You Were Destined To Win

PhotoGrid_1460144512380If you have sat in a biology class and done a lesson on human reproduction, you will agree with me that the process of your conception proclaims that you were destined to win. You won your first race of survival that day.  So rather than allow life’s cir umstances to pull you down, watch a little child and be reminded that you were born to win, destined to win. 

1. All Kids Have Enthusiasm.

Watch a little infant, even before they can sit. They are enthusiastic. Once they are able to walk and talk, there is never a boring moment in their lives.  They will talk about anything and everything that excites them. Ask yourself why you are no longer as excited about stuff in life. Whatever you discover is the cause of you bland look at life, remember that you can change that with a shift in Mindset and attitude.
2. All Kids Have Persistence

Count the number of times that a child falls before they can walk. Each time they fall, they rise and try again until they can walk. What inspires them to keep at it ? The fact that they see other people walking. In their little heads,  they say “if they can do it, so can I!

Children do not even think of failure as an option. Yet once you became an adult, on many occasions you write yourself off of achievements that others have been able to accomplished. Why is that so?

I once heard someone say,  looking at the statistics of how many people were saved each time God destroyed sinners, the odds of them making it to heaven were so dismal there was no point in trying.  How sad.

You are destined to win. You have God on your side when you strive to be your best.

An attitude of “if eight made it into the ark, then I too will make it to heaven” would go a long way in ensuring that you do make it.

On my next post I will give you three more lessons about a winning attitude that you can learm form children. It only takes a mindset shift to realize that you are allowed to still be like that today.

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6 thoughts on “You Were Destined To Win

  1. Thank you for the encouragement, it’s only a matter of time I will get on my feet. Born to prosper and a winner. God bless you.

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