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Target Setting And Action Taking For A Fabulous 2015

On TargetSo like I shared with you in yesterday’s post, I spent the last week of December 2014 target setting and planning for the coming year, 2015. I laid out a road map of the goals that I want to achieve and the actions that I must take in order to achieve them.

Today I will share with you the how of that planning and execution process. You probably have heard these six principles of goal setting, have effectively applied them at work but not in your life.

It is time that you applied them with the same intensity in your life. Rather than just make resolutions for the year that you will not keep, it is time you took time to map out a strategic plan for your life and implemented it.

So if you have planned for the office and have not yet planned for YOURSELF, use the week end to develop your personal 2015 strategic plan.

These are the six steps that you MUST follow in order to develop a life strategy that will take you from where you are to where you know you deserve to be. Rather than just wish for success, if you do ALL six of these steps, you will finally get to realize the success.

Step 1: Be Specific

For example do not say, I want to make more money in 2015. Specify a clear target figure. Based on your financial projections, name a figure that you are aiming to earn. Saying I must make an extra $5,000/month is more specific. It is a quantifiable target or goal. So, no general statements but specific measurable targets to reach.

Step 2: State a Time Frame To Achieve the Target By

Specifying a date by which to achieve the set goal will give you urgency to get down to doing what is required. If there is no time line, the tendency is to just drift and hope for the best. In our income target example, saying I want to make an extra $5,000/month by 30 April 2015 will get you off your bottom to do the work as time waits for nobody.

Step 3: Write Your Target Down

Targets kept in the head are rarely met. Writing your target down makes it important. Write it where you can view it daily. Take advantage of technology. Write your goals on index cards and then take a picture of each and keep them in a 2015 Goals Folder in your smart phone or tablet. At specific times of the day, read your goals out loud. What you confess with your mouth comes to pass and it keeps it at the front of your mind. Schedule a weekly or fortnightly review to check how on or off track you are and make the necessary adjustments.

Step 4: Devise A Plan of Action

Achievement is a result of actually doing a set of activities leading towards your goal. Talk to anyone and they have big dreams. Why have they not attained them? Because they are not prepared to do what it takes. To come up with an effective Action plan ask yourself:

  • Is what I am currently doing going to get me to my goal?
  • Do I need to find and learn a new way of doing things to reach my goal? (Back to our income example: If your current income generating activities cannot bring in an additional $5,000 by 30 April 2015, then you need to look for an additional income stream activity to do, learn the skills associated with it and get started. This could take the form of a side business or new investment ventures)
  • What specific actions must I take to reach my goal? Figure out the HOW and do it.

Step 5: Decide the Price You are Willing To Pay

Something for something, nothing for nothing is what it boils down to. Good things do not come easy. There is a price to be paid. Are you willing to pay the price to get what you want, or even need. You WILL have to give up certain habits and adopt new ones to reach your goal. You may have to give up watching TV and/or sports, give up drinking, get out of bed earlier and go to sleep later. Whatever you need to do, only you can figure it out. Once figured out, DECIDE to do it!!

Step 6: Think About Your Goal Daily

Keep your goal before you every day. It is the fuel you need for the engine of action to keep high energy. Having your goal written in the present can help make it real for you. For our example. Rather than writing it down the traditional way in which we stated it earlier do this: I am able to buy a new car because I am earning an extra $5,000/month by 30 April 2015. This way of writing your goal pumps adrenalin into your system when you read it. Also more than just the goal, it marries it to the outcome that attaining it will result in.

In Conclusion

The above six steps are mandatory. Skip one of them and you are sentencing yourself to not meeting your targets and never realizing your dreams for yet another year.

  • Is it going to take time to see results? YES it is. But time will move anyway whether or not you take action. Might as well spend it moving towards your goal.
  • Is it going to be easy? NO! You will face challenges. You just have to have enough stubborn resolve to push through the challenges.
  • Is it going to be worth it? YES, YES, YES. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting behind the wheel in your new car, smell the new leather, and your kids excitedly asking where you are taking them for ice cream or pizza. Is that scene worth it? Then get off your butt and resolutely take action to make it a reality.

Keep focused, persistent and determined. Great things are possible to the believing action taker.

Have a fabulous 2015!

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a devoted mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful network marketing business owner.


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  • Nathaniel Kidd January 3, 2015, 9:24 AM

    Goals are so important if you want to move forward in any aspect of life. I have learned over the past year that writing down your goals really is a powerful practice. It has helped me tremendously. Thank you for sharing.

    • Nomusa Mhlanga January 3, 2015, 11:21 AM

      You are welcome Nathaniel. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your views. I wish you a blessed 2015.

  • Amanda Thomas January 2, 2015, 8:53 AM

    Effective goals are the most important part of getting started right when you’re making changes to your life. The normal goal or resolution is more like a vague wish. If you don’t have a plan, nothing is going to change.

  • Priya January 2, 2015, 8:19 AM

    Lovely article! focus and dedication is required to achieve anything in life 🙂

    • Nomusa Mhlanga January 2, 2015, 8:27 AM

      Thank you Priya. Look forward to trying more of your recipes in 2015. Stay blessed all year.

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