My name is Nomusa, a single mother of four boys (Jabulani, Bongani, Anele and Sibusiso Junior). 


Hello my Sister,

I definitely feel you!

Do you want to excel in your career and as a single mom?

Mom is the heartbeat of the home, right! When she’s happy, everybody is happy 😉

Being a mom and single too, is a potential a recipe for fatigue, exhaustion and frustration that can easily rub onto your kids.

Am I talking to you?

What does a sister do when the proverbial cheese moves? She looks for new cheese!

Whatever is the story behind your single mom status, at whatever age, all that you want is to position yourself and your kids to win! I get you sis!

Single mom status caught me by surprise! I fumbled, got disoriented for a season (longer than was necessary actually). Thankfully, I eventually found my footing again.

I’m here to show you how to make the path straighter with as little frustration as possible.

Experience is the best teacher. So I ‘ve got your back.

I’ll get you through the same way that I got through. The details of our stories are definitely not identical but the underlying recovery principles are unchanging. So stay with me…. 🤝🏽

My Philosophy

I borrowed this from the legendary Jim Rohn…

“It’s not what happens that determines your future. All people are like sail boats on the sea of life. The same winds of change blow on all man. It’s how you set your sails that determines where and how far you will go.”

Mindset is everything in mapping your way to success. Anchoring on God as you edit and  develop a strong and positive mindset  is the Master Key.

Don’t Blame Yourself! 

The rug was pulled from under my feet on two fronts. Within the same month, I lost my job and my marriage crumbled.

I doubted myself: My career and my marriage were very important personal achievements. Why was I chosen to be laid off? Why did my husband decide to leave? What was wrong with me? I was a mixed bag of emotions.

My faith in God and belief in myself went below zero. Personalizing my previous achievements was the root of all the trouble. This I realized in retrospect.

Blaming myself was the core issue that overached how I showed up in the aftermath. I will help you to overcome that hurdle. 

I needed a financial plan fast: all my eggs were in one basket with regards to making money. I had no savings as I lived from salary to salary each month. With four mouths to feed and send to school, things did not look good. I will help you deal with career redesign and entrepreneurial focusing. 

I was an emotional wreck: my stress levels blocked my creative thinking. I became less attentive to my children’s needs and our lives slowed down significantly. I worked, cooked, and cleaned the house just enough to keep us afloat but not thriving. I knew I needed to change something. I know you do too. 

I needed a sustainable formula for success: Just as my recovery plan was starting to shape up, the pandemic hit. Our finances plummeted again, exposing the absence of a well thought out SYSTEM of creating sustainable success. Sustainability is not a term for environmentalists only, we need it in our personal lives too. 

I knew I needed to overhaul how I viewed myself, and how I did things to create lasting success.

The role of a single mom is very important. She has to set an example for her children, that failing at something does not make one a failure. Her tone, attitude and life philosophy set the vibe and atmosphere of the home. The outcome of her children’s lives depends on her outlook. A whole next generation of world leaders depend on her.

If a single mom is stressed, her children reflect that. If she is angry, bitter and vengeful, her children will be the same. If she is timid and fearful, her children will lack confidence.

We can settle for randomly doing the best we can with what we have, or we can deliberately and intentionally plan for extraordinary success.

Stay with me as I unpack for you the systems that have afforded me to transform mine and my children’s lives positively.

  • I will show you how I have rebuilt my self confidence and taken bold and meaningful steps to reestablish my career, social life and faith in God.
  • Find out how I have diversified my financial portfolio to one that leverages technology to create multiple income streams, some of which have potential to grow into residual income.
  • Let me share with you how I worked on my emotional intelligence to overcome the effects of trauma and pain from my recent and childhood pasts.
  • I will show you how you too can be a calm, confident and loving mom to your children, allowing them to blossom into the best versions of themselves, no matter their age and yours.
  • I will let you borrow my system if you want to. It will allow you to turbo boost every aspect of your life to sustainable success.

This site is rolling out in phases throughout the month of January 2023 and beyond. Our starting point is setting a pace of regular devotions.

All the strategies, skills and tactics that we will share with you are anchored on one thing, letting God, through Christ, and the promptings of the Holy Spirit lead the way.

Subscribe to our devotions and monthly newsletter and start to rebuild you God-given confidence with power-packed Scriptural insights to ground you in faith. Subscribe  between today and 28 February 2023 and be placed in a ‘Confident Woman’ Pioneers’ List who will receive access to ecxiting lifetime pioneers benefits. SEE YOU ON THE INSIDE! 

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