Three Principles For Building A Fast Growing Team

Three Principles For Building A Fast Growing Team

Team mastermindOne of the greatest frustration for many network marketers is that they want to grow a team and yet all they have are high levels of attrition or dormant team members who come in and do zero.
Never forget that the people who join your team are volunteers. The decision to stay on or to do anything is absolutely up to them. In this post I share with you what you can do as a leader to inspire your team to stay on and get up to do some work. There are three fundamental principles that you must understand and operate from:

1. Understand that People Have Different Goals and Personalities

It is important at signing up stage for you to understand the personality of the individual and their reason why for being in network marketing. Do your best to ask questions that will enable you to gather all this information. Listen actively when they respond and watch their mannerisms during the presentation process. You will discover that some just want to have fun. Create traditions in the team where they will have the fun. Others are in to make a few extra hundred dollars per month. Do not treat them the same way as those who want to make millions and drive the latest car models. Strike a balance in your team growth strategy to have something for everyone. Reach out to them individually if you have to in order to help them meet their goals and be their true selves while doing the business.

2. People Will Stick In Any Environment Where They Feel Happy and Recognized

Your own excitement and communication of how much you want your business to work will get them onto the team; how much they do once inside is dependent on the environment you create. The environment you create should have two key ingredients

(a) Love and Respect

Never ridicule people because they have different goals, beliefs or personalities with you. Respect everyone and love them where they are. Each person has strengths and weaknesses. Focus on their strengths not their weaknesses. Am I suggesting you baby sit and molly coddle those who do not show initiative to do what needs to be done to get their dreams fulfilled? No way! Team members, no matter who they are or what their vision is, need to know that the team is there to do business and that everyone must pull their weight but no one will be made fun of or ridiculed for being different.

(b) Recognise and Celebrate Success

If there is anything that people long for, even more than money, and get very little of, it is recognition. They get enough criticism in the places where they are mandated to be. Give them recognition and exposure in your team where they have volunteered to join. Celebrate, recognize and expose each member’s success for the world to see. What if they have not done anything worth celebrating in the team, celebrate what they have done outside of network marketing. They do have a life outside the business where they have accomplished milestones that are worth mentioning. The fact that you took the time to see that and mention it will make them appreciate being part of your team even more.

3. You Must First Walk the Talk

Once you start having people join your business, do not get into MANAGEMENT mode where you start telling people to do things that you yourself do not do or are not willing to do. Be a leader, not a manager. managers are the only people who tell people what to do and they themselves do something else. walk the talk and talk the walk. People are only going to do what they see you do, not what you tell them. You set the pace for the team by showing them what needs to be done. If you want them to recruit, be the first to recruit (alone and with them). If you want them to attend company events, be the first to register. If you want them to read motivational books or listen to audios, show them you are reading by sharing nuggets from what you are reading or listening to now. If you want them to use the product, be the first to use it!
Master the above three principles and watch your team’s phenomenal growth.


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4 thoughts on “Three Principles For Building A Fast Growing Team

  1. I really enjoyed reading this article, Nomusa. It’s put together very well. I no longer do Network Marketing, but I do agree with what you are saying. A team has to be cohesive, friendly, fun, and important. The last team I was on felt like family and it was wonderful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this with us. All the best to you and your success. Jeanne

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