Prospects Who Say They Have No Time

Leverage Unlocks Potential

Leverage Unlocks Potential Some of Your Prospects

Are Some of Your Prospects Low on Time?

Have you ever spoken to prospects, showing them your business opportunity and they have responded that they like the concept but they do not have the time. For some time while I was still in full time employment at the beginning of my network marketing career I used to buy that excuse.

Today’s video will teach you how to overcome that objection firstly for yourself and then for your prospects.

Why I Used To Buy The Time Excuse From Prospects

I would have been in the office 8am to 5pm, dashed off to pick up the kids from school, supervised homework. Only after that I’d start working on my network marketing business. On some days when I put in extra hours in the office, I did not have the time to do my business at all.

So when they said they had no time, I agreed with them because I too had no time. I empathized thinking that they were justified in their position. What I had not realized was the power of leverage that was at my disposal.

I was working by myself to bring in personal new members and customers. I did not tap into my sponsor who was now in the same city as I was to help me with exposures. Had I asked her to help me carry the load I would have not felt the burden of working alone. Just having someone else to do the presenting on a 2 on 1 exposure takes away so much pressure.

Show Prospects How Leverage Works

What I do now is to make myself available to those new team members who want to learn from observation for their first couple of weeks as reps. They make appointments with their prospects and we go together to present.

We have also worked out a system of communicating with prospects that allows me to meet with and present to them in the team member’s absence. The system opens opportunities for me to come into contact with local prospects on behalf of team members who are not in my local area.

There are people looking for an opportunity to use your product or to make money from your opportunity. The only way to get to those who are looking is to present to them. Your busy new team member could have such people in their network.

My advice is that if time is one of their limitations, ask them if they will ever be able to release time if they do not start working with you to build a side income. You see most people who do not have time, it is because they are working extra hours in an effort to make extra money. Sadly most of the income generating activities consuming their time are not generating a residual income for them.

Let them know that it is not about them having tonnes time. It is about them carving out just enough time for the  two of you to meet the people in their network together at a pace that they can handle. You would do the presentation while their role would be to schedule appointments and watch you present. Also by using an effective communication system, you could even meet a few of the prospects in the member’s absence (I mainly use this approach for out of town members).

Even if you show 2-3 people a week, based on your new rep’s schedule, it is possible for them to start growing a team. Organizing a business launch meeting at the new rep’s house as soon as possible will also allow exposure to several prospects in one sitting. Once they enroll their first personal business partner, you repeat the process with that new member as well. This is called duplication.

Systematically demonstrate to a prospect who wants to get started but says they have no time. Help them to understand the possibility that exists for them to leverage your support as their sponsor. Unlike the formal employment sector, growing a successful network marketing business depends on team work, not individual effort.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising network marketing business owner.


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Plan and Work On a Gentle Transition From Employee to Business Owner

Plan and Work On a Gentle Transition From Employee to Business Owner

One of my past posts talked about the four quadrants that exist for making money. The majority of people are in the E quadrant where they are employed by someone else and they get paid for exchanging their skills and time.

If you are reading this I am sure you desire to move from the E quadrant, through the S to the B quadrant. Having been raised in a system that emphasized on you getting a good education, good grades and securing a good job, it will feel like sky diving even to think about being a business owner.

Taking the transition from employed to self-employed slowly and building on that gradually to a business will be the best approach. that way you can be building your empire on a part-time basis after hours while you work the eight to five pushing your boss’s dream and paying the bills. Eventually you should build your business to a point where your income from your business allows you to work your job part-time and finally quit without compromising the family’s standard of living.

Let’s look at how you can make this possible.

1. Have a Plan—and Get It In Motion

If you leave your job without putting a plan in place, you will fall flat on your face. Identify what it is that you want to be your core business. For me the vehicle I chose was network marketing. If this will be your choice of business model, then do your due diligence on network marketing companies that are open in your country. Start a website and a facebook page and start branding yourself because whatever network marketing company you will choose, you need to market yourself first before showing the product. That’s just how it is with network marketing. People buy you before they buy the product and creating that Brand You requires time and planning. Invest in personal development and learn both online and offline prospecting and team building skills.

A major part of your planning must focus on setting up a system that will make it possible for your business to run on autopilot. If that component is not addressed, you will just have moved yourself from being employed by someone else to being employed by your business, exchanging hours for dollars. Once the plan is in place execute it with all your heart.

2, Find Your Niche/ Identify Your target Market

As you are defining yourself as a professional in your chosen field you will realize that even in that field the market is still broad. With my network marketing business I have chosen to target working moms and dads simply because as a working mom myself I understand exactly what their needs are and have equipped myself to answer those needs. Essentially that is all that business is: identifying a need, meeting it and getting paid to do so.

3. Study To Prove Yourself Worthy

Obviously from the onset you will not know much if anything about running a business. Once you have decided to become a business owner, be prepared to learn how to do it. The best and fastest way to do that is to find someone who is already doing what you want to be good at who is successful and place yourself under their wing. They will have to accept the role of mentor of course and once they accept you, do everything that they tell you to do. Books are another good source of information but read in isolation can be confusing at times. A good mentor will recommend reading and other reference materials and under their guidance, they will shed more light for you to grasp the knowledge properly and learn how to convert it to tangible results.

Another thing you may have to do is to change the company that you keep after your resolute decision is made. Chances are the folks you have been hanging around all along will not understand you and might try to steal your dream.

4. Take The Big Plunge

At some point you will have to decide to quit your job in order to be effective at driving your dream. The first step towards the big plunge will be to set a target of the level of income you should be earning from your business before you can quit without seriously compromising the family’s standard of living. It is very sweet to have the comfort of a regular cheque coming in from your job. But sometimes the big plunge could be what you need to take your business seriously and to a higher level. Imagine what you would do if the job for some reason was no longer available? I know of people who have accelerated the success of their businesses when that has happened. Decide to take the big plunge and quit when it has become the only way to get the level of success that you want.

I had decided to quit my job at the end of March 2014 in order to take my business to the next level. By some form of fate, that decision has been sealed for me because just two days ago the board decided that my department was to close down on 30 April 2014 because technical service support to our clients was no longer a priority for the company. I had already upped my game in what I was doing on the side to make sure that I significantly increased my residual income in readiness for my plan.  I’m so glad I had already planned ahead and packed a parachute. Getting my own business going while I still had a steady income has turned out to be the combination for a perfect landing.

I leave you with this video from a young entrepreneur who had the vision to start his journey to freedom at the tender age of nineteen. Keep in mind it’s never too late to start.

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Expect Success and you will get success! Some call it luck…..I call it FAITH & SUCCESS BY DESIGN!

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.

Do Busy Working Professionals Have Time to Build a Residual Income?

Do Busy Working Professionals Have Time to Build a Side Income?

One of the most common objections to doing network marketing that I hear constantly from ‘busy’ working professionals is “I do not have the time to do this.”

Let’s Do the Maths

mathsYou could be going through life from day to day without really thinking about where the 24hours at your disposal each day goes. Let’s look at it closely.

I will write from a perspective of one who believes in and applies the Biblical principle of a 24 hour period per week dedicated to a Sabbath day. If you do not subscribe to this principle, read this article with an open mind of grasping the fundamental lessons and add an extra 24hours to your week for purposes of managing your work and leisure time.

Based on the above statement, a work week has six days, which is 144 hours in total..

The time between 8:00am and 5:00pm from Monday to Friday for someone with a full time job is time that is blocked from any other activities except those related to the job. So that makes up 9hours per day, 45hours per week to push your employer’s agenda with all your strength and might.

Removing the 45hours of work leaves 99hours. Assuming an hour and a half to drive each way to and from work, the supermarket etc that takes away 18hours per work week, leaving 81hours. Bathing, cooking, cleaning and eating can take up another 24hours per work week (assuming you cook and clean for yourself and take time to sit down to eat properly), while a healthy 8hours per day of sleep will take 48hours per work week. That leaves a balance of 9hours per week. It is these 9hours ‘left over’ time that every full time employee has at their disposal potentially to build a side business from home.

What Many Corporate Executives Spend the 9 ‘Leftover’ Hours Per Week Doing

leftoversA high corporate achiever usually spends extra hours in the office, coming in early and leaving late. As a corporate executive myself, what I have noticed from my own experience is that these extra hours in the office are avoidable with some good planning, smart delegation and forward thinking. Even if as a corporate executive you put in three nights a week of two hours each extra office time, that leaves you with 3 hours at your disposal.

With some good planning in your office, you can release more time to add on to the three hours ‘leftover’ per week to dedicate to your network marketing business. In fact you can make it such that all nine hours come back to you to use for your home business.

If you put in a steady flow of consistent work into your network marketing home business, 3-9  hours a week is more than enough to bring about a sizable income over a short period of time.

What You Are Potentially Giving Up By the No Time Excuse

missing outJust a few days ago, we were being trained in Harare by an individual who is a corporate executive, was married to a corporate executive wife, runs four businesses of his own and had only 3hours per week to do the network marketing business that I am also doing. He managed to grow the network marketing business enough to earn an income from it that retired his corporate executive wife ten years ahead of schedule. During the training he told us that he was in the process of disposing of two of his businesses because he was making enough from the network marketing business to be able to do that and still maintain the standard of living that they were now accustomed to.

As a result of being open minded and making a decision to use whatever ‘leftover’ time they had in their hands, my friend and his wife have had the choice to get out of the corporate rat race, do away with businesses that they no longer needed and released more time to enjoy life at a more relaxed pace traveling the world.

The Power of Leverage

power of leverageThe first alternative that you have is that of working the hours that you are working now, with all the benefits that come with your job to accumulate a pension that you will access at the spent age of 65 by which time the nest will be empty and you will be exhausted.

The second alternative that network marketing offers you is that of pushing into your already tight schedule to release a few hours to do network marketing seriously, eventually building a residual income that far exceeds any salary and benefits that your job can give you, allowing you to bring forward your retirement by several years so that you can spend time with those who really matter to you.

The corporate executive mind cannot comprehend how this is possible because it is used to linear income where it takes the effort of one to make money and thus it requires all the long hours of effort. In network marketing on the other hand as an individual you are granted the access to leverage the efforts of the networks of people that you know, to achieve the same results that a corporate organization does. The difference is that you can achieve the same with very little capital outlay and minimal overhead costs.

All it takes is you realizing the value of your ‘leftover’ time and putting it to good use for a season.

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Why I Will Go Through Brick Walls For Residual Income

Why I Will Go Through Brick Walls For Residual Income

brick wallAs a professional you could be very pleased with yourself for the executive salary that you are earning and the added benefits as well. I do not begrudge you that. I am a beneficiary of that system too.

The difference between you and me is that on the side I am building a residual income and I will go through brick walls to create it as soon as I can. Why is residual income so important and why should you seriously consider creating it?

Life Is Unpredictable

unpredictable futureAt the risk of being labelled a prophet of doom, I will state the obvious: Nobody knows what the future has in store except the certainty of death. Once there was a professional colleague who became incapacitated due to illness. After being hospitalized for three months, he was on 75% salary for another three months after which he was discharged on health grounds.

With young children and a household to run, the family was suddenly on a reduced income that eventually dwindled to nothing. In spite of his predicament, the residual bills from the overheads of running his home kept coming and he kept falling behind. Would it not be wise to create a residual income to cover those residual bills?

there are any other real life scenarios that have emphasized the need for residual income.

What Is Residual Income?

residual incomeResidual income is created by you working today and getting paid for that work into the future whether or not you show up for work. For example if you own a house that you do not live in but let out, if you have good tenants, you do not have to wake up every day to work at the house for you to get paid. the money comes whether you like it or not.

The example of real estate given here works but unfortunately for most ordinary people, the investment outlay required is prohibitively high. Also the risk is high as it is possible for the markets to go awry and property values plummet. Overhead costs are very high too, eating into the net value of your residual income.

The same scenario prevails for franchise purchases, a business model that is literally full proof but will take you years before you start making a profit due to the high overhead costs. You would also find it hard to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars required to get started.

Any Favorable Sources of Residual Income?

buildYes there is! It is network marketing. With network marketing, a system is already set up for you to create residual income. Investment outlay is very low usually ranging at less than $1000 on the high end. The risk is low and the overheads are low too.

Before you start thinking, how can you create something out of nothing, that thought could not be further from the truth. You have to put in your 3-5 years of hard work and personal growth building a sustainable team. Once you are established you get paid way into the future for the work you did in your first few years.

99% if not more of jobs can never pay you for work you did ten, fifteen years ago. In network marketing it is happening as we speak. After the initial hard work, the maintenance work that you do is nothing compared to your income. To get paid in a job you must show up daily. With network marketing you get to create trans-generational wealth that can be passed on to your children. With a job, once you expire, the wealth expires.

Consultancy and Owning a Small Business Are Not Residual Income Sources

consultancyA consultancy needs your time and skill for it to pay. So does a small business. These two are still jobs, only that you own it! If you should be indisposed, your income levels will diminish. Once the heart beat of the enterprise, you, disappears from the scene, so does the business.

In network marketing, the system is such that you train the team to duplicate what you will be doing. You push hard for a season creating leaders, who in turn create leaders and then after a season you can get paid on the effort that you did when you started.

So when some skeptic of network marketing asks you what you have earned in your first month of business, be bold enough to tell them that you are still planting your plantation because that is what the first months are for. You can count the number of seeds in a single apple, but you can never count the number of apples in a single seed.

If you are already in network marketing and are looking for ways to grow your business, fill in you contact information on the form to the right of this page and let me hold your hand and show you step-by-step what to do to meet more people to talk to and correctly show them your network marketing business.

Working professionals like you can succeed in network marketing. I am living proof!


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What on Earth is a Post Graduate Working Mom Doing in Network Marketing?

What on Earth is a Post Graduate Working Mom Doing in Network Marketing?

working momI have been a working mom from the day my first son was born nearly 22years ago. When he was born I already had a Bachelors degree under my belt and starting in earnest a career in the municipal water sector.

I have always loved my job and was keen to develop my skills set through further education, hence my getting a post graduate qualification of a Masters degree as well. To get the Masters qualification I had to leave my husband and three young children in one city while I moved on to campus at another city more than 400km away.

Responding to a Crisis

crisisWhen the economic crunch hit my home country and life was no longer manageable at home, I left my less than one year old infant to secure a job in a neighboring country and came back to fetch the rest of my family a few months later.

So after such an illustrious life as a career woman and mother, is it not a wonder that I am working my butt off in network marketing in addition to my job towards what I call time freedom in order to be able to pursue my profession part-time and be at home for my children?

Never Too late

it is about timeCould it be too late for me to start thinking like that? I mean my twenty-two year old is leaving for university in a few weeks, my second born has another year at home before he leaves the nest too. My third son is not like needing mom to be there at Form Three! Five year old Junior can also turn out OK with me at work full time just like his brothers were?

Given that we have always relied on my job for our livelihood as a family, and that our children have not turned out that badly academically and character wise, why on earth am I burdening myself with the extra work of doing network marketing on the side of such an illustrious career.

So Much is Possible

no limitsThe answer is that network marketing has shown me that it is possible once again. Loving my career as I did, I wished there was a way I could have my cake and eat it. Through the years I wished I could be there for my children at some of the defining moments of their school life and I was not able to be because of the nature of an 8-5 job.

Now that I really understand network marketing and the income potential that it has for me, I have begun to realize that the 8-5 model is not the ONLY way in which I can put to good use the education that I have acquired from school and university.

Now I can make the decision of how I make myself useful to society as a water scientist for the love of it, not because it will be a source of livelihood for me and my family.

A Dream Built Over Time

start todayOver the last two years as a part-time network marketer, I have been building a financial portfolio that is making it possible for me to work on my terms. Not only will I be able to release more time to spend with family, but I will also release more time to serve my community through volunteer work and through more involvement in my church’s programs.

I have not yet fully recognized this dream, but I get closer and closer to its accomplishment daily as I put in a few hours after work to build a residual income through my network marketing business. If I had not started the journey a few years ago, I would not be where I am today.

Now I Can

yes we canAs a working mom, I have come to a position where I now have choices. I can continue working in my current career field on my terms, I can choose to become a full-time mom, I can take a completely new career route and become a traveling missionary etc, etc. Heck I can fulfill my dream of a  PhD degree and pay for it myself! Now I can dream because I can.

My professional integrity as a water science professional is still intact, I know I will be there for my children and grand children’s special moments in future without asking for permission from someone else, I know I’ll have the capacity to give more to the community both materially and time wise.

The Training is Changing My Life

trainingAND the training that I am getting through my network marketing company beats anything that I have come across so far. Even my university education cannot compare. I will be in Thailand for company training in early December and I can’t wait!.

Overall I am becoming a happier and more fulfilled woman, and the world is finally in my hands, thanks to network marketing and thanks to God for His providence.

I have made it my mission to share with and show working moms how they too can start this journey towards financial and time freedom using network marketing as a vehicle. If you are a working mom and want to find out how to do this in ANY network marketing company, shoot me an email to If you know a working mom who could benefit from talking to me, share this post with them.

Your comments are most welcome too.

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