Fear Comes From Focusing On Yourself Too Much

Woman climbing up a steep rock despite her fear of heights.
Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Fear can hold you captive. It was fear that made the children of Israel roam the desert for 40 years. They could have occupied the Promised Land within a month of leaving Egypt.

Let me be honest that fear is real. If you are doing what you have never done before, you are bound to feel fear. The problem comes when you park at fear station instead of moving past it.

Victory comes only if you do not forget where your abilities come from. Our text for today is from God promising us help from His righteous right hand.

Stop focusing on yourself. Stop the self-defeating talk. Grab the opportunities granted you with gusto and confidence.

If there is anyone who knows what fear can do to opportunities if allowed to reign supreme, it is I. For longer than necessary, I allowed myself to be afraid of grabbing opportunities I had in my hands because I was afraid that I looked like a failure. To whom? To people who probably were not even concerned about my plans. All because of what I perceived, which was not real at all.

When you really look at it, fear is a sin. It is a self-centered emotion that rules out the help that God offers us because we think we are the do-all-end-all solution.

One day I asked myself how I had been able to achieve big things in the past without hesitation. It was because I trusted in God to do for me, with me and through me what I had asked for. That’s what jerked me back to the reality of my capabilities.

Mine, our, your capabilities are not in us. They are in Christ who gives us strength. Luke 1:37 says “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” So when we doubt God’s promises, fear takes over and we freeze.

May the LORD help you and I to grab onto faith and trust that our plans shall prosper because God’s righteous right hand is eager to help us.

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