Get More Productivity In Your Home Business Part 2

Time FreedomOn yesterday’s post we shared the first five of ten focal areas to master in order to maximize the usage of time in your home business and create the time freedom that you desire.

Today we give you the remaining five. If you make these 10 principles a part of your daily planning, you are bound to see the positive effects both in the quality of your life and your bank balance.

6. Make Deadlines Firm But Adequate
due dateSet deadlines for yourself as a home business owner. The absence of a deadline eliminates the motivation to do a task and places the task at the bottom of the pile of things to do. Be dependable to your customers and business partners by meeting agreed deadlines. Set deadlines for a specific date and time as opposed to a time period. For example “due on June 18 by 12:00 noon” is better than “in about two weeks time”. Make your deadlines adequate, not too tight. Build in a few extra days for the unexpected delays, last minute changes and a crisis in the home or on another project.

7. Protect and Value Your Time
Productive people do not waste time. They guard their time jealously. Get right to the point when talking to people. You risk coming off as abrupt to some people but understand that you cannot afford to everyone all the time they want. Choose who you spend time with. Be decisive. Say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done and move on.Value Your Time

Know the value of your hourly rate, commit it to memory and use it to weigh the effort required for specific activities and the return they will produce against the cost of your time. Weigh your options and always use your time wisely.

8. Stay Focused
One of the habits of successful people is to apply themselves to the task at hand. Work until the task is done. Concentrate on one thing at a time. Avoid going in many different directions. Do not be a talker. Be an actor, a doer. Have a vision and focus your activities to achieve that vision.

9. Set A Production Goal
Steinway makes 800 pianos in its German plant every year. An individual who truly wants to be productive sets a production goal, meets it and keeps going until they can do no more. The renowned author Joe Lansdale says he never misses his goal of writing three pages a day, five days a week. When people are employees, they will pitch up for work whether they feel like it or not. It surprises me that when the same person starts a home business they start accommodating “not being in the mood or feeling like it.”

10. Enjoy What You Do
Love what you doA Scottish proverb says “Be happy while you are living; for you’re a long time dead.” When you enjoy your work it ceases to be work in the typical sense. It becomes your passion. The vocation that you choose must be something that you love to do.

You will not love every project equally of course, but try to balance “must-do” mandatory tasks with things that are more fun for you. Remember we are not talking about you doing a hobby but we are talking business. So train yourself to enjoy what you do by changing your attitude. Attitude can be a trap or it can be freedom. Take your pick. Keep interested in the career path that you have chosen of working from home. It is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a devoted mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful network marketing business owner.


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Get More Productivity In Your Home Business Part 1

Schedule ClockWhen you become a home business owner managing your time becomes that much more important as you now are your own boss and the boundaries between work and personal life can be blurred.

Mastering the art of working faster to produce desired results will introduce efficiency into your home business routine and release more time for you to engage in leisure activities such as reading a favourite magazine, hiking, or play with your toddler.

Here are the first five of ten ideas that can increase your personal productivity and give you the time freedom that characterizes the lifestyle of a home business owner.

  1. Master Your Home Business PC

downloadYou do not have to be a technology geek for you to have a well equipped and organized PC. Use a modern PC with the latest software installed. At the very least have the latest version of Microsoft Office and broaden your software packages in accordance with the specialized work that you do.

Constantly upgrade your desktop to eliminate computer processes that slow downloads of files or web pages. The internet is an indispensable tool for a home business. Get the fastest internet access you can such as an ADSL connection.

  1. Do Not Be A Perfectionist

Be a careful worker who produces excellent work but do not be a perfectionist. Customers do not have the budget for perfection. This does not mean that you be negligent or give less than your best. It means once it is done to the best of your ability deliver the work to your client or customer. Create it, check it and let it go. There comes a point in the production cycle when extra effort is not worth it. If you aim for 100% perfection you will not be profitably productive. A consistent 90-98% quality range will maximize both customer satisfaction and return of investment.

  1. Be A Good Copy Cat

Copy CatMany an entrepreneur has brought ruin upon themselves by wanting to always be an innovator. Be creative but do not place yourself under the pressure of being the first one to ever do things. Do not reinvent the wheel when there is a blueprint that you can follow and still make your customers happy. Most successful home business solutions are just common sense packaged to meet a specific need. Your best is enough without the pressure of your work being different or better than what others have done before.

  1. Inject Variety Into Your Project Schedule

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Arrange your daily home business schedule so you switch from one assignment to another at least once or twice each day. Keep your mind fresh and allow yourself to explore new areas, markets, industries and disciplines outside your area of expertise. About 70-90% of what you do at any time must be familiar tasks within your area of expertise, while 10-30% should be in areas, markets, industries and disciplines outside your current skill base. Allow room for imagination inside your work schedule.

  1. Work Only on Concrete Orders

Before proceeding with a project, make sure it has an existing buyer or customer. Do not waste time working on projects that you think customers might want. Obtain letters of agreement, contracts and purchase orders before proceeding with production. To create a new product line, be guided by results of a sound market survey, not what you think the market wants.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a devoted mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful network marketing business owner.


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The Four Mental Blocks You Are Allowing To Cloud Your Vision Against Opportunity

The Four Mental Blocks You Are Allowing To Cloud Your Vision Against Opportunity

The other day I was conversing with a friend who moved from home to live in another country in search of greener pastures. We were discussing the home business opportunity that I had introduced to her.

She could see the value in it in terms of the income potential that the opportunity offered but she was struggling to match her newly acquired position as a professional social worker and being a sales person/network marketer.

I say newly acquired position because all along she had been working as a care giver because that was all she could do before she got her degree and qualified as a social worker who could practice in her new home country.

Back home before she migrated, she had an excellent job as a banker with a large international bank. To put food on the table and continue to support her children through High School and college, she was willing to do the job that was available to earn the dollars. Now that she feels that the storm is over and she has acquired a qualification to restore he professional dignity once more, she feels that network marketing is inferior as a vocation for her.

Asking her further if she would have given the opportunity a serious look during her care-giving shift years, I was surprised that she answered to the contrary. She still would not have because she would have had to talk to people and come across as desperate whereas the care-giver work that she did gave her privacy and did not expose to the public what she was doing to make a living.

Mental FreedomNot to say the least, I felt sad for her for passing up such a great opportunity that could have given her financial independence and released more time for her to enjoy her soon to come grand children as well as just give her the rest that she so deserves.

I will share with you the mental blocks that she has allowed to cloud her vision and blocked out a chance for freedom. I am able to do the diagnosis because not so long ago I was in the same frame of mind myself.

I tried and failed at six different network marketing opportunities before I tried the one I am in and quit, only for me to come back to it and make it work. Here are the mental barriers that I had to overcome that many new home business owners are hung up on and guaranteeing the failure of their new businesses.

  1. Network Marketers Are Desperate Sales People

Many people do not like to sell and they consider selling as the trade for people who have failed at everything else worth doing. Far from being a sales job, network marketers who do it right do not sell but they share an opportunity, with the understanding that not everyone will see it the same way. Truly speaking, a home business is not for everyone because few people have the discipline to manage themselves to the level that is required for success.

As a network marketer you are sorter, not seller. You sort among the people you meet who is suitable for the business, who is suitable for the product, who is suitable for both and who is suitable for neither. You just keep sorting and placing people where they belong in those four categories. Far from being desperate, you empower those who want to change their lives for the better by showing them how to achieve their goals. Now that is power!

  1. A Job Is Secure for Life

With a Masters Degrees under my belt and great titles on my door, I also thought the same. Sadly though the reality was that beyond the papers on my wall and the fancy title on my door, I was far from being able to give what I aspired for my family. There was always more month left at the end of the money. To top it all up due to policy change and the economic crunch, structural adjustments were made at my last two jobs that left me redundant. A Plan B is always good to have at all stages of life. Pay the bills with the job but have a fall back plan in case things change and the job is no longer a viable option.

Honestly in Zimbabwe, I know of people who wake up to go to work daily and have not been paid for the last six months. This is not only general workers, it’s executives as well. Is it not better to go full time on a plan B that was starting to pay off or at least continue to grow it part time while hoping for the salary to come some day?

  1. My pension Will take Care of Me When I Retire

Unless you have been able to acquire Real Estate beyond the one family house then you do not have enough residual income to take care of you in your old age. You see as we grow older, the medical bills soar and they eat into whatever pension we will have saved. It is said that to maintain the same lifestyle that you had when you were working, if you work continuously for forty years,  you must set aside 15% of your earnings for forty years. Not many pension schemes set that amount aside.

Also on changing jobs as you climb up the corporate ladder, the cumulative pension is lost as the tendency is to opt to use the pay out from the previous job to meet immediate needs instead of transferring them to the next fund.

Imagine how many years my friend has left for her to accumulate a decent pension in the 15-20 working years they have considering they are starting at the level of a graduate trainee in a new career at their age. What about if for your entire working career you are on contract work and do not have a pension scheme at all?

  1. What Will People Think Of Me?

This is a mindset barrier that defies all logic and in most cases it is in the head and never real. People are busy with their lives to really have time to think about what you do to make life better for your family. Those who do have the time to think about it can do very little to stop you from doing what you want anyway. You probably create all the scenarios in your head and by the time you get to talk to them about your home business, you are so nervous that you do everything wrong. Quit worrying what people will think and do what you need to do to make a living for you and your family.

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Nomusa Mguni-Mhlanga
I help working moms and dads succeed in network marketing by showing them how to have the right mindset for success and teaching them online and offline marketing skills to build residual incomes and retire when they want.
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What on Earth is a Post Graduate Working Mom Doing in Network Marketing?

What on Earth is a Post Graduate Working Mom Doing in Network Marketing?

working momI have been a working mom from the day my first son was born nearly 22years ago. When he was born I already had a Bachelors degree under my belt and starting in earnest a career in the municipal water sector.

I have always loved my job and was keen to develop my skills set through further education, hence my getting a post graduate qualification of a Masters degree as well. To get the Masters qualification I had to leave my husband and three young children in one city while I moved on to campus at another city more than 400km away.

Responding to a Crisis

crisisWhen the economic crunch hit my home country and life was no longer manageable at home, I left my less than one year old infant to secure a job in a neighboring country and came back to fetch the rest of my family a few months later.

So after such an illustrious life as a career woman and mother, is it not a wonder that I am working my butt off in network marketing in addition to my job towards what I call time freedom in order to be able to pursue my profession part-time and be at home for my children?

Never Too late

it is about timeCould it be too late for me to start thinking like that? I mean my twenty-two year old is leaving for university in a few weeks, my second born has another year at home before he leaves the nest too. My third son is not like needing mom to be there at Form Three! Five year old Junior can also turn out OK with me at work full time just like his brothers were?

Given that we have always relied on my job for our livelihood as a family, and that our children have not turned out that badly academically and character wise, why on earth am I burdening myself with the extra work of doing network marketing on the side of such an illustrious career.

So Much is Possible

no limitsThe answer is that network marketing has shown me that it is possible once again. Loving my career as I did, I wished there was a way I could have my cake and eat it. Through the years I wished I could be there for my children at some of the defining moments of their school life and I was not able to be because of the nature of an 8-5 job.

Now that I really understand network marketing and the income potential that it has for me, I have begun to realize that the 8-5 model is not the ONLY way in which I can put to good use the education that I have acquired from school and university.

Now I can make the decision of how I make myself useful to society as a water scientist for the love of it, not because it will be a source of livelihood for me and my family.

A Dream Built Over Time

start todayOver the last two years as a part-time network marketer, I have been building a financial portfolio that is making it possible for me to work on my terms. Not only will I be able to release more time to spend with family, but I will also release more time to serve my community through volunteer work and through more involvement in my church’s programs.

I have not yet fully recognized this dream, but I get closer and closer to its accomplishment daily as I put in a few hours after work to build a residual income through my network marketing business. If I had not started the journey a few years ago, I would not be where I am today.

Now I Can

yes we canAs a working mom, I have come to a position where I now have choices. I can continue working in my current career field on my terms, I can choose to become a full-time mom, I can take a completely new career route and become a traveling missionary etc, etc. Heck I can fulfill my dream of a  PhD degree and pay for it myself! Now I can dream because I can.

My professional integrity as a water science professional is still intact, I know I will be there for my children and grand children’s special moments in future without asking for permission from someone else, I know I’ll have the capacity to give more to the community both materially and time wise.

The Training is Changing My Life

trainingAND the training that I am getting through my network marketing company beats anything that I have come across so far. Even my university education cannot compare. I will be in Thailand for company training in early December and I can’t wait!.

Overall I am becoming a happier and more fulfilled woman, and the world is finally in my hands, thanks to network marketing and thanks to God for His providence.

I have made it my mission to share with and show working moms how they too can start this journey towards financial and time freedom using network marketing as a vehicle. If you are a working mom and want to find out how to do this in ANY network marketing company, shoot me an email to If you know a working mom who could benefit from talking to me, share this post with them.

Your comments are most welcome too.

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Four Reasons Why You May Want to Work From Home

Four Reasons Why You May Want to Work From Home

Most people who decide to work from home are women; probably because women are more home oriented in their socialization and family roles than men. I have spoken to women who are working from home and they have shared their reasons for their decisions. Here are five of the most common reasons why some people have chosen to work from home which may be yours as well:

  1. To be More Involved in Raising Your Children
  2. To Home School Your Children
  3. Because You cannot Find Employment
  4. To Have Time Flexibility

Reasons 1 and 2 are closely related but they may not necessarily run concurrently. Here I will discuss each one separately.

To be More Involved in Raising Your Children

One of the disadvantages of working away from home for many parents is the little amount of time they have with their children. Working from home can correct that anomaly. With good planning and time scheduling, once the kids have been taken to school, a mom can come back home to the office and work until such a time as they return from school. A work from home mother can have the liberty of preparing the children’s meals herself or she can closely supervise the person doing it. It is possible to schedule attendance to the children’s extramural activities and most importantly to be there at home when they get back from school. Definitely children whose parents spend more time with them are at an advantage than those who do not get that privilege.

To Home School Your Children

It is possible to home school your children provided the necessary authority is sought from education offices in your country. Particularly for primary school age children, the education authorities in most countries will want to know and have it on record that you are running a home school. This is because primary education is considered as a basic right for all children by the United Nations. You would have to be a knowledgeable mom or at least be willing to read and learn as you teach your child. There are guide materials at most education departments for mums to use in home schooling their kids. The advantages of taking this route are the bonding that takes place between mother and child and the ability to employ innovative teaching methods. It would be wise to combine efforts with other home schooling parents to afford the children time and space to mingle and socialize with their peers outside the home school.

Because You Cannot Find Employment

Economic conditions in many countries of the world are such that finding employment for men and women with skills and qualifications in certain fields is becoming tougher and tougher. There is no need to push against a wall. Rather than get frustrated looking for scarce jobs, spare yourself the agony of having no income by working from home. Many companies, to cut costs, rather than employ or open departments for certain services, they employ consultants. You can become an individual consultant and provide services in an area that you are skilled or qualified. The internet has made it possible for one who applies their due diligence to be able to find and bid for such consultancy services. Many who embark on this path think they need an office outside the home to succeed. On the contrary a properly organized home office will save you rentals and other costs. You can turn a hobby into an economic venture or learn new skills that you can market and get paid to do. If you are a sociable individual who is willing to learn new skills, meet new people and showcase your leadership skills, network marketing is an option you can venture into and successfully execute from a home office.

To Have Time Flexibility

This reason can both be good and bad, especially when one is starting out. One of the frustrating things about structured employment is being at someone else’s beck and call. Time freedom is a valued asset that allows one to be where they want to be at their convenience rather than be where they ought to be out of requirement. Time freedom is however fully achievable when one has achieved financial freedom. Financial freedom comes over time for most ordinary people who are not heirs to empires. So at the beginning one has to forfeit time freedom and put their head down towards achieving financial freedom that will get them their ultimate desire of being in charge of their time.

More enlightenment will come on these four reasons why a work from home plan may be just what you need to achieve your dreams in life. Any combination of the above reasons is possible to varying degrees. How you manage your time and prioritize your activities at home and in the home office will depend on what your primary reason for working from home is. Also be mindful that working from home need not be full time. It can be just as fulfilling and rewarding when done part time.