Winner Never Says Disempowering Words

Being A Winner or A Loser Is a Matter of Words.

What words do you use when you speak to yourself or to others about yourself? The words you say reveal whether you are a winner or a loser. They reflect your state of mind where success is concerned.

In this post I am helping you to change your vocabulary from that of a loser to that of a winner. After reading this you will be aware of these words and what they mean for your success. Stop yourself and regroup your thoughts whenever you find yourself thinking or saying them. Avoid these words like a plague both in self-talk and in public talk.

Here they are:


By saying you are overwhelmed, what you are actually saying is this:

“I know there is a lot that I must figure out, learn and do, but I am not willing to do it.”

Agree with me or not, that is what you are saying and that means you are in loser thinking mode. You see, losers do not take the time to break down goals into micro-tasks that can be done one at a time. As a result, they become overwhelmed. The onerous task of doing everything at once is impossible. Your mind will resist doing what is impossible. Clarity of thought about what must be done will enable you to map out the sequence of steps that will get you to your success destination. What are you to do when the feeling of overwhelm comes upon you? Pause, stand back and ask yourself:

“What are the little steps that will lead to completion of this task?”

You counter overwhelm by realizing that there is a lot to do but I can do it one step at a time. Successful people never feel overwhelmed because for every goal that they set, they clarify the action steps needed and the order of doing them. Daily, they set out to do those steps until the goal is achieved.


Confusion results from a lack of clarity about what you want. Do not want it all at the same time. Successful People know that there is a time and a season for everything. Seasons of life are set by your priorities. Do you have a priority list of the things that you want to achieve? You cannot be all things to all people at all times. Do things in order of the priority that they have, and you will never feel confused. Clarify what you want now. Identify the action that is needed to accomplish what you want. Do the actions. You will never be confused again.


Frustration results from losing focus of where you are going, and focusing on where you are. In your thinking, talk and doing, be laser focused on where you are going. Do not allow current circumstances to destruct you from your target. Imagine if you were an archer shooting at a target. The only way you can hit the bulls’ eye is if you are laser focused on setting the arrow to hit it. Be present. Be involved. Be in the act. Whatever the outcome of this step, focus on the next action needed to correct the mistake and move you closer to your goals. Stay focused on what you want and where you want to go.


Winners do not dwell on disappointment, so they do not articulate it. They know that you win some, you lose some. They do all that they can to win. When they do not win that battle, they focus on making adjustments to win the war. Losers on the other hand suffer from entitlement. Disappointment is a way of expressing that entitlement. Entitlement says I deserve to win ALL the time. That does not leave room for things not working out as planned. When that happens to a loser, they cannot master the capacity to regroup and plan a new strategy.

Does this sound too harsh? It is the truth.

Am I saying winners never feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated or disappointed? No! They do experience that. Their upper hand in the whole situation is that they have no time to dwell on that. They do not say those words even when they are true. A winner realizes their situation and then looks for a solution. The habit of expressing those four words is called ‘complaining” or “whining”. That is the pastime of sympathy seekers. Such people want you to understand why they have not achieved their goals. It is their way of being comfortable with being under-achievers.

Once I understood the true meaning of these four words, I stopped using them. Whenever I find myself thinking them, I stop myself. I regroup my thoughts and adopt the winner mentality.

When overwhelmed I plan.

When confused I prioritize.

When frustrated I revisit my purpose.

When disappointed I regroup and strategize.

The Shield

  1. Misery loves company. Examine the people who surround you. If your crowd’s pastime is whining to each other, change company if you want a winning mentality.
  2. Eliminate these words from your vocabulary. When you stop using them you will get the attention of the people whose company will support your winner attitude. Gradually, you will surround yourself with more and more winners.
  3. You do not need everything all at the same time. Be focused. Take out of life what you want.
  4. Once you have identified the action needed to get what you want, do the action consistently. Results come from action.

Pretty soon you will be unrecognisable.

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Nomusa Mhlanga 315-copy-412x540-320x420-150x150Nomusa is a good wife of one and a loving mother of four sons. A professional water resources consultant with a Masters degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management, she has mastered the art of mindset shifting and integrating her conventional professional training with becoming a successful God praising home business owner.


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