Attraction Marketing Will Build You A Fortune

magnetic attractionHow would it feel if you received emails or calls from people who asked what you do and asked how they could be part of your team? That can happen for you through attraction marketing.

Sounds like network marketing heaven hey?

It is possible for that to happen if you take the time to build a reputable presence on the internet. People are looking for leaders to follow when it comes to network marketing. It is important for you to come across as that leader that they are looking for.

The art of doing that is called attraction marketing. You create an internet presence that attracts people to you who eventually become your clients or customers.

Now, the internet can feel like a jungle with everyone else shouting and clamoring for attention. How do you break through the noise from all these sources and get people to notice you as a leader? Here’s how:

1. Attraction Marketing Requires You To Be Yourself

Be as authentic as possible. You are you and you are unique. Let that uniqueness come out. What if you lose the following of other parts of society. Well there are two options for you:

• Avoid controversy and be like everyone else (What are the chances of being noticed and followed by your target market?)
• Be authentic and polarize people for or not for you (Get genuine followers who believe in your philosophy, really mean business and want success to follow you)

The whole point of attraction marketing is to attract the niche market that you are targeting. So talk the language that they understand. Do not be outright rude in your authenticity. It is in relation to the values that you stand for that define your philosophy and solve your target market’s problems that your uniqueness should stem, not from hate or a deliberate act of hurting others.

2. Offer A Unique Value Proposition

Give free value that is uniquely yours. Share knowledge and information that enables your target market to solve the pains and problems that are bugging them in relation to your subject. When you master a skill teach it to your followers for free as much as possible. The selling or monetization of your chosen marketing vehicle will come with time once your following is established.

Keep your content generic as opposed to it being specific to your primary business opportunity. That way when you monetize and start selling products you are likely to make money from the majority of people on your list. You will be in business with those who partner with you in your primary opportunity as well as with those who will do not partner with you. They will become customers for your generic products that help them to succeed in their chosen primary businesses.

3. Be a Person of Integrity

This goes without saying that for people to trust you, you must be a trustworthy person. Offer true value and not fly by night solutions. If you are to refer your customers to affiliate products, make sure these are products that you have purchased and used yourself. Refer them from a point of your personal satisfaction with that product. When you promise to deliver on any front, make sure you do as promised. Be transparent and open in all your dealings. There is only one of you and your reputation is the only one that you have. Once you mess it up, rebuilding that trust will be very tough if at all.

So to be successful in attraction marketing, you must be yourself, be of value to your target market and have integrity in all your dealings.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a devoted mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful network marketing business owner.


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Identify Your Target Market To Get Targeted Leads

Identify Your Target Market To Get Targeted Leads

targeted leadsIn the last post I discussed how you can expand the network of people to market your product and/or business opportunity to. The key activity on your part is to make passive or active efforts to meet and connect with people either online or offline.

Connecting with people is communication. For communication to be effective, you must speak a language that is understood by the audience you are communicating with.

If you talk to everyone, you will communicate with no one. Your message will be so general that it will appeal to no one in particular. People are already busy and life is happening to them daily. they need to have a strong reason to pause and listen to you. Prospects need value and a clear message that makes them think ‘Hey you are talking to me or about me.’

The key pointers you can use to help you identify your target audience are the subject of today’s post.

Do Not Lead With Your Company

standing outCompany information alone is not enough to attract leads. Also do not lead with the money. There are thousands of network marketing companies out there and people can join any one of them and make money. So you are the unique ingredient in the whole equation of decision making for leads. Of all the people who are marketing different products on the market, why should they join you?

You must become the person that they absolutely must work with because you will be clear as to what you want to achieve and what you can do for them, for them to succeed.

Identify What Made You Become a Network Marketer with Your Company

Think back to the day when you first saw a presentation for your company. Something deep inside of you was touched and made you to decide to sign up. What is it that made you join. It has to be something beyond the money they said you could potentially earn. Money in itself is a shallow reason for being in business.

Identify that benefit beyond the money. What did you see yourself achieving for you, you family, your community once you got the money.

Write A Clear Concise Description of Your Target Market

your storyWho can you go out there and enroll the easiest? Someone like you hey? If you are clear about WHY you are doing network marketing with the company that you are with, then you have identified your easiest target market. You see you do not need to do any research as to what your target market needs; you already know it because they are just like you.

You do not need to memorize any exposure scripts because you will be talking to yourself. Your target market will have the same challenges as you that need to be solved and since you found the solution through your company and product, then you already have a package ready for them.

So sit down and write a description of yourself with respect to your challenges and how what you know about your opportunity and your product is solving that challenge. Create your story and package it for your target audience from a problem/solution point of view. With this approach, you will not be selling your product upfront but instead you will be marketing the benefit of the product. that is your unique selling position (USP).

Once that description has been written down, every action that you take in content creation, social media activity and offline networking activities should reflect the description. Hang out with people who fit that description. Chances are that you already know them and you know where to find new ones. Attract like-minded people with your USP. The rest as they say will be history.

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