The Power of Awareness in Character Transformation

Awareness makes all the difference. Are you aware? What must you be aware of? You must be aware of your default thinking. Remember thoughts create feelings. Feelings drive action. Action creates habits. Habits develop character. Character determines destiny.

Transformation Begins In the Mind

Where then does true transformation begin? It begins at the root, the thoughts. Do not let thoughts wander into your mind randomly. Take charge of what you think. Being in control and in charge begins with being conscious and aware of your thoughts.

You can increase awareness by being ing mindful of your feelings. At any moment, take note of how you feel, and quickly check what you are thinking when you get that feeling. Positive feelings result from positive thoughts. Negative feelings result from negative thoughts.

The question to ask yourself then is: do my feelings and thoughts have any correlation to my reality, the physical environment that I am in? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Whenever the answer is no, it then means at that moment, your perception or conditioning are the source of how you think and feel.

Negative conditioning and negative perceptions are a big concern. It means that the negative feeling will be a result of a negative thought that has nothing to do with the reality of the prevailing situation.

Do not let thoughts wander into your mind randomly. Take charge of what you think.

Nomusa At Home

For example, I used to feel fear and anxiety when something good happened to me. I would already worry about something going wrong. Instead of basking in the joy of the moment of victory, I worried about losing the victory. That kind of response had roots in past negative experiences in which several sudden losses happened which were beyond my control.

Facing Reality – Afterall It is What It is!

The Choice is Yours

Awareness then gives you control over your emotions and therefore your actions. When you become aware of your feelings, and connect them to your thoughts, you can then decide to change your thoughts to be positive. Once you do that, you create a positive feeling that is likely to lead to positive actions. A positive outlook to life therefore, is a matter of choice! 

What about if you are in a negative environment? Are you not justified then to think and feel negative. This is where the stuck mindset starts to develop and eventually become part of your personality. If you are in a negative environment, and you reinforce the negativity by thinking negatively, you create hopelessness for yourself. Without hope, you give up. Creativity dies as the mind resigns to its fate.

Treating it like it is, keeps it like it is, hence you get stuck in the rut. No creative juices flow to inspire you to think of a way out. You lack inspiration. Without inspiration, there is no motivation to do anything to transform or improve your lot.

“Treating it like it is, keeps it like it is. “

Ray higdon

Make The Shift

Is it that easy to shift your paradigms? Yes and no. All it takes is a decision to want to change. Such a decision is the one that is not easy to make. It requires a power higher than your current state to make the choice. That is why the Holy Spirit is available to inspire you. His work, according to the Bible, is to teach and lead you to all truth.

Sometimes He teaches through silent inspiration. He puts a hunger in you for something different. He then brings a teacher in the form of a book, a Bible passage, a person who challenges your current thinking. This will prompt a comparison between your current paradigm and the alternative. Is it only when you voluntarily feel the hunger that you are inspired, or does God slap you in the face sometimes? He may have to do the latter, because it is rare for you to willingly create the discomfort of seeing the other point of view.

You do have the power of choice. Through awareness, you can positively rise above your circumstances to cause positive transformation in your life.

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