Three Simple Tips to Generate Targeted Leads

targeted leadsThe greatest challenge for nearly all network marketers is the generation of targeted leads. Lead generation is the name of the game for any opportunity. Without lead generation, your business will die. But what are targeted leads? These are people who want, or are looking for what you have to offer. More targeted leads mean better business volumes and more money into your bank account.

The best way to drive leads is to have a proven, simple duplicable strategy. Complex sucks.

Follow these 3 tips to generate quick spot on leads.

1 – Use Key Words

Centre each article on a keyword or key phrase. This targets your audience and helps you to generate quick targeted leads.

Include 1 keyword or key phrase in your title and repeat it four times in a 400 word article: once in the first and last paragraph and twice in the article body.

How do you know which keywords or keyword phrases to use? Tools such as Market Samurai and Google Keyword Tool will help you select the best keywords to use for your market niche.

Once that is taken care of make sure that you publish consistently on your blog. Write at least 3 to 5 articles per week to see any significant results.

2 – Avoid Non-Targeted Activities

Manage your time by ensuring you are doing the important activities on the internet. Do not spend countless hours on pages where you have no business being. When visiting social sites such as facebook, twitter or instagram clearly define why you are on each site.

Remember that most people on social sites are not there for network marketing. So it is so much better to write keyword-rich articles centered around your targeted keywords and posting links to these on the social sites than to aimlessly maintain a presence on all the sites.

Better still, optimise your articles for search engines so that those who search for the keywords find your articles and read them.

3 – Link Up To Your Squeeze Page

Increase the chances of clicks and quick targeted lead generation by leaving a link to your squeeze page on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Youtube, Digg, Google Plus, WAYN, etc…There is no need to keep an active presence on all networks, except your selected one of choice, but do link up to your squeeze page on each site.

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