Top 3 Success Tips for Recovering Personal Confidencce

Top 3 Success Tips for Recovering Personal Confidencce

A lot of things can happen that end up stealing your personal confidence from you. For me it was the loss of my job through retrenchment and my marriage falling apart. Both happened in the same month! I was left with so much self-doubt and it affected my children and I immensely. I share a bit more about how that unfolded on my about section.

Thankfully for me, I eventually regained faith in my capabilities once again. I was able to pick up the pieces and adjust my perception of myself. Aspects of my life failing did not make me a failure. It took me implementing these three steps as the major part of my self-rediscovery journey. What worked for me could work for you too.

1. Separate Your Value From Your Work or Title

When failure strikes, it is easy to identify yourself as the failure. Remember what failed is what you were doing, not you the person. You are not what you do. You are who you are.

Identifying yourself as the failure shuts out opportunities for positive feedback. You embark on what you do so as to look back and pick up lessons for future growth. The biggest growth always results from things gone wrong. When everything is smooth, there is no challenge for growth.

Avoid overthinking about the why’s and whereofs with a view to blame yourself and feeling guilty. In fact, do not look for anyone to blame. That will only serve to push you into depression, loss of creativity and paralysis to move on. Instead assess the processes involved in that which has failed and learn how to improve on them.

Avoiding or unlearning thoughts of guilt and shame will keep you balanced. Remember you are valuable because you exist, not because of what you do. You are a human being before you are an engineer, doctor, teacher, or a wife. Your career or relationship are important parts of your life, but they don’t define you or your worth. As quickly as possible in grieving the failure, snap out of it by reminding yourself these dynamics.

2. Start or Find a Mutually Supportive Group

Avoid isolating yourself. The temptation to become a hermit is real when your confidence is low. Don’t avoid awkward questions. You don’t have to answer all of them from anyone and everyone. Find key people who count, for you to share with and receive support.

There is power in having a listening ear. You also listening to their burdens, helps you to take your attention away from yours. It relieves thoughts of guilt and shame that isolation allows for.

If you lack haviing those kinds of people to talk to, seek them out. Meet new people, create and grow new relationships. Be a great friend and you will keep good friends. Even though you are your best cheerleader, you also need others to cheer you on as well. Seeing others overcome their own similar challenges keeps your hopes high that you will also overcome yours.

3. Pray and Ask God for Help

This Tip should be at the top of the list but I put it here because of its overarching function. The other strategies only work effectively when God is at the center. It is closely linked to Tip no. 1 in that there is an intrinsic value that God declares we have. Also relating with others properly can only work well if grounded in God.

Read the Bible. Finding good Christian literature on the subject of emotional healing is a great help. These books will direct you to Scripture verses that are specific to knowing your personal worth. One such book that I found of value to me was Beauty for Ashes by Joyce Meyer. She has written many other books that will help you connect with God. 

When you pray, be specific about your condition. Tell God as it is. Nothing about you catches Him by surprise. Your pronouncing the specific thing you want help with becomes a healing confession as well.

Trust that God will give you specific answers to your prayers. Be willing to obey and do what the Holy Spirit inspires you to do to get better. Most of it will be uncomfortable to do, but guess what, growth is a by-product of discomfort.

These 3 tips are an excerpt of a free PDF that I will be mailing to all the pioneer subscribers who will opt in for our monthly newsletter. If you want to receive that PDF, leave your name and emai in the form below before January 2023 ends. 

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