I Look Forward to Travelling Together and Bonding with my Son & Mom

Traveling Together and Bonding

Traveling with friends or family members can provide one with an ultimate bonding experience. In a couple of days I will be traveling to Durban with my mom and five year old son. The purpose of the trip is to celebrate my mom’s 69th birthday.


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We will have the opportunity to experience a new place with each other and I know we will love it. I know my mom well, but this is the first time in my 47years career of being her daughter that we are doing something like this together. I am sure I will probably learn something new about her and she about me while we are on the trip.



Planning the Road Trip


Ours will be a road trip travelling by bus from Zimbabwe and driving ourselves in South Africa. One of my major concerns is our safety.

I will be the person in charge of the small delegation of travellers since I am the most informed. All the same I believe we will need to have a strategy in place of how we will take care of each other. I will definitely need mom to bring her cell phones and their chargers as communication back up.


 Road Trip


For directions, I have detailed maps of the route that we are going to take as well as the local maps of the city of Durban. The Google Maps App on my phone will be a great tool too. I have undergone major tutorials on how to use it from my 16year old son.

If we were using our own car we would have to make sure that the vehicle is properly serviced before starting our trip. We have selected a reputable bus service to get us to our first stop over, so we believe the condition of the bus is well taken care of. On proceeding to our holiday destination, we will be using a hired vehicle from a reputable car hire company, so that too should take care of the servicing. They have assured me that they have 24-hour roadside assistance services with all their vehicles.


 Child Travler


Since we have a young travel companion, my son Junior, we will obviously need to budget our driving time between our destinations with him in mind. I have considered the pit stops that we will have to take along the way. We will need restroom breaks and food breaks. So bringing along some snacks will be a good idea. We will definitely request for packed lunches at the lodge that we will put up at in transit in Johannesburg.



Our excursions when we get to Durban have already been planned and I look forward to us enjoying ourselves and creating memories that will last the three of us our lifetimes. This really is the good stuff that makes life exciting.


I am really excited about this trip and I thank my Five Star Travel Club, my family and God Almighty for making this possible. As a reader of this blog, you can look forward to some fun stories about the trip when we get back

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“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.” – André Gide