It made me realize the need for more detailed information about post content.

There are three principles that should guide your posting activities on facebook.

1. What Your Prospect is Looking For

targeted leadsEarlier on this blog I did a post on how to identify your target market. If you have not read it or need to refresh you can find that article here. When your target market is clearly defined you will obviously be privy to the questions that they are asking about the network marketing business. Scratch that itch and they will follow you. My target market are busy working moms and dads who are looking to network marketing as a vehicle to generate residual income and thus release more time for them to be there for their children. So in addition to sharing with them value content on how to be skilled as successful network marketers, I also deal with other areas that are an itch for them, such as time management for example. Present it in such a manner as will rouse their curiosity too.

2. Keep the Pitching Down

The golden rule to abide by is the 80/20 or 90/10 rule. Lead with a lot of value content; i.e. content that shows you as a resource person as opposed to being a sales person. So post 80-90% value content and 10-20% picth. When you do pitch, think of the prospect’s need. Your posting angle should show them what the product or opportunity WILL DO FOR THEM as opposed to WHAT IT IS! Intrigue your prospects with the post.

3. Be Yourself

Be YourselfDo not be afraid to be yourself. Unlike conventional business where you always have to look prim and proper, network marketing is a business of fun and freedom. You do it from home remember? So let it show. Be a real person. I am a working mom who also does network marketing and I want my audience to identify with that. My posts show me as a working mom who also does network marketing. I celebrate my children’s milestones, share special family moments that my network marketing business is making possible etc.

In view of the above principles, here is a list of the content to post. This should ensure that your facebook profile and/or fan pages never run out of interesting stuff to share whether or not you blog.

  • Post photos of you with the team at team and company events.
  • Post recognition of team members for joining the team and for rank advancements.
  • Post photos of you with family or photos of family members doing fun things or having achieved certain milestones
  • Post inspirational stories of your experiences through your facebook notes app
  • Post about your life. Ger very personal. One way of reaching out to people is to become vulnerable and humane.
  • Post inspirational quotes and images: yours and share from others’ post
  • Post value content links from blogs, articles and videos. Keep in mind you are to address your target market’s           questions through these posts, so always tell them why you are posting the link.
  • Ask open ended questions that your subscribers can answer related to life and business.
  • Post links to any conference calls and online trainings that you are inviting your subscribers to

I look forward to comments and questions from you, especially after you have implemented these techniques and skills on your facebook profile and fan page.. Do share this post with others who you know need this kind of information.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.

Use Questions To Qualify Your MLM/ Network Marketing Prospects

Use Questions To Qualify Your MLM/ Network Marketing Prospects


Prospecting and sponsoring are the core activities of MLM business. No matter what means of technology or tools one becomes proficient at, if it does not lead to you talking to people and showing them your opportunity then that proficiency is of no value.

As mentioned in my last post, pre-qualifying your prospects prior to them seeing your opportunity or presentation is likely to increase your conversion from prospects to team members. It is this pre-qualification that we are focusing on here.

Qualify Your MLM Prospects

How does one qualify a prospect? It is by asking them the right questions. Questions are the best way of ensuring you get only those who are interested in your opportunity to have a look at it. Remember in MLM you get to choose who you want to work with. Asking the right questions also helps your prospect to have purpose or reason to join YOU.


Questions also help with the hurdle of talking to people to convince them or trying to be a good salesperson. These are two very difficult things to do for many people.

Questions are the only way to understand your prospect’s needs, fears, hopes, dreams, wants and problems. Once you understand their aches, pains and aspirations, you can then present how your opportunity can address those needs.

Ask the Questions on Yourself as a Network Marketer

Questions 1

How do you know what questions to ask? The best way is for you to ask the questions on yourself as a network marketer. One key question you may ask of yourself is this: Why am I doing network marketing when it is such a misunderstood industry?

Most network marketers when asked this question often respond that they are doing it for the money. This is a very shallow answer. After the money then what? How about making it about the benefit of the benefit. Make it about something that one can visualize and see with the mind’s eye.

Think. What are the benefits of having a lot of money? What about travelling more, freedom, leisure, time with family, creating memories? These benefits do not sound as cold as money, hey? One can visualize themselves by the beach, walking hand-in-hand with their loved one or building sand castles with their child etc..

Many people who are offered an opportunity in network marketing will tell you, they do not have the money or they do not have the time. You probably said the same things yourself when you were introduced. What made you take the decision to get started? You probably asked yourself the question: If I continue doing what I am doing now, five…ten years from now, how different will my life be? Not much if not worse!

Questions Let Your Prospect Tell You their Aspirations


Can you see that asking the questions on yourself makes you see clearly the kind of questions you can ask of your prospects in order to be able to bring out the aches, pains, longings and dreams that are common to nearly all humans.

This approach will help you rather than focus on the direct benefits of your product and shoving them down people’s throats, you dig out the benefit of the benefit that people want but cannot afford which your opportunity or product can address.

Anyone, but not everyone can do network marketing. By asking the right questions, you will be able to get those who are looking for what you have to offer and the attrition levels from your team will be greatly reduced.

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